MOON Letter | Aquarius Energy Bringing in the FRESH and CLEAN!

aquarius heart revolution love moon letter new moon Jan 20, 2023

Filtering through the past few months, learning deep lessons, introspections, and percolating with flops and skunks...

The retrogrades were real.

The lessons were strong.

The new perspectives, understandings, and boundaries- were so needed... We got them all- FULL ON!

And we have landed on the other side of it all. (Kind of. At least- we are landing.)

It finally feels fresh and ready- the momentum is moving forward again, just in time for the New Moon ushering in a New Year of vibration and song.

We shift and change and evolve in every moment our breath moves. The learning moves in a spiral rotation- new layers and levels of expansion and unraveling creation.

The past year... two, three... The past few months at least- it's been like- stagnant, stuck, sitting energy. The things we wanted most, were working on, were dreaming for- just wouldn't go. And so... We had to surrender and we had to let go.

Oh this medicine is so challenging... to learn to live in flow.

But we are here. And, you can really feel it. The energy is bubbling again. The possibilities are unearthing themselves. It's like leaning into natures cycle- the more you let go, the more you can grow.

What does it mean to grow? It means that every little bit of your life has been orchestrated for you... To give you the greatest opportunity to grow. All the lessons, the hardships, the shadows, the traumas, the oppression, the regression... These gifts are here for you to learn to choose love. Again and again.

Each moment, we are gifted a choice- to choose love or fear.

As we move into this new year... with this potent new moon of revolution, humanity, and heart- may we all rise in effervescent ascension... And be LOVE.

Through the shadow and shit... The ugliness and grit... Through the ups and the downs- and the spaces that just make us cringe and frown- Choose love. Be it. Feel it. Know it as your truth.

And watch our new earth bloom into a reality reflecting this frequency of light language. This heart of light blooming. This beam of bring it on. Love is the warrior waiting to be let into the room.


Warrior on my beautiful light bringers and heart bloomers.

Find the hardest places to love- and love there a little bit more. This is in you and outside of you- and of course- they are the same.

And we start this revolution into the air swept skies of LOVE through our hearts and by choosing a different path- by fighting with the frequency of LOVE... compassion, forgiveness, and a reconciliation of how to play this game and win it.

May the Aquarian heart of humanity guide us forward back to ourselves and to each other in a kind and loving way- always.


LOVE elisha



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