thank you for your generosity | 22% of all proceeds go to the trees

one lung | we breathe together

we breathe together

Join us weekly to breathe: Mondays at 10:30am PST


It will be best to set aside 1.5 hours of time for this event, but we may only use up 75 minutes. 

This is a donation based event. Name your price!

Your generosity is so appreciated + 22% of all proceeds will go to save the trees.

Thank you so much! From me + the grandfather & grandmother trees!



we share this air. we share this breath.


quantum entanglement at the most fundamental level. 

we are inseparable.

I breathe in, you breathe out. you breathe in, I breathe out. 


universal interconnection. reciprocity with all beings.

with the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees... the ocean and the sky.


we are one.

the highest truth of all. 

I breathe for you. I breathe with you. I breathe as you.

we breathe together


(need help or questions? [email protected])