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consciousness consumption Mar 30, 2020

We are in one of the most transformational times of our existence. There is an unknown and uncharted frequency that is being felt by all. All I can think about is: what are we choosing to  consume?

Consumption comes in all forms and from all directions: we are consuming mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually- all the damn time! 

These times require our full attention, our fittest state of being, our minds and beings turned on- way up high! We need to step up and be alert and aware: are the things that we are consuming serving our highest good, individually and collectively? 

Here are some things to check into: 


Your food should be vibing high! Now, more than ever, we are being called back to our local farms, sustainability, and seasonal food choices. We are being called back into the foods and nourishment that best support us: individually, collectively, and environmentally. 

We are realizing that we are fragile, vulnerable, and ill prepared for situations when our grocery chains and food sources are compromised. 

It is time to get back to nature… to put our hands back in the dirt… and learn to be more balanced with our food chains, where our food is coming from, and how we attain it. It’s time to connect back to what feeds us: in real, tangible, and nourishing ways. 

The earth is amazingly abundant. My wish is that we turn back to our roots, back to our farms, and create systems that support our well-being. Plant seeds, grow your own food, and if that is not possible: support your local farmers! 

Eat high vibration foods: many colours, many plants! Cook your food with love, thank your food and all the systems that supported bringing it to your plate or bowl, and share your food with people you love!

And your water! Filter that shit... let it sit out in the sunshine... or at least allow it to sit out on your counter to release the chlorine... May as well stick some love notes on it too... Raise that molecular vibration up!


Alcohol, many will argue, is a coping tool that relieves stress and numbs pain. I will agree, and suggest that: it’s time we found more kind and healthy healing tools to help us through challenging situations. 

Alcohol is the most potent consciousness numb-er I have ever known. It keeps us low and controlled. Without going into the politics too much, at it’s root: to drink alcohol is to poison your body, literally. Alcohol is toxic to the body: it harms your cells and the toxicity it creates in your body is experienced through the drunkenness you feel. While it’s fun while it lasts, the aftermath of the hangover is definitely less fun! Typically leaving you feeling low vibe, depressed, and unproductive.

At the root, alcohol compromises your immune system. And so does smoking. 

While smoking might feel like your favourite “stress reliever,” it’s also making you less smart, each puff you take.

A google search brought up these two results: “According to a 2017 study, the longer you smoke, the higher your risk of greater age-related brain volume loss. Researchers found that smoking negatively affected the structural integrity of subcortical brain regions.”

“Nicotine stops new brain cells forming. Nicotine can kill brain cells and stop new ones forming in the hippocampus, a brain region involved in memory, says a French team. The finding might explain the cognitive problems experienced by many heavy smokers during withdrawal, they say. ... Cell death also increased.”

Your body is your best friend, it is your companion, your consort… I mean... Love it up! Feed it nutrient, healing, sweet lovely things! What you put into your body, what you consume is vitally important. Honor yourself, love yourself! Nourish yourself and protect yourself from harmful substance.

It's important to keep your body healthy and fit... It makes your whole life feel better: inside to out. Little changes make all the difference... And little changes, create little habits, and little habits create your life and reality.

Disclaiming: Live your life!

Of course, having a glass of wine is beautiful... I know how lovely it is- it's romantic! And, perhaps, just noticing how often we reach for this crutch. Perhaps... water, kombucha, or tea instead! I am not preaching... or judging... I am suggesting! Try sober on... it is really surprising what you will find when you take that journey for a little while.

I believe substances like: psilocybin, ayahuasca, lsd, marijuana... those substances that are mind expanding... I think they are great! Of course, everything in moderation.

Ultimately, you walk your own path and you choose your own journey. It has been really helpful for my health, vitality, and success to eliminate some substances (such as alcohol). Offering my information for those interested in venturing down a different road.

Alternative coping tools:

  • meditation
  • breathwork
  • yoga or movement practices
  • walking, running, hiking
  • time spent in nature: #getoutside
  • make a nature mandala
  • call a friend
  • write in your journal
  • create... your dreams
  • make art!
  • make yourself a beautiful, nourishing meal
  • go jump in the ocean, river, or lake- even if it's freezing, perhaps especially if it is!
  • skip rope, jumping jacks, burpees!
  • dance!
  • start moving, shaking, jumping... make it big and erratic and borderline crazy- and do it like no one is watching!
  • read some inspirational content, listen to a podcast, read a book you love
  • take a bubble bath, light candles, be romantic with yourself
  • chocolate is nice... xoxo
  • gratitude: practice this as often as you remember, we are so lucky, so abundant!


