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aries fire breathe designed to feel libra full moon moon letter Mar 28, 2021


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Mmm! Lovers!

What a totally juicy, totally uncomfortable FULL MOON!

I know I have been feeling this amplified energy for days now... Along with it many subtly difficult sensations, feelings, and moods...

Consensus is: this was a BIG week! Lots of feelings... Lots of past insecurities, sensations of vulnerability, interpersonal and personal complications.

This beautiful moon comes around once a year... The Libra moon meets her opposition- the Aries Sun. It's a fascinating moon to me... Because I have Aries Sun and Libra Moon... So, I know her well. She is me.

The truth of this moon is often reflected in the self. This moon brings up contemplations and observations of interpersonal relationship dynamics, both beneficial and compromising. However the realness is: we are always reflecting ourselves through others and our environment.

This moon offers a potency- an opportunity to evaluate the relationships that are bringing out your brightest lights and those which are dimming you down... It's a time to get really real, unapologetically REAL, and cut the shit that no longer serves. It's a time to get honest and true with yourself, and take full responsibility for all parts of your living experience. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Aries, bless her heart, is fierce and doesn't take any shit. We love her... Because she is the biggest fighter AND the biggest lover.

Let's use her energy in relationship with this Libra moon to really love ourselves and make sure we are surrounded by supportive, high vibrational humans and environments. Life is short. Let's get real and cut the shit.


Love you all!

Before you make any crazy (Aries inspired fire) decisions... go to the forest. Breathe. Shake. Let yourself feel the intensity that is every where right now and find healthy ways to dispel and release it.

Fire energy is powerful... and destructive. Use with caution but godspeed... If fire is needed, let her RIP!

xoxo Check below for cool shit. Love you guys.




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Our doors are open with beautiful promotional offerings. If you want to work with me and the amazing teachers of Daily Ritual- live time!... Join us! All the cool details are found on this HERE! But if you have any questions, holler at me! I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have!

Also... We just spent a week sharing our hearts through conversation, ideas, theory, and movement. You can check it out in our or through YouTube for those of you who aren't on Facebook (don't blame you at all!).


For you, some music... An old playlist I am listening to this morning. Thank you for being in my world.




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If you can't make live classes (which are really the best!) ... Maybe this is the option for you! My is a growing collection of movement videos by yours truly. I share my heart and my evolution through inspired classes to help you feel more connected and embodied! You can expect me to upload about 4-5 new videos each month, sometimes more! I keep it fresh, because my movement is changing all the time. It's a DOPE resource for you to tap into anytime!


Podcast Recommendations




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Moon Musings + Astrology




The time of the cycle approaches again… we’re almost at the Full Moon in Libra, Sunday March 28th at 11:48am PDT. You might hear this called a Supermoon, which is when the Moon is in perigee, or closest in orbit to the Earth. This means whatever is coming up right now will definitely be hitting close to home. ♎︎ The Sun in Aries + Moon in Libra, both at 8˚18’ of their respective signs, with the Sun also part of a stellium including Chiron, Venus + Ceres. This brings together the energies of healing, sensitivity, relationship with Self, nurturing Self, and all things involving our healthiest connection with our personal sense of identity and self-assertiveness. With this energy finding expression to be reflected on by the Full Moon in Libra, we get an opportunity to stay balanced in our sense of self, now more full of wholeness in who we are, and perhaps ready to again share it with others. ♈︎ Libra brings up the energy of integrating opposites, and the Aries-Libra natural dynamic is one of the opposition, which a Full Moon represents. Oppositions invite us to look at where we might be projecting onto others what we might need to deal with in ourselves. We can also find equanimity in our communications with others. Perhaps we use this energy + light to reflect back to ourselves what is most needed at this time to ensure healthy relationships for the future. ♎︎ Wherever this Full Moon + Aries stellium is showing up in your chart, it’s ideal to sit with your personal desires, your sense of confidence, assertion, and self-trust. Confidence is simply that, trusting yourself. ♈︎ We get to shine the light on what we’ve been healing for the past few years with Chiron in Aries, and we get to have that reflected back to us in the quality of our relationships. This is a great time to look at just how far you’ve come in your relationship healing journey, that most important relationship being with yourself. ♎︎ Honoring you!




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Mexico sounds good... Wanna come?

Let's get to the sunshine! Play, breathe, move, eat delicious fresh fruit and foods... Swim in the ocean and hang in the hammocks and laugh togehter!

These events are really special. This one is located in Sayulita, MX, on a private beach and removed from the mainstream chaos. This will be a time to disconnect to reconnect and tap into your sweetest soul nectar.

If you have any questions... Holler my loves!


That's all for now...


Breathe, move, cherish every moment-

Love Elisha

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