you are the most advanced technology

crystalline human body restructure technology Oct 29, 2022

The human body is the most advanced form of technology. We are able to restructure the water flowing through our body- from our fascial tissues, to our blood, to our bone- we hold the intelligence to bring ourselves and our environments into their most crystalline state of being.

The ways in which we conduct ourselves and move through life impact our wellbeing. Simple daily activities like connecting our feet to the earth, breathing in clean air, drinking spring water, and finding farm to table nourishment are monumental in gifting our body the opportunity of right relationship- we are what we consume.

To enhance our somatic instrument and fine tune its technology- we need look no further than ourselves: our breath, movement, and sound resonance… Reconnecting ourselves back to the relations we have with all things. This is how we restructure our cells.

The beat of your heart as your drum. The rhythm of your breath as your guide. The dance of your body as it moves. The sound of your voice as you sing out loud. The realization of interconnectivity… and the power you hold to restructure and reform all parts of your being. You are the greatest technology.

We are electromagnetic beings- sensitive to all crude and subtle energies- and we are informed by these energies either positively or negatively. We are in a constant state of change and adaptation- informed by our surroundings internally and externally. This is a beautiful indication of our power to reshape and recompose ourselves with energy- frequency matters!

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