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Last night, I was breathing. I have dropped into a twice daily breathing practice, and it is just so powerful, beautiful, enlightening. 

I am most fascinated with the multiple ways that I resist beginning the practice: almost all tasks surface for completion, procrastination is real... And, even when I am finally dropped in- distractions are there. I have been watching all the ways my body and my mind try to take me out of the presence of the practice. It's border line crazy, until I laugh at myself, because it's all self made. Ultimately, this is the best work I have ever begun... And, there is not one time that I regret having stepped into my practice. 

Last night, while I was breathing- I had some profound reflections. Actually, it's funny because- while I was training in breathwork... I would always have these epic downloads... and so fearful that I might forget them, I would get up and write. My teacher kindly offered that perhaps... this was a resistance to rest, to stillness, to being in it, with it, in presence. I protested... BUT THESE THOUGHTS ARE TOO GOOD! How can I risk losing them? And the truth is, of course if they are meant to stay, they will be there when you are done. Anyways... Last night, I was thinking about Gemini- and my thoughts were just racing, full of inspiration and insight. I let myself get up and write. I was so distracted with my thoughts, I had to get them out. While, I am thankful that I did... Today, I know my practice is even more fierce: stay present with this moment, this moment is all that matters. 

It's no surprise that my mind is racing, I have an unlimited amount of tasks that I am racing to complete, my new moon energy is not yin at all- but rather- moving, shifting, yang to the max. Which makes sense, since Gemini is an air sign and represents exactly all of this. Sometimes when we are racing around, mentally and physically, we can generate feelings of anxiety, almost like a tightness in the chest... So it is my intention to take space today, to ground down, to settle my mind, put my to-do-list away, turn off my screens (eventually) and go hang out with my trees. 

This morning, I have a new moon offering. We move through tarot, movement, and breathwork... And, while I usually offer many tools to "activate" the breath in breathwork, today it will be about keeping it simple and focused. Today we will release the sensation to do it all, and instead stay present with the present space of awareness... And the breath is the most effective tool to dial us in... to exactly here and now. 

Today, please enjoy nature (always). Get outside, breathe in big.... Breathe in love, inspiration, good vibes, and dreams, and breathe out any self limiting beliefs that are not serving your highest potential. Use your breath as your most potent tool: breathe in what you want, breathe out what needs to go. And, breathe deeply. Take space. And luxuriate in the beautiful bliss of presence and deep awareness of this moment. It is precious and fleeting... Pay attention. xoxo 

And one last bit... In the spirit of Gemini... Find creative ways to connect with those you love, new and old. Reach out and share your heart... The ripples of love are contagious, you won't regret it. 

Love Elisha

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​Since Venus has gone retrograde, I have been contemplating past relationships... And working with forgiveness. So, it is cute that "I'm Sorry" came through. The universe is speaking, always. I am sorry... Because to hold the grip, tension, and negativity toward the past circumstances only hurts myself. To forgive, is as much for the other as it is for the self. Perhaps you can take some time to sift through some of your past relationships, see where making amends feels good, notice how letting go feels so good. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. 

And two of cups... How lovely. This is a love card... and I especially love that it was drawn because there is a lot of two energy moving right now... And Gemini represents the twins... Polarity, partnership, love. 

Take what resonates, leave the rest. Sending you the biggest blessings today and always. xoxo 

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Moon Musings + AstrologyOur beautiful, bright, and chatty air sign, Gemini, brings us forward fresh air; air to move, to inspire, to express... Breathe deeply!Gemini is ruled by Mercury, of mind, air, and duality. It is sensing and perceptive, curious and full of changing perspectives.Today, in all ways: breathe deeply. Inhale fresh, clear, new... Exhale stagnant, old, used. Inhale inspired and new expressions of yourself, exhale self limiting beliefs. Inhale courage, power, and potential and exhale doubt, shame, guilt, and inhibitions.Use the wisdom of the breath to balance, to give, to receive, and to trust in the divine flow of inspired thoughts and movement. Let it be easy... Trust in the consistency of change.Gemini represents communication: share your dreams! Use this excitement to light up your imagination, use this energy to feel the potential of your dreams and thoughts becoming reality.Don't underestimate the power of your thoughts. We are creating our reality, thought by thought, feeling by feeling. Share your heart, breathe in more love... Breathe deeply!

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Spirit Daughter:


The Gemini New Moon greats us tomorrow, inspiring us to speak a new reality into existence. Gemini rules communication in all forms. She encourages us to connect both with ourselves and others. She also inspires us to open our minds to new truths and new perceptions. Always curious, Gemini challenges us to ask the hard questions and await the answers, knowing they can come from the most unconventional sources.

Gemini teaches us that we are part of an infinite network of energy that we can tap into at any time. We are energetic beings, and our energy connects in a subtle, almost undetectable way, to the world around us. We are constantly calling in vibrations and creating our reality through our energetic field. When we think a thought, we send out a frequency through this network and create a ripple effect through the Universe.

On this New Moon, create new ways of speaking to yourself and the world. Make a list of the mantras and stories you tell yourself, and edit them to support the life you want to live. Gemini reminds us that our words are powerful and, when directed with awareness, create magic.

There are many other energies involved in this New Moon including Mercury and Venus Retrograde, also in Gemini, along with the North Node. The abundance of astral energies in Gemini support us in exploring different and new methods of communication.

Daily Clementine Astrology:

New Moon in Gemini 🌙
Initiating in approx. 17.5 hours at 2 degrees of Gemini. Happy new lunation cycle! - Rather than setting an intention, I invite you to ask a question for this cycle… one that you can carry through with you for the next two weeks and find answers around the Sagittarius Full Moon. Gemini asks us to maintain curiosity rather than settling into one frame of mind. That’s why many of us will be experiencing full monkey mind madness at the moment! Opening us up to a world of possibilities & ideas. This New Moon in Gemini comes to remind us about the freshness and excitement of life. To appreciate the world with a child-like curiosity and channel this perspective into our emotional processes. This is not a heavy lunar energy but one that brings lightness and playfulness into our emotional nature. However, there is the potential for anxiety and nervousness if one is not grounded and connected to the body. When the moon travels through an air sign we have the potential for connecting the mind, heart and mouth! Moon in Gemini finds intimacy through communication. This is a new moon where I invite you to get some words off of your chest, reach out to your loved ones, write a poem, keep your journal close to your bed (in case you can’t sleep at night). For those that struggle with communication you might be finding it much easier to put words to your emotions. Otherwise, someone like me, a Virgo, is overwhelmed with ‘to-do-list ideas’. And needs to ground the fuck down… Remember to play and be more light-hearted with yourself and others.

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