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Jun 17, 2023

ೃ⁀➷ Happy New Moon in Gemini .ೃ࿐


Here is a thought... A deep contemplation of the Gemini mind.

Gemini is typically thought of the sign who represents duality and polarity- the dark and the light. Through her, we witness the human experience in its spectral truth of All.

But, what if- more than one or the other... A dance of light and dark, this or that- she instead represents the profusion of Self possibility, the multiplicity of actualized potential. She is the intimacy we receive through knowing each other... The mirror that reflects each new facet of ourselves back to us through all of our relations.

Through you, I see myself in a new way. Through you, I know myself because of your view.

Intimacy: into me I see... THROUGH YOU. And in fact, we access the highest state of intimacy through each other. Through each other, we procure the space within that is ready to change, grow, and evolve.

Gemini is that social butterfly vibe. She cultivates intimacy and connection through communication. The quality with which we can communicate seems to directly correlate to our ability to relate and be in right relation with our loved ones, and truly, with ourselves.

The quality with which we know ourselves, perhaps, requires a proficiency in being able to authentically relate with other humans. And, so we move with grace, compassion, and non-judgment... Since we are always receiving the highest medicine for our growth through our loved ones and all divine relationships that land in our field.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury- planet of communication! And, Mercury has just moved into Gemini (lots of Gemini/Mercury energy in the sky right now!) There is a lot of divine and light intelligence channeling into our minds right now. Take note of inspiration, connected conversation, and the intelligence streaming through you.

Gemini has this tendency to live in their minds, thinking too much sometimes... She can go "mental," usually consuming past and future nonsense. We can be addicted to our stories, the past and future fluff that isn't actually real. And so, for this- I call forward the medicine of PRESENCE. Taurus energy brings us back to our body. To the space where we move with intuition, grounding, sensing, and feeling.

If there is a proclivity to spend to much cerebral time/space... Drop into your breath. Drop into the feeling and sensing intelligence that lives in your flesh.


Mercury is kind of magical. When I think of Mercury- planet of communication- I think of the WORD. This intermingling of mind into matter, and matter into mind. Gemini is master at multidimensional mind to matter travel. Through her, we amalgamate and manifest thoughts and words into what is perceived as our reality.

This New Moon... We might feel the smoke and mirrors of Neptune, who is making a square to the Moon. So, if you feel clear in your heart and in your mind about what you want to magic into this realm... Call it in. If you feel clouded in mind and desire... Pause, ground, feel your body... And wait until you really know what and where you want to go.


Some retrograding planets (Pluto + Saturn) are in the mix... Trust what comes up for reflection, re-evaluation, renegotiation, realignment, restoration, release... If it doesn't feel right, let it leave. This next few months is tapping into that energy... Staying true to your strong Yeses and your strong No's. Authentic being means saying goodbye to what isn't in your hearts highest.


That's all! xo


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 Magic of I | Gemini New Moon 


June 17 9:37PM PDT / June 18 6:37AM CEST / June 18 2:37PM AEST




‘The thoughts I have create my reality, I am mindful of my thinking patterns & habits.'


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 Spirit Daughter 

♊️ Gemini New Moon ♊️⁠ Tomorrow evening we meet the Gemini Moon. This energy is intense and inspirational. It’s a time to sit with yourself and ask: who do you want to become? Then wait for the answers, and let them surprise you. ⁠ ⁠ Gemini governs all communications and perceptions. It also shapes how you see your potential. It can help you break free of old patterns holding you back from the person you want to be. If you feel you’ve been stuck in a rut, this is the Moon to start in a new direction. This is the time to see new solutions and new angles to old problems. Harness this energy to think creatively about your path forward.⁠ ⁠ Saturn also stations retrograde this day, bringing some structure to this fast-paced energy. Harness these vibrations to make real commitments to yourself. This is a Moon to set strong intentions that will define your reality. Ask yourself how you want to see your life unfold over the next six months. What will you have to say yes to? What will you have to say no? Don’t settle for the old script you default to when asked what you want. Write a new version of yourself into existence and get ready to meet them. ⁠




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