A commitment to & celebration of the LIFE of the body. 

Next Offering: JANUARY 2024


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We build on strong foundations of intelligence and awareness.

The essence of this program is one of reconnection; the absolute necessity of intimately attuning to and knowing your body.


  • Why is it important to move your body?
  • Why is it important to heighten your sensing and feeling capacities?
  • Why does it all matter as we move forward into this new era of existence and relational understanding of being in the world?

Built on an inherent understanding of movement- that change is fundamental to our wellbeing and growth, we begin this journey together.

Science and new findings will supplement the intrinsic Knowing and Being of our body. Ultimately, everything we need is already right here- waiting for us to resource ourselves enough to feel it all.


We have composed some big and beautiful ideas that really weave together the fabric and wholeness of this practice. A tapestry that seamlessly interlaces all aspects of our being: subjective with objective, individual with collective, mind, body, heart, and soul.

Things like the magnificence of our quantum nature and the true interconnectedness of all living beings... Coming home to our true nature as nature- not separate from but intimately as One... A living posture that is trauma informed, sensitive, alive, constantly responsive, adaptive, and appropriate... The sheer miracle of our water beingness... More tenderness, more softness, more love.

ˏˋ°•*⁀➷☄. *. ⋆

We will cover:

  • Beautiful philosophical ideologies that support the future of humanity: individually and collectively
  • Evolutionary movement patterns, natural alignment, what it means to truly have "proper posture," and all about living posture!
  • The magic of the ribs, lungs, heart, and breath... And how depth of understanding will begin to shape your existence
  • We'll dig into feet intelligence, connecting to your posterior chain, and all things pelvic floor- from the what to the why to the how!
  • Fascia as unifying philosophy, as inherent interweaving sensory organ, and more!
  • We get nerdy- digging into cymatics, our quantum nature, and 4th phase reality...
  • Finally- we drop into the lush lands of somatics- where we lay it out with breath, nervous system regulation, and body mapping wizardry.


course topics broken down via ZOOM classes + course content

This content will continue to evolve and grow as new information and ideas present themselves.



Soma Sentience Philosophy

  • What is Soma Sentience?
  • The Purpose of Life
  • We Are The Greatest Technology
  • Eros + Ecos
  • Interdependence


Natural Dynamics of Movement

  • Embryo to Adult
  • Technology + Modern Living Culture
  • Evolutionary Movement Patterns


Helical Heart + Breath Expression

  • Differentiation + Articulation
  • Push is Primary
  • Breath Opens


Living Posture

  • What is “Living Posture”?
  • Double S Curve
  • Heart + Hips + Head Relationship


Roots + Posterior Engagement

  • Foot Intelligence
  • Pelvic Power
  • Pelvic Intel


Omnidirectional Engagement

  • Biomechanical > Biomotional
  • Fascia + Fascintegrity
  • Unified System


Movement Continuum

  • Cymatics
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • 4th Phase


Somatic Soul

  • Breathing is Feeling
  • Co vs Self Regulation
  • Response-Ability
  • Anatomical Awareness


  • Therapists
  • Energy + Body Workers
  • First Responders + Helping Professionals
  • Movement Aficionados
  • Athletes
  • Yoga + Movement Teachers
  • Inspired Learners

As an entry level offering of Soma Sentience, this training is appropriate for anyone interested in their body, in felt-sense awareness, in cultivating more magic inside and out.

New to movement or a pro- this is a place for you to dig in.



  • Remember how to feel!
  • Bring awareness to habitual posture, movement, and lifestyle tendencies
  • Createroutines and rituals that support the health of your body/ being
  • Reconnect to the intelligence of your body- internally + externally, physically + non-physically
  • Understand unconscious + conscious signals that your body is speaking
  • Learn to listen to and trust your body
  • Embody new ways of being and moving in your life
  • Heighten felt-sense awareness and sensitivity through breath, movement, and lifestyle
  • Establish well being as an integral part of your daily lifestyle
  • Evolve your intrinsic technology
  • Return to innate ecology


This is a high level training with high level ideas and information. While this is a place for beginners, this will also be an expansive deep dive into the beginnings of your body-mind relationship. 

**this is pre-requisite for my 8 month advanced training launching 2024**