an exploration of the felt-sense through functional movement, working with natural alignment concepts of biotensegrity and biomotional response to tap into the fascial network.


a continuous body awareness evolution

  • Multi-modality + evolutionary movement
  • Alignment + intention
  • Bridging science + spirit
  • Emergent science + ideology: biotensegrity, biomotional being, fascia
  • Embodiment + presence
  • Power of sound, music, vibration, and word resonance
  • Breath
  • Embryological inquiry
  • Heart + mind
  • Fractals, geometry, spirals, recoil + spring load systems.
  • Pulse, rhythm, lifeforce
  • + so much more

Brittney Clements

I am a Wyoming-native-wanderlust, a practitioner of the arts and sciences, a farmer, visionary, lover and dreamer. I am a planetary ambassador, an advocate for the soil, for the voiceless ones, and I firmly believe that our divorce with Nature is the root cause to many of the problems we are grappling with.

I am on a mission to inspire, and to be inspired, in the collective mission of getting back to our roots, our primal origins, and honoring the knowing that it all comes down to space; how we explore it, occupy it, move through it, and create it! I believe we can re-establish a harmonious union with ourselves, each other, and the earth by honoring the great design of which we are. I am excited to learn, grow, explore, and BE with you all, on this journey, in this life, through the obstacles and insights - we really are all in this together!

Elisha Jane

I have an insatiable curiosity and desire to move. I encourage my students to explore all four corners of their being; to find their innate connection between mind, body, heart and spirit so that they may move into more feeling and sensation, in deeper, more loving ways. I am inspired by intrinsic knowing and ancient earth wisdom. The earth, moon, and stars are my best teachers. 

I move and teach from an embodied, experiential place, and I am constantly evolving as a teacher. Bowspring, breathwork, and mindset infuse my teachings and my practice. Creative, heart-smart sequencing is my jam. In my classes you can expect to be inspired, challenged in delightful ways, and stretched inside and out. Expect to play and always- follow what lights you up! Let’s move xo

Launching September 2021