I’ve been on a mission to save the world since I was a little girl. Little did I know, my path would circle me back: save yourself... and you will save the world. 

My mystical heart keeps me searching for the great mysteries and hidden truths of life. 

I am fascinated by the stars and their astrological wisdom. I am in love with the moon... And we dance in dreams every night. The forest is my serenity and the ocean is my depth. Through nature, I find all of my greatest teachings. 

I live to the beat of my heart and cherish presence with each breath.  

I am inspired by my body, this life, movement, and dancing. My body is my playground- the key into the whole Universe!

I have come to realize, I find my people by attracting them with my movement! Resonance speaks through the body.

I am constantly expanding, creating, and growing- and I am so excited to share my heart with you.

Let's Work Together

Elisha dares you to get out of your head and into your body. It is probably impossible to not be instantly inspired by her genuine love for movement and physicality.

The practice she teaches is strong and challenging, but what really stands out is the playfulness and the idea of pushing your own power and agility for the simple fun of it. Her practice has made me both stronger and more flexible, but it’s also been a lesson that a movement practice is, at its essence, a form of play and physical therapy that is integral to mental health and well-being.

After learning from her for over two years, I’ve been amazed by the attention, support, and commitment she gives to her students, and her ability to transfer that online is truly impressive. She will bring a fire and tenacity and still have you giggling.


Alison Campbell, Victoria, BC

S T A Y  C O N N E C T E D


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