Come Together

celebrate our differences freedom love unity we are one Feb 15, 2019


What if- we came together in community, to share and to support each other- not because we all believe the same thing, move the same way, speak the same language, but because we honor each individual’s unique spirit. We celebrate independence by trusting each individual person, idea, and belief because it has its place and necessity. Because we are allowed, encouraged, and inspired to be different, and see it as the thing that strengthens us, rather than separates us.

Could we embrace our differences, encourage individuals to be unapologetically themselves, and still stand together?


We focus so much on creating groups and ideas that compound more separation and division- creating more exclusivity rather than inclusivity. Could we instead be rising together and valuing the alternate ways?


We move to feel; to experience, experiment, create, and integrate. We move through ideas and practices to remain curious, seeking, and to build our internal libraries full of innate wisdom and practical intelligence.


May we oppose the right or wrong mentality and embrace movement with fluidity and free expression to remain flexible and fully liberated by maintaining that growth mindset of openness and evolving maturity.

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