MOON Letter | New Moon in Cancer: Home is wherever I AM

breathwork cancer new moon embodiment emotions home moon letter nervous system regulation Jun 29, 2022


Essences: emotional health, heart body, embodiment, inner sanctuary, nurturance, boundaries, personal responsibility, home, supported, rest, nervous system regulation

Actions: inner and outer resourcing, self sustenance, integration of emotional complex, divine feminine embodiment, mother/father healing, nourishing environments + relationships, define 'yes' & 'no,' find home within, feel it to heal it

Practices: conscious connected breathwork, inner child work + familial healing, presence with ALL emotions, grounding + earth connections, quiet walks, being with nature, silence + stillness, feel it ALL- full spectrum integration of emotional body through the soma: cry, laugh, shake, scream, rock, rise... release stagnant emotions from body tissues, recalibrate your nervous system, home is within: nurture, nourish, safe space, peaceful, rest, replenish

Home is wherever I AM

Happy Cancer New Moon

Cancer- our fierce mama bear: protector, nurturer, and embodiment of the divine feminine. Through her, we learn the depth of our feeling body, integration of our emotional complex, vulnerability, and creating boundaries that support our safety, comfort, and regulation.

The struggles, traumas, and the trials and tribulations that we hold are often resulting from when we were young, often long before we had mental or physical capacity to know. Starting as a vibration, moving into our felt sense awareness, and imprinting upon our cellular memory as an emotional stamp- these issues live in our tissues, and tend to replay their emotional charge in mental and physical manifestations forever more. That is, until we bring conscious enlightenment to this discrepancy... That our energy body is merely replaying unprocessed and unintegrated energy that stopped moving freely through us long ago!

These bodies are imprinted with memories before we can cognitively remember them. These emotional imprints determine the habits, tendencies, and mental + physical situations we will continue to encounter, until we shine a light on our heart body; the body begging to be seen, felt, and processed.

Home is your body. It is your sacred temple. Most of us run away from being em-bodied- that is- being in our body. We numb, sedate, mask and control with substances, alcohol, food, sex, work, technology - we do anything we can to avoid feeling our unintegrated stuff! We live for tomorrow, a dead promise that assures us that the future holds brighter days. We hold regret and remorse for our past, and can't seem to SEE with clear vision that all events and experiences in our life are a continuous repeat manifestation caused by the same root issues trapped in our tissues.

Presence is the place we come back home to. To reunite with this body, heart, mind, and soul. Cancer is the home. Home is where the heart is, as the saying goes. She is the safe space that nurtures, nourishes, and loves you unconditionally. Her arms are always open waiting for you to come back home.

On this new moon, may we remember our strength lives in our capacity to be a home unto ourselves. To be the solid rock, unshakeable, resourced, and deeply nourished.

Find the practices that bring you back home to yourself. Whatever that is: reading, writing, singing, dancing, running, sitting in nature, camping, playing... You know what makes you feel grounded, solid, and secure in yourself. Do those things.

And lean into your feelings... Breathing is feeling and feeling is healing. Until we find the courage to face ourselves fully and with radical honesty... Until we meet ourselves in the truth of our authentic beingness- the light and the dark - we will be forever running from ourselves, projecting our issues outward when we see them reflected back to us, and asking the insane question: why does this keep happening to me!? It's in your tissues and until you face the injury, you'll forever see the replay in mental and physical form.

Home is YOU.

We have work to do.

Until we love all parts of ourselves unconditionally, so that we can love all parts of others unconditionally... We have more work to do.

It starts by looking inside, to the scary parts we've been avoiding, masking, numbing... It is a feeling job. The only purpose we have here at all: to feel it all. The full spectrum: our multidimensional, multivibrational, multisensational- the fullest, most vibrant expression of all aspects of our being. Feel it. And by feeling it, we begin to heal it. And by healing it, we come close to the home within, that's been waiting for us to remember for so long.

Come home. To yourself. Come home now. 

So the medicine is the breath, to feel the things you've avoided feeling for so long. The medicine is loving yourself in your wholeness. The medicine is regulating your nervous system and becoming your own safe haven: always with you, always there to restore, rejuvenate, and replenish. The medicine is stepping into the BIG work of LOVE.

