A 7 part movement exploration designed to reconnect you to presence, pulse, and play! 

Tap into a new, more fluid and flowing way of moving your body; a delicious sensory exploration of more feeling and connection.

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Move Like Meow

7 part movement exploration designed to reconnect you to presence, pulse, and play!

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Your body is the ultimate playground!



Join me for a 7 part series where we dive into deeper and more delicious connections of mind, body, heart, and soul. 

Through mindful alignment, integrated and holistic engagement, and curious explorations, we will lean into the possibilities of deep presence, attune to your innate wisdom, and allow you to cultivate your extrasensory superpowers!


As you shift into the state of curiosity, searching for more sensation, presence, and connection, you will find that your body is the ultimate playground


Research shows that play, specifically spontaneity, is what opens us, supporting us to create new and emergent pathways heightening connectivity and sensitivity and increasing our creativity, inspiration, and lifeforce. 


Join me as we dance between form and formlessness, a delicious opportunity to increase sensitivity, trust your innate wisdom, and develop your capacity to feel. After all, the purpose of life is to feel… And, movement is the pathway to feeling more. 


Join me to embody your inner feline and Move like Meow! 


Meow Meow Meow

Start with HEART!

Cultivate an open, expanded heart through buoyant ribs. Move with this concept as an integral part of alignment and awareness, on and off the mat.

Curvy, Spring Alignment

We are biotensegral beings: spring loaded, elastic, and designed by wave. Explore how a naturally curvy alignment can open you to more feeling and healing in your body. Learn relational awareness of the head, heart, and hips with the spine's natural alignment.

Spirals, Chirals + Juicy Rotations

Learn adjustments to up-level your twisting capacity for more delicious opening and sensation.

Pulse + Wave Dynamism

Moving with a pulse, integrating breath and dynamism, and embracing our water, fluid, and undulating nature.

Slo-Mo: Slowing Down to Feel More

Slow Meows… Slowing down and breathing to connect you to more feeling. This is the pathway to presence, sensitivity, and awareness.

Permission to Play

Allowing space to be free, let go, shake, go upside down… In this class, we explore new ways to embrace our inner child… Playing is the pathway to greatness!

Interconnected Wholeness as a BIOMOTIONAL Being

An introduction to biotensegrity, fascia, and understanding our self emerging, self healing, self evolving nature through holistic wholeness.


Join me to embody your inner feline and Move like Meow!

7 SUNDAYS beginning September 12


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