2020 Loves You So Big

2020 breathe happy new year peace play prosperity Jan 01, 2020
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2020... Vibes are HIGH!

Wishing you prosperity in all directions. Wishing you love: inside and out... the unconditional kind that is warm like a hug. Wishing you the strength to follow your gut, your inner guides... you always know. Wishing you trust... surrender... and letting go into the natural ebbs and flows. Wishing you peace... to breathe, to feel, to be. Wishing you play... every single day.

Love you all.

Thank you for being in my world. I am so very grateful that you are here.


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Music - Sapphire: A Spotify Playlist by me!

Need to move? YouTube or Vimeo Membership

Wanna learn Bowspring? 75% OFF with code: NEWYOU2020 | Intro to Bowspring: 11 hours of learning!

Nylon | January 2020 Horoscopes by Gala

The Power Path | Monthly Forecast + Theme: If Not Now, When?

We have entered a new year and a new decade with new energies and a different signature than the cycles of the past. This one brings despair and hope at the same time and we have our work cut out for us, “work” being the operative word. Those not willing to work hard this year will certainly be in the camp of despair more than those that do.

Even though most of the year will be more intellectual and less emotional, it is not a time for endless discussion and debate but more for action, choice and change. There is a ruthless quality to the month as we set ourselves up for the coming times requiring good boundaries, the courage to face the truth, and the discipline to DO IT NOW. If not now, when? Time is up for diddling around with “sort of” intentions and action plans.

If you have been “sort of” thinking about and considering a change, this is the time to implement it. Make that commitment and do it now. 2020 is a Warrior year, physical and grounded, and very conducive to cleaning up messes, personal and global, as well as taking care of your own environment, physical and emotional body, and being responsible for your daily actions and consequences. But you have to do it. If not now, when?

Mystic Mamma | Let Dreams Be Your Law

Are you a photographer?

Offering a photographer a free space: Sri Lanka 2020 | Bow+Surf+Breathe

  • 2 hours of photos a day, one day off.
  • Free accommodation and food
  • Opportunity to take a few classes, breathe, surf.

Show me your portfolio, write me an email to tell me why you need this, and promo this event on your social media pages.

Flight not included.
Destination: Sri Lanka
Time: Feb 22 - Mar 2, 2020
Share with your friends.
Email: [email protected]
Offer ends Jan. 10, 2020

3 spaces left... Happy New Year... Let's play!

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Much love, always!



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