MOON Letter | Aquarian Moon: My form flows into the formless

aquarius chaos conscious connected breathwork form formless full moon moon letter order primal movement Aug 11, 2022

Essences: structure, form + formless, spontaneity, chaos + order, divine reorganization, surrender, trust, authenticity, uniqueness, creativity, freedom, purging outdated patterns, collective service

Practices: conscious connected breathwork, intuitive movement, taking a new path, spontaneous road trip, detachment from outcomes, grounding // earthing, paddle boarding, kayaking, ecstatic dance


My DNA holds the cellular coding of my genius.

All the answers live in my truest authenticity.

I embrace my unique desires.

I surrender to chaos and trust in divinity.

My form flows into the formless.



Aquarius, being ruled by both old school Saturn and new school Uranus, seems to flux between two poles: form and formless.

When we really boil it down, science is a tried and true formula- a structure within which we are able to reproduce consistent and reliable results.

Structure is imperative for building foundations- the bones, the walls, the struts of establishment. Without structure and form- the chances of producing results and grounding concepts is minimal. Structure sets up the success of the building, student, or institution.

But just like any wall or box or confined space- there is a predisposition toward stagnancy and restriction... When the form is infiltrated with dogmatic ideology, rules, regulations, authority, control, and growth inhibiting principles, it soon leads to degeneration and decay.

Yes... Structure is necessary as a foundation, but then- it's important to FLOW. To allow for the fluidity of spontaneity, creativity... and an invitation for all to expand beyond the lines of conformity and scientific rule.

Step forth Uranus, who shows us the way toward chaos. The necessary balancer of order. The force by which we learn how to reorganize, think differently, and trust in the mess and mystery of it all.

I suppose it should be noted... That being outrageously unique, rebelliously outstanding, inquisitively groundbreaking- is most oftentimes not the set out, defined, and neatly structured way of operation. And yet, it is the ones who dare to be absurd in their ideas, wacky in their ways, wild in their actions- that set new precedents and show us a higher way.

Of course, this is the path for the brave! For to be so unique, so different, so groundbreaking- you must bare the possibility of rejection. No one who did anything truly outstanding, truly amazing- every worried too much about recognition, belonging, or acceptance.

They crusaded through with high vision, pure intention, and a dream worth bidding on.

And this is the energy we have. Aquarius... Yes, structure- yes, perfecting excellence in all things, yes, finding the most effective process to achieve results- AND... FREEDOM! AND REBELLION! AND doing things in new and crazy ways.

That's how all great things begin. By stepping in, trusting your divine process, and moving in that beautiful spontaneous flow.

So, I suppose- for this full moon- if things are falling apart, allow. Allow the outdated programs and patterns to dissolve and reform. Trust that chaos always leads to greater order. Surrender is the path of least resistance, and the more we can let go of our old ways of being and doing- the easier our life gets to be.

Step into new brilliance, allow your weird and wacky ideas to move to the front of the line, and embrace your unique diversity- one foundational step at a time.


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>> Where in your life are you trying to control things or outcomes too much?

>> If there is a feeling of being stuck or stagnant, can you invite in a new perspective or try doing things a different/ new way?

>> You get to choose your life: is what you are choosing lighting you up?

>> Where are you ready to step into a higher space of power or authority? What does a power bid look like for you?

>> If you consider the words: force and strength- what are the main differences? Where are you forcing too much? Where can you invite in a more humble, quiet strength?

>> Form and formless // structure and flow // order and chaos: What confines are helping to support you? And which are inhibiting your growth?

>> How can I be the greatest service to humanity? What new alignments put me on this path?

>> Limitation is a self imposed illusion. Where are you limiting yourself? In what areas are you ready to release your minds limitations and expand into new space?





When: Thursday, August 11th from 7-830PM >>> TODAY <<< 
Where: Grow Wild Retreats Pond Deck​- Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada
What: 1.5 hours of gentle + juicy movement ending in light breath and rest
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Find Rebecca road off west Shawnigan Lake Rd.
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“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” ― John Muir

Calling all wild and wonderous hearts... Who love to camp, be in nature, move, breathe, and feel!

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  • ecstatic dance
  • cacao ceremony
  • giving ceremony (of the practice of Dana)
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  • What does awareness identification feel like?
  • When in ego identification, what does that feel like? What ways does my ego, mind seek attention from the external world?
  • What thought patterns need to be released?
  • What am I taking too personally? Why do I need to let it go?
  • What does carving space for myself to “go home within myself” look like this week?