Right now, we are watching true colors shine brighter than ever. As the world begins to crumble, and foundations begin to deteriorate, we realize how little control we actually have. We see that life can change in an instant, and the truly resilient are those who can move in flow, fully letting go. 

There are many who are experiencing heightened emotions, extreme feelings, and even casting less-than-lovely projections. You will feel the attacking nature of people who are not grounded or feeling good about themselves or their lives right now. 

Negative energy is coming to the surface at an exponential rate: we are feeling it left, right, and center.  The shadows are surfacing, especially as we begin to face some of our biggest fears: poverty, illness, instability, and death. We witness clinging, hoarding, greed, and deep fear related reactions moving forward with intense ferocity! It becomes glaringly obvious who has been moving into their insides, "doing their work," and who has been blindly coasting along with no true sense of self.

So, as we navigate these times, I offer that we all step back into our hearts… move with compassion and thought out, kind, responses, instead of with heated, emotional defense and reactions. 

I also offer: create strong boundaries. Everyone has a lot to say right now. When everything is uncertain, falling apart, crumbling: many will be clinging to old ways and step into reptilian survival mode, fear based reacting, and not acting in sound or loving ways. 

Protect yourself. Do not allow those who are projecting negativity or fear based responses at you in your sphere. You can control who you let into your world. Be very choosey, especially right now. The energy you hold space for is the energy you will frequent with… Boundaries up and strong. Vibe high or be gone. 


Everything holds energy. Consuming it in all ways, all directions. If we work with the feeling or the essence of it: consume only things that feel light and loving. Engage with things that lift your energy up: exercise, get outside, connect with loved ones, laugh, cook delicious food, pamper and self love yourself right up. Find ways and tools to help you to keep a positive vibration. Find things that make you feel grounded, loved, and secure.  

Of course, our shadows are real. We are human and we all hold dark parts. With open eyes, humility, and care, it's important to see these parts and allow the light in. Look closely at your reactions... Look closely at your projections... Anything we are feeling a resistance to is typically a great place to look closer at inside.


Our thoughts create our reality. This is a universal law. Choose wisely what you will entertain in your mind. It is not made up, what we choose to think is what will become our reality. There is enormous power in this understanding… And, again: choose wisely. 

Thoughts | Focus | Ideas + Attention = Manifestation | Reality


There is no ending to the content available to consume. It is everywhere. News, media, internet, social media platforms, tv, radio, magazines… Books, articles, podcasts, etc. And, it's not only everywhere... But, indicating so many differing ideas and stories. It's overwhelming, to say the least.

Notice the tone of what you consume. Does it emanate fear? Does it leave you feeling afraid? Or does it inspire you? Leave you feeling light and excited and loved?

Since what we digest in the way of content feeds our mind, it goes without saying how important this is. Feed your mind with high quality, high vibrational content. 


We have full control over our feelings and emotions. Even when we think we don’t, we actually do. Notice the quality of your feelings. How does this article make you feel? Are you reading it with a certain lens? We have the choice on how we respond and perceive everything we consume. When we gain control of this, we will become super humans. Watch if you are controlled by your emotions or if you have control over them. 

Can we look with open, honest, and discerning eyes? Can we perceive truth, through our own felt and seen experience, and step into a vibration that is lifted and rising and real?

This is the choice. 

What we consume is SO important, and especially now. 

It is imperative that we walk forward with OPEN eyes, seeing with clear vision and honesty. It is vital that we choose with great discernment what we allow into our spectrum, to choose wisely what we consume. Make no mistake, our reality and the collective reality depends on your thoughts, your health, and your heart. 

It has never been more important to stay healthy, to consume high quality content, to surround yourself with high vibration people and energy, and to live in love, not fear

May you walk these times with grace and kindness, may you hold your heart in love and trust. Moving into the heart of the feminine, rising with wings wide open... May we dissolve the artificial, superficial, and the inessential, and step forward into more truth, authenticity, and love.

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