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“once you master your internal seas, no wave can ever throw you off balance.”

True balance is only achieved once we understand imbalance. Truth exists within polarity.

This moon is so precious to me. This moon is my astrology. My Sun is in Aries, a sign of leadership, new beginnings, creation, and activation- a sign who operates from the understanding of "self," and my Moon is in Libra, a sign of balance, harmony, evaluation of all sides, consideration- a sign who operates from the understanding of "relationship." Because I am so intimately connected to this astrology, I really love working with it.

Perhaps the most important place to start is with yourself. To step into really feeling all parts of your being. To begin to understand and know and love yourself... is the place we must begin. It is only from this place that we can serve, extend, and connect in real and loving ways. Watch where you are thrown off, consider what 'triggers' you, notice what throws you off balance... And take time to investigate the roots of these feelings or experiences. "To know a species, look at its fears. To know yourself, look at your fears. Fear in itself is not important, but fear stands there and points you in the direction of things that are important." - C. JoyBell C.

Libra is here to teach us sacred balance and right relationship. To allow us to see truth in many perspectives and find a bridge to connect us back to each other. Libra teaches us that the middle ground holds the most harmony for all beings- and that it is attainable, for the peace and benefit of us all.

As we move through these times, which highlight our intense imbalances... May we move back into the heart of ourselves. Do your own work inside, so that you can connect and serve in strong, useful, and loving ways. May we use the energy of Aries to hold our heads high, in perseverance, love, and light- and may we use the moons full energy now to remember how connected we are, to look at all sides, and find a common place to unite, a place of bridging gaps and creating cohesion for the collective goodness of all.

A beautiful time to consider our relationships.

Start with yourself, move outward to your relationships with others, relationship to earth... Where can you find more balance and harmony?

Sending you many blessings... And all my love and hugs.

Come move with me, I would love to see you!


Love Elisha


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The Power Path: Full Moon Update by Lena StevensFull Moon in Libra is Tuesday, April 7th at 8:34pm MDT:

This Full Moon is a good time to really appreciate what you have. This includes physical environment, friendships, loved ones, resources available to you, the freedoms you experience, your talents, your creativity, your wisdom and all of your experiences that no one can ever take away from you.

The kidneys are to be supported during this time as well as circulation. Get some exercise and drink a lot of water. This is also a great time for communication and networking to keep the energetic circulation of community healthy. Inspire each other instead of feeding the drama and the fear. Be creative together as a way to support the emerging new forms. Spread love not panic. Support truth and authenticity. Be neutral instead of reactive.

Spirit Daughter:

“once you master your internal seas, no wave can ever throw you off balance.”


Tonight we have the Full Moon in Libra- a time to cultivate peace in our energy and extend it outward to everyone we know. Libra is the sign of harmony who reminds us that true balance is only achieved once we understand imbalance. This Full Moon invites us to understand ourselves, and our emotions, so deeply that we can master our own energy. Libra teaches us that inner calmness does not come easy. We must have an extensive toolkit of practices ready to use at the even slightest offset of our energy. Developing this relationship with ourselves takes time and commitment, but will ultimately help us feel in control no matter the circumstances.

Once you feel at ease with yourself, you can step outside of yourself and feel into the connections you have with others. We are all connected at this time through the shared experience of the events around us. Feel into the support, the compassion, and the love available and contribute back what you are able. In your moments of peace, can you extend some of it outward, to people both known and unknown? Can you feel the thread that weaves us all together and strengthen it? Libra teaches us that union is the merger of opposites, we have a great opportunity to bring together differing worlds and differing viewpoints, because we all have something in common. We have something bringing us all together and the question becomes- can we balance it? Begin with yourself first, feel into what disturbs your peace and shift it. Then allow your energy to ripple outward, helping to raise the vibration of the planet.

Daisy Clementine Astrology:

Full Moon in Libra ♎️ Exact tomorrow morning 10:35am AWST. Happy Full Moon Lunar lovers! And what a blessing it is to receive the courteous energy of Libra that reminds us to invite equilibrium and balance back into our lives. The beauty of Libra is that it helps us to see both sides of the coin - good medicine for those of us that struggle to see another’s perspective. Beyond Libra’s desire to create peaceful relationships and harmonious environments - they are concerned with justice and equality. This Full Moon in Libra might pose the question of ‘where can you be more just in your personal life?’. Libra is a social sign and although it might be hard at the moment to nourish this energy through lively social interaction - it is important to stay connected to the people we love. Maybe even write a letter and reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while? Who’s been on your mind lately? Now that you’ve had some more time to yourself. Libra is light, sweet and playful - an energy that we are all collectively in need of at the moment. A physical testament to this Full Moon is creating more beauty in the home. Maybe even look into feng shei? The shadow of Libra is trying to avoid conflict to maintain serenity which in turn creates even more friction. This Moon is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces - indicating a creative tension but potential for mastery. With Libra we must remember that there is more beyond our personal love relationships/friendships and although there is nothing wrong with nurturing those subjective experience - Pisces reminds us of universal love. We mustn’t use our personal relationships as an avenue of escapism (projection of fantasy) nor should we avoid our personal issues by solely focusing on the collective. Remember - LIBRA TEACHES BALANCE. Balance between the self and the other - the personal and transpersonal connections. But don’t fear as Libra is here to learn through extremes. Hence why this Full Moon invites peace into our lives but we must first be aware of the entire spectrum to achieve that middle ground.

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