The heart: our feeling body - she is calling you home to this job. And so this is the invitation. It's time to remember: your strength, your capacity, your power- in emotional liberation through breathing and feeling and being here now.

Love you!!



  • what are my most essential practices that replenish and rejuvenate my body, mind, heart, and soul?
  • what does home mean to me?
  • where is my happy place?
  • do I externally resource more than internally resource? ie: relying on other people, places, things to restore and bring me a feeling of safety, nourishment, nurturance, and comfort?
  • if I take a close look at my life- are there repeating patterns that are showing up in my mental or physical arenas? Is it possible to source the root cause lying at the vibrational/ emotional level?
  • is there anything in my conscious awareness that I might be avoiding feeling?
  • what possible crutches am I relying on to numb, sedate, mask, control, or avoid facing my emotional body... Ie: avoiding feeling what's beneath the patterns and vices

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Spirit Daughter

Tomorrow the Sun and the Moon meet in the stars of Cancer, heightening our intuition and emotions. You may feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster as we make our way through this New Moon. Whatever you may be feeling at this time, the most important thing is to allow it. Allow whatever is coming through to have a place in your heart without shame or resistance. Let it move you and open the door for your intuition, growth, and vulnerability.⁠

This New Moon is an opportunity to decide how you want to feel each day. It's a time to define your home frequency- the vibration and energy that form your life’s foundation. As you write intentions, ask yourself how you want to feel each day. Then look to what and who supports you in these feelings. Also, look to your intuition. It will be heightened today and will always give you the answers you need right now.⁠

This New Moon occurs the same day Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces. This energy helps you become clear about your visions and let go of fantasies. This energetic pairing with the New Moon is an opportunity to become crystal clear about what you want in your life over the next six months and state it to the Universe. The Universe always responds to clarity. Feel your vision taking form today amongst the abundant water energy.⁠

Give yourself everything you need this New Moon. Slow down, feel, let yourself unravel, and find your way home to your truth. Hold space for anything you are experiencing and ask yourself: what do I need? Then let yourself receive it.⁠

Magic of I

Jun 28 7:52PM PDT / Jun 29 4:25AM CEST / Jun 29 12:52PM AEST

NEW MOON REFLECTIONS: ‘I nurture myself first so I can be present for others. I witness all emotions rising within me now’
The new moon is in its home sign of Cancer, a deep, receptive internal withdrawal into the quiet.
Build your nest of safety and security around what is important and nourishing to you now.
The new moon wants to settle in, but almost precisely squaring Jupiter in Aries who wants to push into new territory, it will be about finding a balance between comfort and pushing some uncomfortable edges.
Perhaps there is a creative way to maintain internal safety and what feels good without reaching a breaking point or getting wrapped up in the bigness of what is going on? It is available and possible.
Overall, maintain inner peace and boundaries this new moon, if that means temporary withdrawal to tend to the inner garden, so be it for the greater good. Emotions and tending to them is not a weakness, it is a strength.
Be gentle and kind to each other, there are many tender hearts amidst the shifts and changes that are triggering so many.
Go within, nourish and build strength, so when push comes to shove there will be readiness.
Womb powers unite across the globe.
The rise of the witch is happening for a reason.

Nura Rachelle Astrology

New Moon in Cancer (still in New phase to Sun, instinctual emergence) connects with Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith, and Ceres in Cancer.

The Cancer part of our chart is being highly activated with the Sun there, as well as by square from Jupiter, Chiron and Mars in Aries, and of course long-term with Pluto in Capricorn.

We are being stretched into new versions of ourselves, through remembering and connecting with who we are at the core.

There is an innocence and a childlike playfulness here.
There is also a ferocity of a protective, highly instinctual mother at play.
There is a Dark Goddess working her magic, and refusing to let us play small in our emotional evolution.

This is a time to remember that evolution is biochemical.

We evolve through our emotional processing, and we learn how to care for ourselves according to our individual needs rather than the projections of others.

Stay strong in your root, and pure in your heart. And drink a lot of water. :)

Thank you so much for being here, for supporting my work, and for letting me land in your inbox!


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