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alive aries breathwork equinox moon letter new moon spring vibes Mar 21, 2023

It's a funny thing... We crest upon the winter and I feel like I can't get enough of it. A pocket of stillness... spacious darkness that allows for early evenings and guilt free, inside accomplishments. I always worry that I won't get enough of this time- to get my work done, to be cozy, quiet, and inside.

Of course... Just as the new season shifts into it's final flip... I am always ready, it's always exactly on time, and of course- it couldn't be more perfect... It literally could be no other way.

As Equinox has arrived, and in British Columbia, our time has changed and the days are now much extended into evening hours- I feel so ready for the light and sunshine.

There is energy in light. It is vital and alive and radiant and purifying.

I was out the other day, running around forest trails, and I was literally stopped in my tracks by the astounding beauty of the sunlit green buds, Indian Plum or Oemleria Cerasiformis, lighting up the whole forest like decorative adornment to the forest floor. It was pure magic. And, it all really is that way- the hawthorn leaves, the stinging nettle, the daffodils and all the green things- blooming away in pure glory.

Spring is here. Seeds are sparking their sprouts. Buds are beaming forward. Flowers are blooming. Bees are buzzing. Life is back. New beginnings are abound.

The Equinox is like the real new year. If we were to attune our human existence to the natural rhythms of nature, we would celebrate the beginning now!

How wild that we bring in a new year during the deadest, darkest, coldest time of year. Perhaps, we are moving against the thread of intelligence that reminds our precious body beings- we are not separate from this cycle, from this dance, from this beautiful bliss of natural being.

Our bodies know this... because this is the time. This is the beginning of our beginnings. Our cells come alive. The sunshine activates our inspiration. We are regenerated and ready to bloom, just like the plants, the flowers, the birds, and the bees. We are ready to wake up and be born again now.

Everything is in perfect timing. We are in perfect timing, attuned and resonant with our true nature, we shine.

So, happy (astrological) new year. This is your portal for powerful transformation- to make clear intentions for the flow of the year. Use the power of this New Moon to activate and accelerate your hearts desires...

How do you want to feel?

What do you love to do?

What makes you the most you?

Do what lights you up... Follow your heart without worry or fear.

The heart is your continuous light source, guiding you, showing you, leading you forward and always holding you clear.

Aries represents the Self. I AM! It is the one who differentiates, the one who calls out from the hills- this is who I am!

So who are you?

Perhaps the biggest question there is to ask... Perhaps a question worth asking for the rest of your life. Who am I?

And lead yourself back to that. You are here to shine as YOU. So, you know what to do... Bloom YOU!



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What do you sense has been shifting, transforming, building for you?

What aspects of self feel like they are really beginning anew?

Where are you being asked to level up in life, step into deeper trust and show up with fire?

What are you so passionate about brining new life into right now?


Megan McCluer | New Moon in Aries Scopes: +


♈️ Aries New Moon ♈️ Today we have our first New Moon in Aries, bringing us an extra spark to work with as we begin a new season and new astrological year. Aries inspires us to act. It teaches us that our dreams and visions do not take on meaning until we do something to materialize them. This is quite a shift in energy from Pisces Season, which inspired us just to Be. Aries, though, asks us to find what motivates us and then align with that energy to charge ahead despite fear or self-doubt. As you work with this New Moon, feel your fire, your drive, and the thing that inspires you to get out of bed in the morning. What makes you feel alive? So alive that you want to dedicate your life force to it. This is a time to begin. Feel the energy of this New Moon as a wave carrying you onto a new path that is designed for you by you. See yourself on that path and watch it unfold, not worrying about the how but focusing on the feeling of living a life on purpose.







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