Hi! I’m Elisha


It is my intention to inspire you to follow your heart, believe in yourself, and shoot for the moon. 

It is a blessing to know you- and I am so excited to see where we go. 


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I create beautiful offerings...

And I am so excited to work with you!


daily ritual

To move live + online with me and 6 other amazing functional movement, yoga, and breathwork teachers... It's DOPE!


Soma Sentience

A continuous mind-body awareness evolution.ย Diving deep into function, form, somatic embodiment, and contemplation.ย 

Hosted by: Britt + Elisha


coming home

10 week online conscious connected breathwork journey. Integrative somatic healing through the breath and community,

Hosted by: Elisha


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Join my MOON Letter + Musings... A bi-monthly love note from the moon and I + other important updates and inspired offerings. 



Elisha exceeds expectation as a teacher. Her passion for movement comes through in big ways and she is beyond creative.

She shares her thoughts and ideas freely with the world and continues to be a great source of inspiration in my life.

I am grateful for Elisha, she is honest and real. I have experienced tremendous changes in my mind, body and soul since committing to my practice with her. I am a stronger person these days than ever before and I cannot recommend her enough. Having Elisha as a teacher has really helped to elevate my life.



Jenna Campbell, Victoria, BC