we are aliens unto ourselves

alien breathwork quantum entanglement Oct 29, 2022

Dissolving borders and lines into the quantum reality of all things…

There is this magical symbiosis- the exchange of air- the reciprocity of giving and receiving- our lungs to the trees to the air all around. All things are moving with this divine exchange of harmonic bonding, an encodement that precedes comprehension or cognition- and transcends to the intricate weavings of our conscious being with ourselves and with all things.

This tragic illusion of separation, that holds us in our own confinement- as this entity unto itself, borders of bone, blood, and skin- that somehow confirms our estrangement. This fateful mental agreement of alienation is precluding our demise.

What if matter is mind made? What if the concept of separate particles and people and plants and things is all a facade?

Down to the quantum level, we are inseparable. We are a comingling of particles dancing in this eternally mystical experience of consciousness, moving with balance, rhythm, and sacred harmony. All parts absolutely necessary for whole functioning. All parts beyond perceptible perfection.

We are entangled with all. Our perceived lines, walls, barriers, boundaries, borders… it’s all a big nonsensical illusion, a distortion of reality that has taken us to the precipice of our destruction.

Shall we wake up to witness the inherent interweaving's and undeniable intricate connectivity of all?
Shall we stop creating mental (and physical) borders that continue to distract us from the truth of our unity?
It’s all a little silly- to think we are separate, limited beings- when in fact- we are infinite and eternal, a piece of the quantum whole, undeniably interconnected to all.

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