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collective consciousness daily ritual earth day moon letter new moon protect what you love taurus tribe unity consciousness we are one Apr 22, 2020

Here is a video that was made for me and my expanding tribe... A video to represent the vibe that I am building- a community of love, kindness, inspiration, oneness, constant evolution, and ultimate freedom.


So much gratitude to Kati for creating this... We LOVE YOU!

Breathe, this is the blessing.

I just keep being called back into the deep awareness and understanding... We are one. It really is that simple. We are part of a living ecosystem, not separate. My wish is that we all start to live in harmony and peace with our lands, animals, plants, and other beings. My wish is that we begin to realize the truth of our oneness... We are not separate from any of it. We are a living part of the living organism that is gaia- mama earth.

There is a meditation I always dial into: What I do to you, I do to me. It is so simple, but it reflects the truth of our connectivity. We are not separate from each other or from our ecosystem. We are all connected- and we depend on each others well being and health to survive. With this understanding, we move forward in all our relationships with more kindness, compassion, and love.

What I do to you, I do to me. This is for all things, all beings, seen and unseen. We are part of an interconnected ecosystem. In this time of isolation and solitude, it is my wish that we can dream up a new world where we move forward in harmony with our home, inside and out.

Meditate on how we could support all parts of our being, all beings, and all parts of our reality in a way that is gentle, kind, and respectful. Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. Uniting as a tribe- with all beings big and small- for the collective wellness of all.

My second thought is chaos. In my heart, I know that in chaos lives creativity. Within chaos lives the potential and fire for new beginnings, new opportunities, and new ways.

Perhaps, our perspective is what needs consideration. Since, we choose how we see things... Perhaps... It would serve us individually and collectively to view this chaos as a complete reset. An opportunity to do things differently. Perhaps... We can look to nature to show us the way. The way of harmony, of living for each other, of living in generosity and in that giving nature.

The 7th verse of the Tao:

Heaven is eternal - the earth endures.

Why do heaven and earth last forever?

They do not live for themselves only.

This is the secret of their durability.

For this reason the sage puts himself last

and so he ends up ahead.

He stays a witness to life,

so he endures.

Serve the needs of others,

and all your own needs will be fulfilled.

Through selfless action, fulfillment is attained.

Sit and envision your dream future. (What if...) Is it considering the wellness and health of all beings- our entire ecosystem, the one which we are a living part of?

Live as part of the collective, as part of the community, for the heart of us all. This is the way. #protectwhatyoulove

Love you all!


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We want you there. We feel so blessed to have a space to show up to during these challenging times, and I know we all look forward to meeting with each other every single day. We pick each other up, hold each other accountable, and bring more awareness, mindfulness, and love into each others lives.

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We are growing, exponentially. We are moving in all directions. You can expect offerings that dive into the fascia and holistic strengthening of the body, deep and inspired meditations to take you on an exploration of your insides, breathwork to heal you inside to out, ways to move back toward being your true earth child self, like learning to compost or about mycelium, permaculture, gardening and more... We will be offering workshops on nutrition, energy, mindset... And so much more. The potential for total well being is limitless- and we are going to tap into our highest creativity to keep expanding ourselves and sharing with you!

We have a couple of channels that are amazing places to be connected with.

Daily Ritual YouTube (we are updating this with all of our teachers offerings often, subscribe to be notified when we add something new!)

Daily Ritual Facebook Group and like our page: Daily Ritual FB Page

Daily Ritual Instagram


Ace of Cups: How can my heart inform my intuition and bliss? How can I celebrate and rejoice with my soul family? | I plant new seeds from the source of my heart. I see the sacred design in infinite Love.

Seven of Pentacles: Am I ready to create an invent from within my soul? How can I bask in the light that surrounds me? | I ease back into the flow of my heart. I relish and treasure the gifts each day.

Articles, YouTube, Podcast

Strolling Under The Skin: Myofascia Nerding Out! (Thank you to Brittney Clements for sharing this video with me!)

