MOON Letter: Aries Full Moon | Let go and let God

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Let go and let God


This is the concept that is in my mind right now. The dance between action and surrender...

When a song comes on that I love... The vibration speaks to my cells. It's as though my body becomes a channel of Source... Moved by frequency and code. My mind is lost and I am unified with the resonance of the beat... We become one and I melt into deep presence. I am literally moved from the inside out.

I am starting to think... Where else can I let go and lean into trusting that much... That by abandoning all control... I unite with divinity. Art is manifested when I allow myself to be moved... To release the grips of thinking and false knowing, and step into the higher states of allowance and surrender.

I wonder where else I might lean into this trust. I wonder where else I might be able to become a channel for divine intelligence to move through me. I wonder where else I can soften my grip just a little bit more.

And so this Full Aries moon... That comes packed with vibrant, charged up energy- I wonder how we can all surrender to the innate channel of Being... Of letting go of our illusory control and stepping more fully into releasing... Allowing... The beautiful unfolding. I wonder what would happen if we leaned into Trust... And allowed Source to move us in ways we couldn't have ever dreamed or imagined possible. I wonder if we can open to where the energy moves us... And follow it more intuitively.

I know I experience this viscerally every time I am on my mat... Being moved by music... My heart expands and I lose myself.

And I know the difference... When my mind is too concerned with what is next and where I am going. I know the feeling of resistance and rigidity that robs me of serenity.

I believe the ticket is letting go.

Become a channel.

Lose yourself.

To find yourself.


I love you!

Happy full moon babes, you are my heart!


Love Elisha





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♈️ FULL MOON IN ARIES ♈️ ⁠ Tomorrow morning we meet the Full Moon in Aries. Full of passion and fire, Aries connects us with our life’s purpose. This Full Moon helps us become clear about what mountain we are here to climb and what steps we need to make to embrace it. It’s a time to own your power and know you have the strength to overcome any obstacles, no matter how large they may appear at first. ⁠ ⁠ As you journey through this empowering Moon, feel into what you need to limit or release to find your strength. What distracts you or places doubts in your mind? What disempowers you, and how do you shift it? This Moon meets us at the end of Libra Season. Take the time to look at your relationship with yourself, your power, and other people in your life. ⁠ ⁠ Notice if frustration, anger, restlessness, or impatience is rising over this Moon. Aries tends to bring these energies up within us. The Sun is also near Mars in Libra, bringing more fuel to our internal fire. Channel this excess energy into something. Take a bold step, try something new, or commit your energy towards something this week. If you feel scattered, ground your energy through movement or breathwork. Focus on yourself before connecting with others. Once you feel clear, show up in your full power for every aspect of your life. ⁠



Full Moon in Aries, October 20~ If there was one lesson we have been forced to learn recently, it is how important it is for us to practice radical honesty. That the quality of our lives is contingent on how much mastery we have over our emotions, and the root of that is how honest we are with ourselves. This lesson is being brought home under this Aries Moon, here to fan our flames and ignite our passions.

The difference between it warming our hearts and it burning down our house depends on how much we have heeded these lessons, how much control we have over emotions and our actions. With so much intense energy being activated, we must be extra mindful of each other. So that we don’t collide and combust.

For we are not only up against our own wild fires, but those of the people around us too. We can use this energy to transform our worlds. Or we can use this energy to fight each other in a battle for power. Egos tend to make power plays that put us at odds with each other in places where we should be coming together.

The silver lining to this is that confrontation reveals intention. When faced with it, ask yourself:

  • Why are you on the path you are on?
  • How do you plan to keep going?


It can be tempting to find an easy way out, to create short cuts, to only think about yourself and push people aside to get to where you want to go. These are the things that tempt us all, now matter how pure we think our intentions are. Don’t burn down the forest while blazing your trail. We all deserve to chase what makes us feel alive. But not at the expense of others. It’s not an easy task, making your dreams come true.

You will encounter opposition and obstacles you could never anticipate. These will test your resolve. You will only ever have two options with whatever it is that you do. Will you push harder or will you give up?

You can open yourself up to life, in all of its infinite possibilities for beauty and for terror. Or you can close yourself off from life, and miss out on all of the beauty out of fear of the terror. You can choose to dilate, or you can choose to contract. That’s it. All of life flows from that single choice.

What will you choose?

-jen fountain



The Full Moon in Aries on October 20, 2021 (at 10:57EST) is a bonfire. Strike a match. A thrill of a Moon. Game on. Go for the gold. Come on baby, light my fire. Both lunations in October feature Mars, planet of action, speed, & aggression. Mars assists us in severing from what isn’t meant for us, & wielding our bravery to forge new beginnings. A spark has been lit. Something is getting started. An initiation has begun. October is a month of accelerated movement & momentum. Separation & connection. Disagreement & harmony. Missteps & reconciliation. What are we going to do next? What do we really want? Are you willing to receive what you want? Can we trust & believe that what we desire is possible to achieve - and that somebody out there wants it, too? Vision is given to those with eyes to see it & the spiritual valor to carry it forth. Welcome in divine assistance! These are mapless lands, but many sources will step in to advise along the way. This Full Moon illuminates the tension between self & other. The dynamic struggle & high art of meeting in the middle, relating, cooperating. The striving for peace &beauty. Pluto in Capricorn heavily informs this Moon. The underbelly of the old paradigm still clings to & manipulates our behaviors. We wade in the swamp of shadow & treasure that is the ruin of empire. As we face the dregs of ongoing endings & promises of dearth, we excavate fears & unearth the courage to strive beyond the barren field of famine. There are forces far bigger & older than dominion by false power. The bones, the stones, the dragons in the mountains. The sincerity of deepest impulse. The regular folk woven together by the codes inscribed on their souls. The clouds of birds carrying seeds in their mouths. And the love that is consciousness, inspiring those seeds to grow. We are the shining ones rising in this night. We are re-forged in this alchemical fire as the lovers & the torches who make it possible for life to continue. This unstoppable strength has always lived within us. These seeds, these visions are for all. They are what living existence is honestly made of.






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