A commitment to + a celebration of the LIFE of the body.


You are your body. Your body is a physical manifestation and representation of your spirit, soul, emotional tone, and essence of being.

Soma Sentience Foundations Training

with Britt Clements + Elisha Jane



  • 9 week ONLINE via Zoom program to learn the foundations of primal, intuitive movement: what is: Soma Sentience
  • September 28 - November 28, 2023
  • Tuesday 12pm PST (1.5 hours) + Thursday 9am PST (1 hour): classes will be recorded however your presence is preferred and recommended
  • COURSE CONTENT: fully loaded foundational course with content, resources, ideas, videos, etc. This will be a continually updated space as to stay relevant and move with the realism of what is as it changes.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to course + ability to take as many future SSFT's as you want!
  • DAILY RITUAL MEMBERS get $111 USD off of tuition! (email me for promo code!) 
  • $555 USD for 8 week program + lifetime access to Soma Sentience Foundations Trainings + future live offerings + discount for joining Daily Ritual post training
  • This program is pre-requisite for Soma Sentience Advanced Training

What is soma sentience?

Soma really just means body- Our physical, living, breathing body.

Sentience is the capacity of a being to experience sensations and feelings.


When we put these two beautiful words together, we really see an embodiment of our higher felt-sense and somatic super powers. This marriage of developing attuned body-mind-heart sensitivity is so important, especially as we traverse times and spaces where we are more disconnected than ever.

The intention of this landing pad is to generate a strong foundation from which we can move into new feeling and sensing territory- perhaps navigate new worlds within ourselves, and deepen our hearts capacity to really feel it all.

Sentience is a super power- a heightened state of consciousness through your feeling, sensing being. Magic lives in our sensitivity. It lives in our energy body, our vibratory frequency, our cells, our tissues, our blood, our bones... Magic is attunement to soul embodiment, that is our beautiful human form.







Ever since I was young, I have been a warrior for Love and a protector of Nature. It has taken me this life to remember- I am the Nature that needs protecting. Through this remembering, I have found a way to make a difference. It starts with heart, it starts with love, it starts with remembering that we (humans) are intimately connected to this Earth body... And what we do to her, we do to ourselves. 

It is with this understanding that I have become a steward of purpose- to invite all beings into this remembering. Above and below, within and without- we are always in divine relationship. I hope to inspire this awakening of Unity through breath, movement, and holistic reconnection to the intrinsic thread and pursuit of being ALIVE that moves us all. 

May we all come home to living in harmony with ourselves and with all living beings. 




Meet Britt: Child + Steward of and for the Earth. A human representative for the microbes, the elements, earth to sky, within and without.

When I remembered I was Nature, I found healing. It wasn't in a pill or supplement, diet or workout regimen. It was in the soil and the sand, the water and the wind. It was removing all the barriers and manufactured hardships I had let get in the way of who I was. It was remembering that I am no different that the birds and the bees, the sun and the trees. That my natural state of existing was to be whole, to be healed; to be in balance with everything within me and that I am an extension of everything outside of me. The greatest gift I have ever received was remembering. 

Medicine comes to me and through me through remembering my connection. Exchanging breath with all of life and charging up from the electric sun and magnetic earth. I am that, I am.






8 weekly topics:

Soma Sentience Philosophy

  • The Intention of Soma Sentience
  • The Purpose of Life
  • We Are The Greatest Technology
  • Eros + Ecos
  • Body Autonomy


Natural Dynamics of Movement

  • Embryo to Adult
  • Technology + Modern Living Culture
  • Evolutionary Movement Patterns


Helical Heart + Breath Expression

  • Differentiation
  • Sacred Spiral
  • Push is Primary
  • Breath Opens


Living Posture

  • What is “Living Posture”?
  • Double S Curve
  • Heart + Hips + Head Relationship


Roots + Posterior Engagement

  • Foot Intelligence
  • Pelvic Mobility
  • Pelvic Intel


Omnidirectional Engagement

  • Biomechanical > Biomotional
  • Fascia + Fascintegrity
  • Unified System


Movement Continuum

  • Cymatics
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • 4th Phase


Somatic Soul

  • Breathing is Feeling
  • Co vs Self Regulation
  • Response-Ability
  • Anatomical Awareness


  • Therapists
  • Energy + Body Workers
  • First Responders + Helping Professionals
  • Movement Aficionados
  • Athletes
  • Yoga + Movement Teachers
  • Inspired Learners

As an entry level offering of Soma Sentience, this training is appropriate for anyone interested in their body, in felt-sense awareness, in cultivating more magic inside and out.

New to movement or a pro- this is a place for you to dig in.



  • Remember how to feel!
  • Bring awareness to habitual posture, movement, and lifestyle tendencies
  • Create routines and rituals that support the health of your body/ being
  • Reconnect to the intelligence of your body- internally + externally, physically + non-physically
  • Understand unconscious + conscious signals that your body is speaking
  • Learn to listen to and trust your body
  • Embody new ways of being and moving in your life
  • Heighten felt-sense awareness and sensitivity through breath, movement, and lifestyle
  • Establish well being as an integral part of your daily lifestyle
  • Evolve your intrinsic technology
  • Return to innate ecology


This is a high level training with high level ideas and information. While this is a place for beginners, this will also be an expansive deep dive into the beginnings of your body-mind relationship. 

**this is pre-requisite for our 8 month advanced training launching early 2024**