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Happy Moon Lovers, xo

Sun in Leo... The King of Hearts... The one who knows love of self... And Moon in Aquarius... The Mother of all... The one who takes care of the collective. Micro to macro. Self to Other. 

There is a lot of chaos and confusion these days... And often times life can feel defeating and overwhelming. When everything is so crazy, how can we make change- our efforts and intentions can feel lost in a huge world. However, when we bring it back to the micro, back to the self... it all becomes clear: Be the change you want to see in the world. To make change in the world, is to work on and change yourself. 

When we bring it back to the micro... We have a place to start. 

My advice... Sit with your heart. Who are you? What did you come here to do? How can you be more authentically you? How can you step forward and lead from your heart... Because it all starts there. With you. Be the change you wish to see in the world. And then- it's simple. Just be you. 


Much love... Drink lots of water, rest, and get out for some nature bites. Put your feet on the earth and your hands in the ocean. Breathe with the trees and smile with the sky. 

Have a beautiful day xoxo 

Love Elisha 

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Much love beautiful humans- xoxo



Am I ready to take this quantum leap?

What new opportunities are presenting in my life?

Queen of Wands: 

How can I connect with my own inner vibrance? | I source from the fire within me. 

How am I being invited to ignite my passions? | I sustain this power and path. 

​Three of Pentacles: 

​Am I able to celebrate the accomplishments of others? | I value the light within each person. 

Could my dreams use any support? | I share and create from the seeds of my heart. 


August Love

The Power Path | Theme of the Month: Intense Adjustment

August is a dynamic month of facing change, avoiding conflict, taking care of your own business, making hard choices, practicing protection, releasing old patterns by their roots, and navigating intense adjustments with acceptance, grace, and flexibility.​


Take some time around this full moon to reflect on your personal goals and focus on opportunity instead of restriction. It is a good time to think outside the box and to use the Aquarian energy to invite new ideas and insights into your field. Practice seeing beauty and spirit in everything. “When one door closes another one opens,” is the thought for the week.​

Nylon | August Horoscopes by Gala

Moon Meows

Chani Nicholas | Aquarius Full Moon Horoscopes

Nylon | The Full Moon in Aquarius Allows You to Make a New Way For Yourself, No Matter What.

Spirit Daughter:


Full Moons always occur in the opposite sign of the current Sun sign. While the Sun sits in Leo, the Moon lands in Aquarius allowing us to work with both of these energies in our energetic body. Every sign has a low side and a high side. The Full Moon brings us an opportunity to step away from the lower frequencies of both signs involved and integrate their highest potential. For Leo and Aquarius that potential is pure unconditional love for oneself and all of humanity. The kind of love that can change the world.

Aquarius is the sign of the freedom-loving water bearer. This sign urges us to think outside the proverbial box and move our energy forward into new, uncharted, territory. It also encourages us to find our authentic self, the person we really are underneath the fear, the layers of societal conditioning, and our own expectations. When aligned with the higher side of Aquarius, we see the inter-connectedness of all beings. We see ourselves in others, and we honor each other’s uniqueness. Instead of judgment, we embrace learning and we strive to evolve humanity forward through the connection of different perspectives.

The energy of Aquarius has much to teach us this Full Moon. How can you embrace your authentic truth and find the courage to speak it? How you facilitate the evolution of yourself and humanity? How can you lead from your heart? Aquarius reminds us that we are energetic beings each emitting a frequency into the world. When we adjust our own vibration, we shift the airwaves around us. Over the Full Moon, feel into what you need to release to step into your full power and emit the frequency that best represents your heart into the world.​

Coyote Star Astrology:

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius🦋

If you’ve felt a shift in perspective this last week, know that you are attuning to and calibrating to the acceleration of energies that carry us through the rest of the year. Believe it or not, we have been in a bit of a hypnotic trance for the past few months, adjusting to our “new normal” , lulled into acceptance around a foreign landscape. This full moon signals the jolt awake to a new dawn as we begin to exit the calm of the eye of the storm - things are warming up(just wait until September!😅😏)

Mars has begun it’s months long square to our three Capricorn megalithic planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Aries is about freedom and independence, while Capricorn restricts, blocks, and confines. These planets will be fighting off and on in explosive waves of high intensity confrontation from now until 2021 - an ebb and a flow that will build and recede, flare and smolder. Anything that is restricting our freedom and flow becomes unbearable - the next few months begin the process of each soul rightfully and righteously taking their place within their full divine expression. This full moon’s square to the planet Uranus further supports the the kick off of our break out and break through energy - raw, unapologetic, electrically untamed. The next few months will be a journey into the deepest regions of human consciousness into the ways we have given our power away and why. This is a coming to your own rescue and arriving as the hero in any way that you have abandoned yourself. A power struggle between the new world and tradition, the sovereign self and oppression, truth and lies, the inextinguishable spirit breaking free of the cage. A declaration of independence, led by the hand into the action packed battlefield of light and dark forces. The engines are revving and purring to life as we stand in the glittering light of this futuristic full moon in Aquarius, fed by the solar ray of the Leo sun - Ready to try it differently than before, ready to follow our hearts through the trackless forests of the wild - We are coming back to our true Nature. We are coming back to life.

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