MOON Letter | Leo Lovin: I breathe into the wholeness of my worth

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Essences: heart, confidence, dreams, illumination, vulnerability, creativity, devotion, authenticity, courage, self worth, self love, self realization, alchemy

Practices: breathwork (always), somato-emotional integration sessions, vision board, dream analysis, advocating for yourself- your truth- your needs, share your heart with the world, show up + be seen, check heart alignment: are you having enough fun? play + do things that light you up and bring you joy, dare to be YOU fully and completely- no matter what


On the other side of vulnerability lives my most potent gifts.

I breathe into the wholeness of my worth.

My heart is my greatest super power.

When I realize mySelf, I realize our truth.

Joy, play, and dreaming are my birthright.



Happy Leo New Moon!

Hi beauties!

I was in a training last week- and everything was coasting along really well. I was feeling like- yesss! I got this! Tactile things to learn that my mind could easily wrap its fingers around. And then... We got into the intuitive, feeling, energetic work. As I was standing there, watching the demonstration- my mind was going sideways trying to figure out what signs I should look for, the how, what and why of it all. And as though my confidence never existed, I slipped into the low space of massively doubting myself.

As I looked around- everyone else was getting it fine- and I was totally frozen, my mind determined that I was instantly a failure for not knowing how or what I was doing. So I witnessed myself totally shut down to learning, to trying, and to being ok with not knowing... It was a literal collapse on the inside. The tears started to roll down my face, unstoppable, as I stood there pretty paralyzed- unable to access any feeling, intuition, or inner knowing.

It was a beautiful space for me to recognize just how hard I am on myself... Big pressures and expectations that I impose on myself to KNOW everything, to be perfect, to instantly get it... And a big mirror to see all the ways I have likely been sabotaging myself from stepping into the discomfort of not knowing and learning new things.

I suppose this little story felt important to share... Because our beautiful, bold, and courageous lion ushers us all into our true and worthy brilliance. And, with brilliance and being seen comes crippling vulnerability- dropping any false pretenses of Self, and being all you are in your perfect imperfections.

It's so common for our mind to take over and filter our present moments with past experiences, stories, and feelings. The mind thinks it knows what's best... System shut down, divert, go somewhere else.

And yet- when we soften and quiet our mind- there is so much wisdom to be found. We are always standing in our own way- the magic, the mystery, the intelligence of the body, heart, and soul- it is profound- and it is always with you.

Back to the training- The initial play-station- I cried a lot and my mind was in complete block mode. It felt like all my biggest wounds rose to the surface to be seen in that one little session. Like old friends, oh here you are again! To be seen, to be felt, to be heard with the heart.

On the next round, I softened into trust. I let my mind slip into the background. And I honoured myself. My wise, wonderful, deeply intuitive, acutely feeling SELF. It was magic. I did great. Of course I did.

We all have things that happened to us in our past that made us feel small, unworthy, not enough, incompetent... The list goes on. These imprints are deep... and affect us all in so many ways- seen and unseen. And on this Leo Moon- I think it's finally time that we allow ourselves to heal, to feel, and to operate from the space that always knows: The Heart...

Of course, the heart has been waiting for us to find our way back to her... She always knows. The mind doubts, and the heart knows.

Follow your heart. Trust yourself. Be yourself. Honour your gifts. And proudly share them with the world.



Love Elisha

PS: I am teaching tonight in real life: 7pm in Shawnigan Lake... Come! (more info below!)



I haven't been on YouTube in a hot minute (maybe a whole YEAR! lol) ... Here is a little class for you to enjoy. LOVE you.







What does devotion mean to me? What am I devoted to?

What holds me back from living the life I truly desire?

The places we are most vulnerable are our greatest access points for healing and true connection. Where are you feeling most vulnerable? Are you ready to peel back some layers to open into these spaces?

Am I ready to show up fully and completely as my most true and authentic being?

Not enoughness plagues our collective. Where in your life is this story/ deep wound inhibiting your potential?

What gifts am I ready to bring into the world?

What brings me the most joy? Am I doing it enough?





When: Thursday, July 28 at 7pm PST 
Where: Grow Wild Retreats Pond Deck​- Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada
What: 1.5 hours of gentle + juicy movement ending in light breath and rest
Dāna: Donation based offering:

*bring mat + anything you love for movement (props, water, tea etc) + option to swim if you feel like it post practice!

RSVP: [email protected]


Find Rebecca road off west Shawnigan Lake Rd.
Follow the
pink hearts to the parking sign! One left off Rebecca, another immediate left at the hay barn down the hill over the bridge and right to the parking area.
Then follow the sign to the pond through the small gate.

If you need any help... Reach out! I will have my phone and I will be checking to see if people are there up until 7 minutes prior to class! You are welcome to arrive up to 20 minutes early!




(HALF FULL: register if you want a space! + invite your friends!)

