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My dears, 

The time to evolve is now... We have been sitting low in our first 3 Chakras for enough time. It is time to rise into our hearts. It is time to start feeling... And step into our compassionate, empathetic, loving hearts... To connect, to collect, to rise together. 

It is this truth, this movement, of leading and living through our hearts, that will create the shifts and changes we so wish to see in the world. 

The breath has been my most intimate and potent connection to my heart... Leading me to present moment awareness and deep reverence and connection to my hearts sensitivity, my own life force, and my undeniable connection with all beings in all places. 

I know that we will land past this revolution in a higher place... Where all beings are respected, honored, loved, and equal. 

It is my mission to bring anyone who connects with me closer to their hearts... It is my feeling and my understanding that this is the only way forward as a human race. May we rise together. In unity. In love. Through the power of our hearts. 

And, so it is. 



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Strawberry Fields Forever

MusicaStrawberry Fields | 133 a Spotify Playlist by me! 

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This week: Introducing the lovely Brittney Clements

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  • ​What is coming to an end, in order to begin? What is shedding, breaking, shifting, rising?
  • What am I truly working towards? How can I mobilize my efforts to follow my bliss?
  • Am I able to deflect and transmute the negative blocks? Is there any energetic cords that need to be cut off?

My energy is clear. Each challenge makes me stronger.

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Moon Musings + Astrology

​It is true that Neptune was in Pisces when Rome fell and Saturn was in Aquarius during the LA riots that followed Rodney King's verdict. So, we are working with Astrology that literally shakes shit up. And, it is about time. 

Right now... The South Node is in Sagittarius and the North Node is in Gemini. The South Node represents our Karma... The North Node our Dharma... I like to think of this as where we have come from and where we are going. Sagittarius is a truth seeking sign, traveling, exploring, seeking, adventuring... It is philosophy and great teachers. It is worldly and expansive. Gemini, on the other hand, is similar but... also very different... Also truth seeking, but in a more intimate, close, connected, and open way. It is personal, community, collective, and local. It is our communication sign. It works with the intimacy of close relationship, the polarity of both, and remains open-minded...Something that Sagittarius can often times... forget... Tending towards judgement, dogma, and black and white realities of "truth." 

With the eclipse moving through, Full Moon in Sagittarius, and Sun in Gemini.. I keep feeling like we are revisiting past Karma (outdated dogmatic ways of operating....) that weren't fully resolved, and being shown the direction, our guiding light, our North Star: working together, moving forward in unity and connection... With a healthy dose of imagination and open-mindedness... to create a new vision and a new reality that includes and cares for all. 

Eclipse's tend to bring with them endings or beginnings, and inevitably, both endings and beginnings tend to require the other. Eclipses also tend to "lift the veil," unearthing hidden truths and shadows... Which is good. We need to see our shadows, we need to see the truth... Perhaps we even need to revisit outdated "truths," and shine light on these aspects so brightly, so authentically, so uncomfortably... That we have no choice but to open our eyes and do something about it what we see. 

We see this now. We see... There is no more hiding from the shadows that are ingrained in our systems and societies. We see... And even as we are seeing- it is so blurry! The truths are so hard to know... Especially as we have been lied to for so long. 

And so... What is the answer to all this? What is the path?

The answer is always love. The truth is ALWAYS found in your heart. The truth is always finding more ways to connect, to CHOOSE to see the similarities in each other, to choose to be on the same human team as each other... This is the choice. This is the way. To understand that individualism, independence... Is not serving us as a tribe. It is time to unite and connect and be powerful together- collectively- we rise. 

It is hard to know the truth when we are always looking to outside sources to find it. The real truth lives within, we feel it, we know it... because our heart shows it. It is felt... It is visceral... It is intuitive. 

And so, as we move through this darkness, shadow, and chaos... And we are shown all the places that still need to be seen, integrated, and healed... On a personal and collective level... I hope we use our Gemini minds... Think and dream with the collective in mind... Imagine the best possible future for all humans... So that we may move forward from the heart... And begin to repair and mend all the wounds of our past... So that we may learn to live in a harmonious way... For the good of all of humanity.

My wish... Is for us to evolve into our heart. It's time to evolve our consciousness from our bottom 3 Chakras... and step into feeling more, loving more, connecting from the truth of our existence... which lives in our heart. This is how we move forward. We move up into our hearts. We embody the love that we are. 

With love and so much heart... 


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Mystic Mamma | Full Moon Musings: Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

We each carry our own truth, but a universal truth is that we’re all here ultimately to learn to love.

Spirit Daughter


Today we are greeted by the Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses hold all the power of a Full Moon but are amplified by the Sun and Moon’s close proximity to the Lunar Nodes. We are dealing with the energies of both Gemini (where Sun and North Node are positioned) and Sagittarius where the Moon stations.

Sagittarius is known as the wanderer of the zodiac, always in search of truth and knowledge. What happens though when we can’t traverse new lands? What happens when we can barely leave our homes? It opens us to see the truths that have been right in front of us. It forces us to see the truth of ourselves and the truth about what needs to be healed in our collective consciousness. We are going through an immense transformation right now because we are all sitting with the truth and it’s uncomfortable, it’s raw, and it’s scary.

In true Gemini fashion, where the Sun is, we are being given loads of information to help us build a new truth. One that serves all people equally. Part of this process though is releasing everything that causes us to close ourselves off, or assume we know the answers, or to remain blind to areas of ourselves that need to shift.

Align with the Lunar Eclipse today to release anything within you which closes you from learning, expanding, or embracing new perspectives. Notice parts of you that feel constricted, and when they tighten, consciously open them. Embrace the highest side of Sagittarius which remains open to all experiences, people, and perspectives. View everyone as your teacher right now, and know that you can not know everything and that's ok. Others are here to teach, so listen and seek truth. This process can heal the collective consciousness and help us step into a new world. A world full of hope and a world where freedom is truly available to all.​​

Coyote Star Astrology:

Eclipses are gateways that tend to mark meaningful steps in our journey like a series of celestial “bookmarks” in our story. Often the closing and opening of an era, these unpredictable portals seem suspended in time and space, equipped with their tell-tale “eclipse essence” -a vaporous veil of subtle magic and the eerie whisperings of life beyond the material.
This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes to us in the sign of Sagittarius - the harbinger of highest truth and wisdom. The Sag moon opposes the Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini, bringing Venus retrograde themes to the forefront with dizzying intensity. This entire retrograde has had our minds criss-crossing in a disorienting search for truth, and this full moon may mark the climax of these energies. A square to Mars and Neptune in Pisces reveals a crisis of illusion, emotions, and a scattering of so many little details. A square to asteroid Ceres gives the chart the dull ache of a heart mourning separation and the changing of a season, spiritually seasick on the swells of the shift as the collective confronts the toxicity of its ethos. Macro- Micro, we ride the tides of our own incoming realizations. We may feel like shielding our eyes from the onslaught of energies, caught between the cross fire of the mind and heart- Where to go from here?
This eclipse is about the bravery to travel the uncharted no matter how hard the road. Ignoring the ego mind with it’s billion and one white lies and tapping into the gut-level root of ONE TRUTH. Feel it, love it, speak it, KNOW it like the well trodden trails of a private forest. Because it is yours. Sag is brutally honest, unapologetic, and guided by an internal optimism anchored in trust. A full moon with a full dose of truth that hits like an arrow to the chest- a thorn dripping with medicine for the times, tonic for the growing soul. Notice where you are now in this moment and see the truth of why you are there. Notice where we are now in this moment and see the truth of why we are here. Let the wisdom of that moment speak right to you like a prayer. This is the journey.



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