A commitment to the LIFE of the body.


A continuous mind-body awareness evolution.

You are your body. Your body is a physical manifestation and representation of your spirit, soul, emotional tone, and essence of being.

Next Offering: September 2023


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We build on strong foundations of intelligence and awareness.

The essence of this program is one of reconnection; the absolute necessity of intimately attuning to and knowing your body.


  • Why is it important to move your body?
  • Why is it important to heighten your sensing and feeling capacities?
  • Why does it all matter as we move forward into this new era of existence and relational understanding of being in the world?

Built on an inherent understanding of movement- that change is fundamental to our wellbeing and growth, we begin this journey together.

Science and new findings will supplement the intrinsic Knowing and Being of our body. Ultimately, everything we need is already right here- waiting for us to resource ourselves enough to feel it all.



8 weekly topics broken down via ZOOM class + course content

This content will continue to evolve and grow as new information and ideas present themselves.

You will have access to this space while this course exists. 


Foundational Pillars of Soma Sentience

  • What is Soma Sentience?
  • The Purpose of Life
  • Etymology
  • The Greatest Technology
  • Eros + Ecology
  • DNA + Spirality
  • H302 | Structured Water​

Natural Dynamics of Movement

  • Simple, Natural, Humble
  • Evolutionary Movement Patterns
  • Roll, Squat, Bend, Rotate, Walk, Jump
  • From Baby to Toddler to Child to Adult
  • Technology + Modern Living Culture

Radial Heart + Breath Expression

  • 360 Expansion
  • Source Curve
  • Lateral Opening
  • Wings Assistance through Shoulders and Arms
  • Breath Importance

Natural Alignment

  • Double S Curve
  • Head + Heart + Hips Relationship
  • Open Posture + Closed Posture

Roots + Posterior Activation

  • Anterior Tilt of Pelvis
  • Paw Connection
  • Opening Pelvic Floor

Omnidirectional Engagement

  • Fascia
  • Biotensegrity
  • Moving as a holistic, unified, miraculously intelligent eco-system

Dynamic Movement

  • Serpentine Flow
  • Primal Pulse
  • Root to Rise
  • Stagnancy versus Aliveness
  • How the body responds: opening versus closing

Somatic Soul

  • Breathing is Feeling
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Intuitive Movement
  • Music Moves
  • Molding Tissues

This is appropriate for anyone interested in their body, in felt-sense awareness, in cultivating more magic inside and out.

New to movement or a pro- this is a place for you to dig in.

This is a high level training with high level ideas and information. While this is a place for beginners, this will also be an expansive deep dive into the beginnings of your body-mind relationship. 

**this is pre-requisite for my 8 month advanced training launching Fall 2023 or Early 2024**