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cosmic ecology leo full moon moon letter Jan 24, 2024




ೃ⁀➷ Full Moon in Leo *ೃ༄


Post pandemic... a world wide shake-up... Destabilizing, separating, and exemplifying what is broken, toxic, and distorted. AWAKENING.

Enter Pluto in Aquarius... A reclamation of power to the PEOPLE... Who are now, thankfully, awake to the madness and dysfunction in this world.

So we have a sweet opportunity.

One that requires our due diligence, insight, and heart driven inspiration.

An opportunity to create a new world.

What went wrong in times past?

What lead to the disruption and discord that we all feel and see so clearly?


How do we move forward in a way that honours autonomy, freedom, and diversity, while simultaneously providing for and supporting the collective good of all?

What is the story we hope to set our gaze on, where are we going, what is our reason and why?

We are each here to shine bright. The light in our hearts is heartbreakingly beautiful... blinding... I have seen my own and I know yours must be the same.

What if we leaned into the power of our hearts, trusted what we loved, and moved toward that notion without compromise- fearless, courageous...

Leo Moon invites us to do just that.

Aquarius Sun says- do what you love, be who you are- but how does it support the collective and the betterment of humanity as a whole?

It's time to let go of old and outdated structures... And set vision on a new way, story, and idea...

What we focus on... Where we set our gaze... Is where we are going.

Where are we going? Where are you going?

Let's dream it now and start to move from heart... To follow what lights each of us up, and exalt each other for exactly this quality of individual excellence and reason of being.

What holds you back? Let it go.

What lights you up? Be a moth to the flame- set your heart on fire.

What needs to change? What world do you want to live in?

Imagine it as though it is here now. Because it is.




Galactic Signature of this Full Moon day - January 25, 2024

I Organize in order to Evolve Balancing Synchronicity I seal the Matrix of Navigation With the Rhythmic tone of Equality I am guided by my own power doubled


⍣ ೋ*ೃ༄


So much change is in the air. Relationships are ending, jobs are ending, pivots, re-routes, detours... So much is shifting. It's been an inside job for a few years now... And, it's all starting to shapeshift into reality.

I know that the humans who surround me are going in so many new directions... And, so am I in some ways... Or, more like- I am recommitting to purpose in a way that is more devoted than ever.

I sat in ceremony and words came through for me so strong- and with purpose- but I will save all the details for another time.


A powerful movement for me. A reminder of what I am here to do.

It is my hope that we all gather the courage and commitment required to step into our own shoes... To be the light we are meant to be... To shine more brightly than even we could imagine ourselves to be. We have this one opportunity in this one body experience- what are we waiting for?

Let's get busy.

I love you.

I'm creating for the new year (aka Spring Equinox)... If you want to join my party... Check out below.




LOVE Elisha

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ωєανιиg ρℓαитѕ, ρℓαиєтѕ, αи∂ ρєσρℓє вα¢к ιитσ ωнσℓєиєѕѕ






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‘I accept myself for who I am in this very moment, I am illuminated with the fire within.'



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