  • September 2-5: possible special guest - just working out logistics! Stay tuned! (5 spaces left)
  • September 9-12: special guest- my dearest friend and my favourite breath facilitator: will be joining to help work the magic of breath! (5 spaces left)


This event is located in Shawnigan Lake, BC on Vancouver Island at the beautiful space:  

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” ― John Muir

Calling all wild and wonderous hearts... Who love to camp, be in nature, move, breathe, and feel!

I cannot wait to meet you in the forest... To dig into heart, body, and soul!


  • movement (the best + only kind!)
  • practice on the outdoor deck or in the sacred space tipi
  • conscious connected breathwork
  • ecstatic dance
  • cacao ceremony
  • giving ceremony (of the practice of Dana)
  • delicious farm to table meals from the land
  • forest walks for days
  • swimming holes
  • hugs with new and old friends
  • roasting marshmallows + camp fire hangs
  • disconnecting tech to RECONNECT to Self!




Work With Me | In Person or Online

LOCAL: Victoria BC, Vancouver Island- able to travel to you or host you.

send an email if you want to inquire about what this could look like! Or fill out this form!

[email protected] or respond to this email!

I am also opening up applications for mentorship with me beginning September through November.

If you are interested in working with me in a mentorship way, please fill out this form:



  • free 2 week trial with membership + cancel anytime
  • Unlimited access to live + interactive Zoom classes on a set weekly schedule
  • Zoom recordings
  • Growing Collection of Pre-Recorded Movement + Meditation Videos (movement classes ranging 15-40 minutes) *NEW*
  • All + series + other affiliated offerings at a discount
  • Inspired classes designed by movers for movers- check out class  
  • Community space to connect with members and teachers + learn lots about the body, alignment, movement, spirit, heart, soul!



A growing collection of pre-recorded movement videos 20-45 minutes long from our teachers on Daily Ritual.  


Things I like



Energy Cards 



Moon + Astrology




Self inquiry:

  • What does letting myself be seen right now look like? What does it feel like?
  • Is there resistance to letting myself be seen? If so, what is it?
  • What does it look like to love unconditionally right now?
  • What currently feels very vulnerable? How do I face vulnerability?
  • What emotions need to be released? What layers peeled away?




Meghan McCluer | New Moon in Leo 'Scopes: +  



NEW MOON in LOVE:::LEO is auguring a wave of profound change.


Big wheels are turning, generating momentum to close out cycles and to catapult us unto brand new shores.

In astrological speech, we are heading toward the much anticipated conjunction of the great Awakener Uranus with Mars, the planet of taking action on our desires, all coming together on the North Node, our point of Destiny.

The energy of this conjunction will perfect on August 1st, and is akin to a sudden wave arriving to lift us to the next level of our journey.

The way this will manifest will of course be different for each of us, but what I have been receiving is that it could be a turning point on our own personal evolutionary path that is ultimately guiding us toward a more complete and embodied understanding and experience of LOVE.

LOVE, after all, is the catalyst that inexplicably and unexpectedly cracks us open. It is what heals us, lifts us and ultimately brings forth the deepest transformation within us.

This love I speak of is the transcendent love that has been experienced by mystics of all faiths, where Love transfigures us from the inside.

There is a turning point, where we no longer doubt it or question it.

It is the feeling of being loved so completely that a great grace and kindness toward Self descends upon us and restores our original blueprint.

This inner alchemy can be sparked by many varied experiences, but ultimately it is a love of Self that permeates our inner landscape and like Buddy Guy sings, it feels like rain.

We can ease into the comfort of our own skin, and allow our truest self to emerge.

We are creatures of the wild reclaiming our multidimensional natures.

Leo says, even though we might feel afraid, we must have the courage to stand with our hearts wide open and trust in the Great Mystery.


For LOVE is a CURRENT rushing in to transform us.

(there’s no holding back the dam)



It is the currency we must all invest in,

trust in, and stream in.

May love reign.

I love you with all my heART!




♌ NEW MOON IN LEO ♌ ⁠ The New Moon in Leo greets us tomorrow, teaching us to open our hearts and reach for the person we want to become. Each of us holds a core essence, that is often dampened by the world around us. This New Moon is an opportunity to break through fears, old programming, and expectations, and become the person you really are in your heart. ⁠ ⁠ This New Moon is a portal to set intentions that manifest a life you love and are fulfilled by. It's a time to celebrate who you are today and get ready for who you’ll be tomorrow. Align with Leo to express your most authentic self and put aside fears of rejection. Dare to be you no matter what the world thinks. Yes, this may feel vulnerable but it’s how you’ll find your greatest power. ⁠ ⁠ See the person you want to become and the life you want to live. Then lead yourself to it with courage, vulnerability, and an open heart. Be willing to take some risks, step into the unknown, and face your fears to find your highest self - the one you were born to be. And above all, believe in the possibility of you. Happy New Moon! ⁠







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