MOON Letter | Leo Full Moon: Shine like the SUN

heart leo leo full moon moon letter sun Feb 05, 2023

Today, we bliss under the illumination of the Leo Full Moon. She is fierce, courageous, and leading with the magic of her heart tonight.

Leo is ruled by the Sun; our blazing light and warmth source. When I think about this dynamic... I think... What does the Sun do, every-single-day, without compromise? She burns bright and shares her light with all. The Sun nourishes, warms, and fuels all sentient beings on earth. From micro organism, to plant, to ocean dweller, to reptile, to mammals of all shapes, sizes, and forms- the Sun is our lifeforce. And, she comes with big lessons to explore.

The sun rises and shines uncompromisingly. She gifts us energy, radiance, and light code information- on the daily! She feeds our heart, body, mind, and soul. She is what sustains life on this planet, and she consistently bares and blazes her bright beaming soul.

It is because she shares her gift of light and warmth with us all, that we are all able to conduct our day to day doings. We are alive and sustained by her gift of shining light, and because of her- we thrive, we are vital, and we glow with our own light.

So, the lesson here- The sun doesn't give a F what anyone else thinks, says, or does... She just does what she was born to do... without compromise. She shines and shines and shines some more. And because of her showing up to her life's purpose, we are all more. In fact, we are because she is. It is by her sharing her gifts, to her fullest natural ability, sharing and shining every day- that we are sustained and given life to create.

Since this beauty Moon is sitting in the field of Aquarian Sun energy, we have the vibe of: how can I be of the greatest service to all? How can my purpose and proceedings impact all in a positive and helpful way?

And, full circle we see, just like the Sun, when we follow and lead from our hearts- and share our highest, most bright, brilliant, beautiful light- we are inherently serving the whole in the most essential way.

It is by honouring your truth, your heart, and your true nature that you define your existence on this Earth plane. You are here on purpose: to shine your unique light, to be your most authentic, amazing self... And, the world needs that.

So... You know what to do... Go on and do your thing...

The world is waiting to see you shine... And feel your impact ripple through and through.


I wish you a time in space where you really peel back any false layers, dig deep into your truth, and rise into your YOU. Just like the Sun shines her light and all benefit in seen and unseen, known and unknown ways... The same goes for you. Your light is so needed, trust that shining it will be the greatest gift you could ever offer this lifetime, this Universe, and mostly- your Self.



LOVE elisha



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♌️ LEO FULL MOON ♌️⁠ Tomorrow we meet the Leo Full Moon. This Full Moon is one of the more intense Moons as Leo brings a fiery energy to our hearts and energy. Leo reminds us to be ourselves and show that person to the world with courage and confidence. This Moon is a time to feel who you are and anything that blocks you from being that person. It’s a time to own your power and not be afraid to use it. ⁠ ⁠

As the Moon opposes the Sun in Aquarius, it also squares Uranus, the planet of change, in Taurus. This Moon has the potential to shake loose anything that doesn’t resonate with your soul and make space for what does. This square aspect can make you feel unstable or even insecure in parts of your life. There is a much change available right now. Feel into the things that bring you back to center and lean on them as you shift patterns or energies that do not resonate with your heart. ⁠ ⁠

We also have all planets moving forward during this Full Moon, making life feel full of motion and life-changing decisions. Ground your energy and let yourself ride these cosmic waves to step away from anything that doesn’t hit a high note with your intuition. Remember, you already have all the answers. All you need to do is breathe deep and remember who you are. ⁠






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