You are the information we have been waiting for!

conditioning content embodiment information age innate intelligence presence unique design Apr 23, 2021

The last thing we need is more content. 


Books on books on books. I live in a freaking homemade library. It’s beautiful, I feel proud, and massively overwhelmed. 

Gone are the days of thinking for ourselves, who needs to when we have our phones glued to our hands and google on demand. 

Next up, courses… You can’t have enough. Big tech is always listening, ready to capitalize on your insecurities, insufficiencies, and inadequacies. Sometimes, Facebook and google know what you need before you do. What convenient opportunities. 


Living in this capitalistic, ‘never enough and always needing more’ society- we are conditioned to think it’s never enough. We are conditioned to think: we are never enough. 

How much more can you absorb? How much more can you do, create, accomplish? 


Manipulated into the insidious consumerist system of always needing more… We have forgotten that it’s enough to simply be

We forgot that true intelligence is innate. True wisdom is not something to seek for externally. 


Instead of ingesting every other human's ideas…We are here to create our own ideas, to be a unique filter, a lens of the whole. 


Living in the information age, we are gifted with more information than we can keep up with. A blessing and a curse. 


If we weren’t conditioned to believe that we have to know it all, do it all, create it all… Just as a means to keep up and survive in our society… Maybe we would invite in more space. More focus. More peace. 


Without being inundated with the insatiable need for more… We could focus back on ourselves, invite in authentic connection, meaningful relationships, and find inspiration in our thought inspired conversations. We could tap into presence and meet ourselves in a space of embodiment and truth. Perhaps we could lean into the blissful opportunity of inward contemplation and reflection found in opportunities of stillness and quietude. We might witness the magical experience of our true nature, the micro to the macro, body to Earth. 


Perhaps if we stepped off of the hamster wheel of doing more and needing more for just a little moment, we might have a chance to reunite with our truth, our inner authority, and our precious, fleeting presence of being. And, maybe it is here that we might be able to catch glimpses of our own unique genius that is just waiting to be rediscovered. 

Emptying the mind to find the space required for true inspirational intelligence. 


An invitation:

You are enough.

You don’t need more.

You are the information we have been waiting for.

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