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Spirit Daughter:

♉️ NEW MOON IN TAURUS ♉️ Some Moons just feel good to your soul, and this is one of them. Tomorrow night, on Earth Day, the Moon meets to Sun for our New Moon in Taurus. New Moons bring us an opportunity to create a path forward, away from what is no longer helping our growth. Through setting intentions we change our frequency and attract the energies needed to create a new mindset, new way of being, and a new vision of our life.

Taurus brings us into the present moment where we can feel into what matters most to our hearts. She also brings our attention to what makes us feel supported, nurtured and grounded. On this New Moon shift your awareness to what makes you feel good and comforts the deepest parts of your soul. Once you know how you want to feel, create a vision that supports it and know that you are worthy of it.

Taurus teaches us that our self-worth is directly related to our ability to create abundance in all forms, including positive vibrations. Spend some time feeling into your worth, and creating ways to remind yourself every day that you are beyond worthy of your visions. This New Moon is supporting you in creating habits that sustain your vibration. Feel into what raises your self-worth and make it a daily practice. From a place of worth, other practices will arise that bring you nurturance and grounding. Let these become part of the foundation which you build your visions upon. Feel how your self-worth supports you in creating an entirely new vibration along with a new way of being and feeling.


⋯NEW M●●N in TAURUS ♉︎⋯⠀

“This is a time to create new ways to thrive in our bodies, in our homes, in our wellbeing, and in our rest. It’s time to build new pathways for resources as the economy and structure of work dramatically changes. And, this is also a time to remember, to breathe, to come back to ourselves, probably all of the above.⠀

With the New Moon in Taurus, we are finding a grounded way to be the most alive and thrive in our bodies while also attuning to the earth and all that she has been whispering, or rather, screaming, to us. Ruled by Venus, Taurus energy is all about embodiment, pleasure, nature, our senses, and the earthly qualities of listening to our physical landscape and the sensory-orientation of this attuned constitution. This is an incredible moment to fully s l o w d o w n. We are quieting the noise and listening to our bodies, enjoying small and pleasurable moments, while creating from a different inner-authority.⠀

The astrology of the sun and (new) moon in Taurus will conjunct Uranus, which is fascinating. Uranus, a wildcard of the stars, will create radical shifts, dynamic changes, and unexpected outcomes, especially in the slower and steadier sign of Taurus. This requires time and space for fully integrating everything that is rapidly changing. What an ironic tension we are holding right now.⠀

It is profoundly transparent that we must reconsider everything: how we have once lived and moved through life was simply not working and is actually no longer even available to slip back into. Uranus in Taurus is showing us all the ways we must radically shift, or it will shift for us. We are inquiring upon which methods and systems can support this change in a responsible, meaningful, longer-term and sustainable way.”⠀

Daisy Clementine Astrology:

What a blessing... the new moon marks this energy where one is coming out of the darkness, out of the heavens and reborn back into the world. There is a sense of wisdom held but also very fresh energy present. Did you know everyone is born into a moon phase? If you are born with Sun exactly conjunct the Moon or 45 degrees after you are born on a new moon and thus carry this fresh energy with you as an emotional backdrop to your life. The Taurus moon invites intention around re-invigorating our sensual relationship to self, finding new gratitude for the simple pleasures in life, creating a routine that truly reflects the expression of your highest & authentic self. Presence. Your body. And Mother Nature. Did you know that Buddha was a Taurus? There is also a lesson for Taurus - don’t hold onto that which you don’t need just because it’s offers perceived survival. Taurus, ruling the senses, reminds us to get back into our bodies and have more of an animalistic experience of life. Yup, I’m telling you to be the animal that you are on this new moon haha! Wild, instinctual, sensual and melting into pleasure. I would say go into nature, if you can. If not watch some David Attenborough for some animalistic inspo hehe. Taurus gives us the gift of determination (sometimes known as stubbornness). Ground and slowly but surely move towards your goals 💘

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