The Practice is a multi-modality method of the felt-sense through movement. We will tap into basics of anatomy and physiology in order to address outdated rules therein and redefine certain ideologies around function and form. We will explore evolutionary movement patterns, alignment principles, and emergent science within our fascial awareness. We will learn and apply new understandings of fascia through biotensegrity, biomotional presence, and biorhythmic feedback to envelope a whole new way of expressing and existing. The Practice is a method: a method for creating shapes, patterns, and geometry within movement that strengthen and enliven the body in coordinated, effective, yet free ways. Our goal is to identify poor recruitment patterns and reprogram them rather than reinforce them. It is a method for re-learning and relinquishing fear through a multidimensional lens while consciously creating new movement patterns to alleviate dis-ease and optimize presence.


  • Movement enthusiasts/practitioners
  • Yoga teachers
  • trainers/coaches
  • Psychotherapists
  • Massage therapists
  • Somatic therapists 

You love to move and see movement as more than just physical exercise. Movement is medicine. Movement is alchemy. Movement is the observation and transformation of energy through matter. Movement is Practice. It is a way to actualize the Self through the Self. You want to integrate mind, body, heart, and spirit through breathwork, movement, and somatics. You want to learn emerging science and how to apply them to your current practices. You want to strengthen, soften, engage, and expand through evolutionary movement patterns, eccentric activation, and whole body recruitment. You want to integrate all systems into totality and wholism. YOU have the ability to change and adapt instantaneously and with intention + technique, tension + load, environment + mindset; this actualizes in your reality. 

Meet Britt


Movement has been my medicine before I really understood it. Movement is flow. Movement is presence. Movement is a discovery into the mind, mapping our emotions and stories in the tissues of our physical form. Movement is both structured, grounding, expansive, and free-flowing. Movement is intuitive. 

I move to explore the function and expression of space and teach others to do the same. How to make, move, expand, explore, and occupy space. I will take you on a journey into the inner workings of your form; the structure and shapes, only to uncover the free expression of the formless. The intrinsic patterns and continuous nature of your mind, body, heart, intellect, and deep knowing of self. You will remember that there are no parts; everything is instantaneous and continuous.

Move with me!



Meet Elisha


I have an insatiable curiosity and desire to move. I encourage my students to explore all four corners of their being; to find their innate connection between mind, body, heart and spirit so that they may move into more feeling and sensation, in deeper, more loving ways. I am inspired by intrinsic knowing and ancient earth wisdom. The earth, moon, and stars are my best teachers. 

I move and teach from an embodied, experiential place, and I am constantly evolving as a teacher. Bowspring, somatic practices, breathwork, and personal experience infuse my teachings and my practice. I have been on a path to integrate the divine, awakened, and embodied feminine in my own movement journey, tapping into softness, intuition, and receptivity as a profound point of power in practice. 

My offerings are relevant, empowering, inspired, intuitive, and introspective. I aim to challenge students in delightful ways, and to stretch from the expansive space inside to out. Play is imperative and I hope you leave my heart knowing just how powerful you are.



Payment of $2222

2 payments of $1222

3 payments of $888


Begins January 22nd | Ends April 16th

  • Module 1 | January 22
  • Module 2 | February 19
  • Module 3 | March 19
  • Closing | April 16


  • 3-Month Movement/Body Awareness Mentorship
  • Course content released weekly with theory and application
  • Access to Britt and Elisha's movement classes on Daily Ritual
  • Question Collection: drop questions by Thursday prior to meetings on Saturday to be addressed in session
  • 3 Modules: each module broken down into 4 weeks + parts

Kathy Davies

Elisha's mentorship program was outstanding.  I enjoyed learning the movement practise from her as she is very knowledgeable. Elisha teaches with a kind heart, and gentle manner.  I was able to begin teaching myself and felt confident with my own students after only a few months.  Elisha is an inspiring, upbeat, lovely human being, with a big capacity to move her body!  I would encourage anyone to take the mentorship program- you will not regret it!

Hajer Mustafa

Elisha has been my teacher, mentor, and beam of inspiration in my life for years. She brings fire balanced with mindful movements that leave you feeling more mobile, strong, and at ease. I veered away from traditional asana practices and dived deeper into the primal based movement that she teaches so gracefully. Not only does Elisha teach unique classes, but she also hosts workshops and provides mentorship that allows students to further their skills. She empowers others through movement as a form of medicine and that is why I keep coming back- showing up for myself and leading a life that is powerful. 

Laura Williams

Oh, Britt.  Working with you and having our connections from May through Sept this year as a 'guiding light' in the rather rugged journey was such a blessing.  I am deeply grateful for your many insights, support, encouragement, and deep wisdom.  You have such profound experience and expertise, and I will always be profoundly appreciative of having gleaned from them. You provided me with so many tools and ways to engage in my own self care. Thank you, thank you!

Morgan Anderson

Britt has helped me identify patterns in my day-to-day life that were somewhat neglected or even consciously ignored. She helped me shine light to these areas without judgment. I had no idea how truly connected everything is and Britt has really encouraged me to see the wholeness of myself. I now have a deeper sense of knowing that my thoughts, my nutrition, the movement of my body, my digestion and mood, are all interconnected and nearly impossible to isolate. What a relief this has been just to see myself through this new lens!




Because you want to continue to expand, relearn, and redefine without feeling confined to any dogma, system, or lineage

Because you understand the brilliance within theory, modern science, ideology, and ancient mysticism and desire integration over compartmentalization (to mentalize compartments separates the Whole) 

Because you desire deeper under/innerstanding, continuous + conscious evolution, and practical application of expansive concepts 

Because you crave ignition of your untapped brilliance and potential 

Because you align with inspiration over rules: to take information and make it uniquely yours! This defines Wisdom!

Because you value structure and technique and see it as a mere stepping stone to freedom in expression

Because you want to be apart of a co-creative vision - where your voice and authentic genius is heard and celebrated

Because you know that truth is found by traversing duality, and through investigating polarity, we make our way back to center- the middle way

Because you recognize that your own innate brilliance is waiting to be found, and you are ready to join people who support this inward exploration

One Payment

$2222 USD

Payment in Full

Two Payments

$1222 USD X 2 

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Three Payments

$888 USD X 3

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