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An exploration of the felt-sense through functional movement, working with natural alignment concepts of biotensegrity and biomotional response to tap into the fascial network and body intelligence.


a continuous mind-body awareness evolution

We are calling in Movement enthusiasts/practitioners, yoga teachers, trainers, coaches, therapists, or anyone who wants to level up their heart-brain-body connection. 


You love to move and see movement as more than just physical exercise. 


Movement is medicine. Movement is alchemy. Movement is the observation and transformation of energy through matter. Movement is Practice. 




We will traverse duality: old school paradigms and thinking around anatomy, form, muscles and bones into the instantaneous and continuous expression of our totality through the tissue that is known as fascia.


  • Breath + body
  • Dynamic movement + cultivated stillness
  • Proprioception + interoception
  • Neuroscience + Metaphysical
  • Psycho-somatic-neuronal-fascial feedback systems
  • Dopamine reset + nervous system regulation: fight, flight, freeze, fawn - rest, digest, create, receive
  • Embryological inquiry + cellular development
  • Science + spirit
  • Expansion + Embodiment
  • Form + freedom
  • Heart + mind
  • Reason + clairsentience
  • Instinct + intention
  • Neuroplasticity IS fascial plasticity
  • Neural mobility IS physical mobility
  • It's not all mental, but the MIND MATTERS!



Elisha Jane

I have an insatiable curiosity and desire to move. I encourage my students to explore all four corners of their being; to find their innate connection between mind, body, heart and spirit so that they may move into more feeling and sensation, in deeper, more loving ways. I am inspired by intrinsic knowing and ancient earth wisdom. The earth, moon, and stars are my best teachers. 

I move and teach from an embodied, experiential place, and I am constantly evolving as a teacher. Bowspring, breathwork, and mindset infuse my teachings and my practice. Creative, heart-smart sequencing is my jam. In my classes you can expect to be inspired, challenged in delightful ways, and stretched inside and out. Expect to play and always- follow what lights you up! Let’s move xo

Next Offering: APRIL 2023