Fall Equinox Blessings | September 22, 2021

autumn equinox fall equinox northern hemisphere rituals seasons changing self care practices Sep 22, 2021

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, we meet the Fall Equinox, the balance of day and night, light and darkness. We say goodbye to our long, sweet summer days full of sunshine, warmth, and play, and welcome in autumn- a time of inward reflection, cozy moments, and letting go. 

As the seasons change, we can look to Mother Nature as our guide and guru. We watch her transition toward more darkness with shortened daylight hours, we witness the leaves fall from the trees to the ground, we understand that the work of photosynthesis and the growth period is coming to an end, and we honour the necessary process of death before our eyes. 

Of course, we have this same process within- because we are nature, too. A time for surrender, release, and letting go. A time for inward reflection, recalibration, and rest. 

The past 6 months of spring and summer are typically full blown and on the go! Lots of projects, energy, and commitments. If we are wise, we know that it’s now time to start to gear down… Let our body rest as nature does… To step into the void, to allow for stillness, quiet, and contemplation. 

For some, this is a bit daunting- slowing down often means we are met with the reality of our emotions and feelings. It’s in this slow space that we have to acknowledge where and how we really are. 


So as we start to turn down and turn in, I wish to bring you a few of my favourite ways to welcome in the cooler days of autumn. 


Lessons from nature are in the natural shifts and changes of the seasons. She is harmoniously guiding us to live our most balanced and aligned life. Moving from the heat and energy of the summer, we welcome in the fall… dry, cool and airy. 


This kind of energy wants grounding, soul nourishing foods- and we have a bounty from our farms available to us now. This is the perfect time for stewed mung beans (or lentils), roasted winter squash and root vegetables, dandelion greens and kale with fresh ginger and turmeric. Foraging for mushrooms, or finding them at your local market, and then making a risotto is pretty fancy and delicious! Apples are ripe for the picking- and it’s my favourite thing ever to bake them with warming spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Add in some healthy fats: avocado and ghee to keep your body hydrated and all the systems moving! But truly, anything you find at your local farm right now is the right thing to eat. What is local and seasonal will be most beneficial for your body, heart, and soul. Make cooking your meals sacred, cook with intention and care and with people you love. 


As the weather cools down, we invite in more hot drinks like chai tea and hot mushroom blends. I tend to ebb and flow in and out of coffee benders… And, for me- right now I am off the coffee! A perfect substitute for your morning coffee (in my opinion) is Rasa Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative- a sweet little blend of herbs and mushrooms that strengthen the body’s stress response system and builds longevity, vitality, and connection to our body’s signals. I always add a tea bag of roasted dandelion root tea for an extra roasty brew. It is satisfying, not coffee… But, sometimes even better. 


One thing that I love about the fall and winter is that I really get to check back into my practice. This time of year craves slow, intentional, fluid movements, gentle yoga and somatic practices, breathwork, and meditation. Consider morning and evening meditation practices, getting outside for a slow and mindful walk… All bundled up! Or staying in with a book and your favourite warm beverage. Journaling, praying, reflection practices are the perfect vibe for this time- and we should embrace the opportunity to go inward in these ways. Light some frankincense and myrrh or palo santo, burn some candles, and create your own sacred space. 


Creating nature mandalas is one of my favourite things- collect your favourite objects from outside: shells, leaves, flowers, grass, sticks, stones, crystals… Really anything that you love to look at- and start to build a mandala. It is so meditative and a beautiful practice to play with as the seasons change. 


Find your humans… And collect in community. Whether this is over the phone, in person for lunch or tea, a walk or yoga class, or for a dinner party… Connect with your community, your friends, and your family. The fall and winter months can get a little solitary, at least, for me they usually do- but spending time with your favourite humans can light you up and make you feel alive again. Share your heart, it’s one of the most healing things you can do. 


And lastly, take space… Be ok with being alone- quiet and spacious. Rest. Do less. And practice presence in each precious moment that passes. 


I love you. 

I am wishing you big blessings and full bounty for your fall months ahead. 

Stay warm and cozy… Sweaters, fluffy socks, and fires! 


Journal Prompt: 


As I reflect on the past 3 and 6 months- and I recall what has and has not served me well- I choose to release or let go of:

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