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Apr 05, 2023

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ೃ⁀➷ Happy Full Moon in Libra my loves! *ೃ༄

Our greatest teachers and our most potent evolution is through the relationships we hold. They mirror to us our deepest wounds, they show us where we still have space to soften, space to grow.

The axis of Aries and Libra dance in this realm of polarity. Aries positing the I AM, asserting individuality and Self-solidarity. Libra defending balance, compromise, and the harmony of relatability.

Today, on this Full Moon, we reckon with ourselves, our deepest wounds, and how they impact our relationships.

Sun in Aries, Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries, Jupiter in Aries... All conjunct... And opposing the Libra Full Moon.

What this says to me is that... Some of our biggest, deepest, core wounds are up to be seen (Chiron in Aries), to have light shone on them (if we weren't already aware of them! - and sometimes we aren't!), to be expanded (Jupiter in Aries)... In the face and loving reflection of our relationships (Libra Full Moon).

In my emotional body, I feel bubbling emotions, a tenderness, a sensitivity. It's with me now, and I know what is below the surface is lifting into illumination to be seen and felt.

Our wounds are not only our greatest teachers, but also our greatest wisdom and healing. By healing ourselves, we heal each other, and we heal the world. In our relationships, we often meet the most tender parts of ourselves- the places we can't see on our own, the places we avoid and shun and neglect to pay homage or attention to. It's why relationships can be so challenging.

I have always learned the most about myself, how I relate, and where my wounds and issues lie in the most complicated and challenging relationships. They are not easy. They are not always fun. But damn, do I ever learn, grow, and evolve my understanding of myself.

With this moon illuminating the tender spots in ourselves and through our relationships- and the fullness ushering in a natural cycle of letting go- I am looking at myself. I am looking at my relationships. I am looking to see where my patterns and tendencies cycle me around in negative loops, I am looking to see what is ready to be released, full moon letting go - it's done.

This moon gives us a little foresight of the work on the horizon for us to dip deeper into. The next round of Eclipses will rotate on this Aries // Libra Axis. It seems, we are up to be witnessed, to see where we have more space to grow, to soften, and to let go- of all the ways in which we hurt, sabotage, and fail to show up for ourselves and for each other.


Relationships are our divine mirror, the space we learn to Know ourselves through the lens of the Other.

May we soften our gaze on the spaces within, so that we can meet each other with more kindness and gentle being.

Navigating relationships can be difficult, to say the least. And, we are more blessed and evolved because of the relations we keep.


Moon Inquiry:

.ೃ࿐Do you have awareness or recognition of your core wounds? The Chiron wound of your life? The one that continues to be the thorn in your toe?

.ೃ࿐What wounds are holding you back from opening to more love in your life? Is it possible for you to shine more love here- more compassion, more tenderness?

.ೃ࿐When you realize your wounds, can you also realize the gifts they have adorned your life with?

.ೃ࿐What about your relationships- can you see the lessons and love through the hard spots you have traversed with other humans?

.ೃ࿐Which relationships lift you up and inspire you to be your best? Which bring you down and make you feel low?... Discernment and boundaries!

.ೃ࿐Who are your tried and true, loyal, and aligned soul humans?

.ೃ࿐Which relationships are you ready to make peace with and/or breakaway from both physically and energetically?



Take care of your hearts. Be gentle with yourself and each other. Seek nature and sit in it, listen, be.

And may you continue to evolve your world through the precious relationships that inspire you to grow.





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‘I can navigate conflict in a calm & fair way, without the need to rush towards resolution.’





Here’s some questions that may support your healing around this Full Moon:

What has been the biggest hardest pain point of my life so far?

In what ways, if any, has this pain been a blessing?

What good can come from this pain?

What blessings do I suspect are just around the corner for me?








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