::: AQUARIUS FULL MOON ::: is bringing illumination and revelation.
Many of us might be facing a turning point. There’s a new chapter for us to write and experience, but it’s up to us.
“None but ourselves can free our minds,” sang the great Aquarius revolutionary Mr. Robert Nesta Marley.
And how can our minds become free? Through transcendent experiences of love and unity that create coherence with our hearts.
It’s up to us to allow ourselves to open up and feel LOVE, and sense our invisible interwoven connections with each other and all of Life.
That is why it’s important that we come together in the physical, to feel each other and activate the vibrational Field we swim in.
Music is a conduit that allows us to transcend our experience of a separate self. It’s a vibrational language that acts as a bridge between matter and spirit.
It creates resonance that vibrates through our entire being and allows us to experience an expansion into vibrational reality, which activates us into our GROUP FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS.
We can literally feel with each other and feel our interconnectedness within the UNIFIED FIELD OF VIBRATIONS.
We know that everything, even matter is vibrating, oscillating at different frequencies. They say when different vibrating processes come into proximity, after a little time, they will “sync up.”
Our evolutionary leap, personally and collectively, will begin when we start connecting in the UNIFIED QUANTUM FIELD and experimenting with communicating and creating from within it.
Like Rumi said, “beyond right doings and wrong doings, there is a FIELD, I will meet you there.”
We live within a vast animate universe and there is so much more for us to open up to and experience.
The Revolution is one of consciousness but consciousness is not so much mind as we might think but frequency.
Personally, collectively, we are ready for a NEW FREQUENCY attunement.
Let’s yield to that which lights us up from within, and come together to sync and entrain our hearts.
The whole cosmos is singing, it’s time for an upgrade, and we are here for it.
With all the love in my heART~



AQUARIUS FULL MOON Aug 11 6:36PM PDT / Aug 12 3:36AM CEST / Aug 12 11:36AM AEST ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Moonthly Theme: COURAGE, CREATIVITY + FUN Aquarius full moon illumination: ‘I am the change my community deserves. I show gratitude for the friends who are in my life.' ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Aquarius full moon joins the task-master Saturn, and squares off with zappy Uranus! Not a smooth-edged belly of the moon at its peak. Sore spots and challenges may be highlighted, for good. Bringing up areas that may need some re-wiring. Ah! What systems and structures need to change or be created to ease a tension you might be experiencing? What needs to be downloaded right now (and released out of your noggin) that will ease a problem you have been nutting away at? - Let it flow in the moonlight. Be open to sudden insight birthed from within tension. There is always a solution. Reach out to your community if you need help, or help those who reach out. Not a rainbow-lollipop moon to obliviously dance around naked to (or is it?), but one that will be productive none-the-less. Conspiring with you to make changes that need to be made for more graceful ebbs and flows between yourself, your work, others and just, life. Do: be authentic, weird, proudly yourself in all of its flavours, and open to insight and different perspectives. Don't: take it all too seriously, some lightheartedness (and romance) is medicine that will go a long way. Release what needs to GO! Problems lead to INNOVATION. Structures and plans = FREEDOM. NEW things. NEW WAYS!



♒️ FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS ♒️ ⁠ Tomorrow the Moon opposes the Sun giving us our Full Moon in Aquarius. Every sign has a low side and a high side. The Full Moon brings us an opportunity to step away from the lower frequencies of both Leo and Aquarius and integrate their highest potential. This potential is pure unconditional love for oneself and all of humanity. The kind of love that can change the world.⁠ ⁠ Aquarius encourages us to think outside the proverbial box and move our energy forward into new, uncharted, territory. It also helps us to find our authentic self, the person we really are underneath the fear, the layers of societal conditioning, and our own expectations. When aligned with the higher side of Aquarius, we see the interconnectedness of all beings. We see ourselves in others, and we honor each other's uniqueness. Instead of judgment we embrace learning, and we strive to evolve humanity forward through the lens of the heart.⁠ ⁠ The energy of Aquarius also teaches us that we emit energy out to the world. We have the power to refine that frequency and change the collective consciousness. When we live from our authentic self, it becomes easy to emit the frequency we desire. We can tune our vibration each day and send out the vibes we want instead of absorbing the energy around us. When we emit frequencies like love, gratitude, and compassion, we raise the world's vibration and, as a bonus, attract those energies back to ourselves. Over the Full Moon, feel into what lower frequencies you need to transform to step into your full power and emit the vibration that best represents your heart into the world. Ask yourself: What energy do I want to contribute to the world to lift its vibration and help all beings be free from suffering? Then become that energy. ⁠







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