For 3 days, we will flow you into the seat of your own genius, and move step-by-step in how The Practice of Embodiment will allow you to transcend stigma, dogma, and rigid ideologies.

You will be guided in how to truly embody the appropriate practices and daily routines that will help you arrive in the Here and Now of where you want to go.


Your EXISTENCE is your highest teaching!

Your PRESENT AWARENESS is your path to true embodiment!

JANUARY 11 + 12 + 13

5pm PST | Vancouver Time

+ recordings sent out and available for 7 days post meetings!

Meet us live online for 3 days to dive into what it means to be embodied.

We can't wait to meet you! 

(it's free- you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!)

Love Britt + Elisha

This is for:

  • movement enthusiasts/practitioners

  • yoga teachers

  • somatic wellness coaches

  • therapists

  • anyone who wants to level up their heart-brain-body connection

To be impactful in the world you must be deeply present, radically responsible, and uncomfortably honest


Embodiment is the key and it requires integrated alignment amongst thoughts, actions, words, and energy. 


As a healer or a teacher, are you first focused on your own healing? 


You can only give what you are!


fragmented, compartmentalized, information, external rule

  • functional + evolutionary movement patterns 

  • open/natural posture, primal/dynamic alignment

  • strength + flow + mobility

grouping, seeing coherence, starting to connect the dots

  • nervous system regulation

  • breathwork 

  • felt-sense intelligence

  • somatic experiencing


omnipresent, whole picture, embodiment, actualization, inner knowing/guidance

  • Mindset for Embodiment 

  • Science + Spirit of habits + actualization

  • meditation + visualization + magnetism + manifestation

We invite you to The Alchemy of Embodiment:

3 days to actualize + realize your highest Self!


In these 3-days,  Elisha and Britt will guide you back into your inner authority and evolve your innerstanding of what it means to be embodied as a teacher, healer, and mind-body wellness guide. 


We are going LIVE with you for 3 days to reignite your personal authority and to invite you back into the seat of Truth and experiential embodied teachings. 


You are your best healer. You are the Source of your highest intelligence. 

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the alchemy of embodiment

JANUARY 11-13 | 5PM PST/ Vancouver Time

To be embodied requires a certain level of vulnerability and authenticity, it requires that you have experiential wisdom moving through you!


When someone is moving from a disembodied place, you will feel it right away. 

Their words sound ego saturated, and they come off as puffed up, proud, and smug. 

They bolster themselves with certifications, qualifications, and validations that serve to make them appear accredited- yet, they are rarely able to deliver grounded thoughts, ideas, or information that is easily accessible or absorbable by their students or clients. 


They hide behind information and ideas that are not their own.

They can talk the talk, but do they actually walk the walk?


Embodiment is a return to innate wisdom.

It weaves fragmented ideas and information into a holistic fabric that is wrapped in personal understanding, direct experience, and integrated wholeness. 


As teachers, as healers, as wellness practitioners and body-mind guides, it is our responsibility to take information in, try it on, and then discern which aspects stay and which aspects go.

It is our work to live our practices so that they are seen and felt and transmitted in a genuine way. 


The best teachers + healers need no words, their actions and way of BEing is their true power and highest offering. 


The best teachers resonate a certain frequency- they live their ideas, they create personal pathways through their direct experiences.

By enacting critical thinking and keen discernment, they find a path that is true and relevant to their needs and desires - and they lead the way through their lifestyle for others to see and emulate. 

We are releasing the guru complex- no one is higher or more informed than YOU!


We are saying goodbye to power dynamics in ALL relationships. Teacher to student. Therapist to client. Guru to follower. 


We are saying: no! I will not give my power away to an external authority anymore… I will find my way back to my highest intelligence which is always found through personal lived experience and embodied presence. 


We are coming back to a grounded, vulnerable state of being- where we live our teachings in every moment and we share from that embodied truth: that is lived, real, and genuine.


We hope you will join us to discover a path back to your highest Self and direct experiential embodiment of Truth! 


Movement is presence + flow. Movement is a discovery into the mind, mapping our emotions and stories in the tissues of our physical form. Movement is both structured, grounding, expansive, and free-flowing. Movement is life!

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I am like an alien and my body is like a space ship... I love exploring deep and uncharted territory of my breath, body, and mind. I move to feel and connect more intimately to myself and the world. I can't wait to share!

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Join us for The Alchemy of Embodiment: 3 days to actualize + realize your highest Self!

  • January 11 | KNOWLEDGE

  • January 12 | UNDERSTANDING

  • January 13 | EMBODIMENT



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