175 USD | Move Like Meow | 7 Part Movement Exploration

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Move Like Meow

A 7 part movement exploration designed to reconnect you to presence, pulse, and play! 

Tap into a new, more fluid and flowing way of moving your body; a delicious sensory exploration of more feeling and connection.




  • Start with HEART: Cultivate an open, expanded heart through buoyant ribs. Move with this concept as an integral part of alignment and awareness, on and off the mat. 
  • Curvy, Spring Alignment: We are biotensegral beings: spring loaded, elastic, and designed by wave. Explore how a naturally curvy alignment can open you to more feeling and healing in your body. Learn relational awareness of the head, heart, and hips with the spine's natural alignment.
  • Spirals, Chirals, and Juicy Rotations: Learn adjustments to uplevel your twisting capacity for more delicious opening and sensation.
  • Pulse + Wave Dynamism: Moving with a pulse, integrating breath and dynamism, and embracing our water, fluid, and undulating nature. 
  • Slo Mo: Slowing Down to Feel More: Slow Meows… Slowing down and breathing to connect you to more feeling. This is the pathway to presence, sensitivity, and awareness. 
  • Permission to Play: Allowing space to be free, let go, shake, go upside down… In this class, we explore new ways to embrace our inner child… Playing is the pathway to greatness! 
  • Interconnected Wholeness as a BIOMOTIONAL Being: An introduction to biotensegrity, fascia, and understanding our self emerging, self healing, self evolving nature through holistic wholeness.


  1. September 12 | 930am PDT | Start with HEART!
  2. September 19 | 930am PDT | Curvy, Spring Alignment
  3. September 26 | 930am PDT | Spirals, Chirals, + Juicy Rotations 
  4. October 3 | 930am PDT | Pulse + Wave Dynamism
  5. October 10 | 930am PDT | Slo Mo: Slowing Down to Feel More 
  6. October 17 | 930am PDT | Permission to Play
  7. October 24 | 930am PDT | Interconnected Wholeness as a BIOMOTIONAL Being

All classes will be recorded and available to watch if you miss one! But, for best results... it's definitely best to join live!