A Call to Come Back HOME to HER

bowspring break the rules feminine free intuitive movement primal movement somatic intelligence supple wild Mar 21, 2019

Lately- I have been working with bringing more soft, sensitive, and feminine energy into my life and my practice. Leaning into feeling, sensing, noticing, softening... that courageous space of vulnerability. It is humbling, conscious work.

In my world, my movement community... I have been noticing and watching. Once upon a time Bowspring was born... and I was mesmerized by the beautiful, free, and expansive movement that pushed back against the status quo of linear forms and stacked, structured ways of moving and being. It was natural and feminine. I was in awe and I wanted it. It was the opposite of what I knew and had been trained in. I was coming from more linear forms... that masculine place of being... doing... creating.

Fast forward to now... a few years later post finding Bowspring. I am forever grateful, finding Bowspring opened my eyes and opened my body to it's potential and freedom. But, what I see now is- this once free, curvy, feminine practice has now become boxed up, contained, systematized... with rules and structure and linear direction within every single aspect. I see the community and students lost in details... moving through the details and the structure- the ABC's through the 123's like robots. And man, our bodies do not understand those ways of being or moving. That shit IS foreign to our nature body. So this practice- that I found as once being so free, so curvy, so feminine- seems to have gone through a few years to become so structured, so rigid, so ruled, so masculine. It's a full system now... And, that is great for science and understanding... but, I am seeing that it doesn't actually translate so well in our bodies. People are moving in a way that is too "by the algorithm" and "by the correct alignment" ... they lost the freedom and the female. They lost the soft, the sensitive, and the feeling.

The details and the structure are beautiful and brilliant for understanding... but if we allow ourselves to be wrapped up in structure, rules, systems, and algorithms, we lose the freedom to flow, to move with grace and ease, to actually feel intuitively and sensitively... to be responsive to our own inherent knowing and intelligence.

So... A call to come back home. To your body- to your knowing... to get out of your mind and listen to your body and heart... to tap back into feeling and sensing, versus structure, status, science, and system. A call to step back into the curvy, free, and female.. divine inner knowing of moving and flowing.

Meow. Meow. Meow.



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