our darkness is but a pole on the spectrum of our whole

darkness shadow wholeness Oct 26, 2022

I was moving into my breath- riding the waves of joy and pleasure as they began to move through my body- when a facilitator suggested that maybe there was darkness moving through me. My immediate response was, in clear defense: I LIKE the darkness! Of course, I am not one to shy away from shadow or taboo. And, this was definitely a projection coming from another… But this query sent me into contemplation, and I thought… Perhaps our darkness isn’t so far away from our light afterall. Perhaps they are not even a different thing- but rather our interpretations, judgements, and perceptions that move to distinguish these aspects of self and the world- the good and the bad, the light and dark, the white and the black.

This particular breath facilitator was surprised to hear my response- I LIKE THE DARKNESS… Because I do.
The shadows just seem to be aspects of ourselves that we have disowned, sent away, avoided, hidden, or condemned as unworthy or unacceptable. Our darkness is not separate from us, but our judgments make them so.

Our darkness is but a pole on the spectrum of our whole. Two sides of the same coin… One that is personally, socially, societally, and culturally accepted and openly disclosed- and one that is shunned and kept underground.
But is our darkness really bad? Are our shadows unacceptable and objectionable?

Perhaps it is actually only our mentality that puts these two poles at odds. Perhaps it is our inability to accept our inseparable wholeness, our unified essence of all- that keeps us judging and isolating aspects of ourselves.

The darkness within is only this way because we refuse to acknowledge its presence that is true in each of us. The darkness within is also a path to our light. This perceived darkness is merely a pole on the vast spectrum of our being- one and the same- whole and complete in our divine unity.

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