MOON Letter: Libra Moon + Full Fuck Yeses

full fuck yes libra libra moon moon letter relationships vibrate higher Oct 06, 2021



Happy Moon to you my loves!

This morning, bright and early- our new moon rose to the skies sharing her beautiful wisdom of relationship, harmony, and balance.

Libra weaves her magic through finding beauty, compassion, and reverence for the other.

As I wake up this morning, and taking energetic reflection of the past week or so- I feel the mood of: surrender and letting go.

In my personal life, I am releasing a relationship that my mind had built a very sweet future with. My love for relationship and connection wants to override the reality of what it is that I have been in, who I have been with.

As I process the grief and sadness of this relationship ending- I am blessed with a new super power ability- to allow my emotions to move through me, to feel it all, and to not be so attached to the emotions that I lose sight of what is true. For example, in my past- I would want to cling to the relationship and not allow it to end- in an effort to avoid feeling the emotions that come through these endings!

In this space, I am able to discern... What is right for me and what is not- and allow all things to go that do not support my highest expression.

For me, personally, this moon is one of releasing and letting go. This moon is teaching me to allow the feelings and emotions to come and go- like the weather. And, this moon is giving me the courage to step higher into my worth- to call in new intentions for partnership, to find someone who meets me on all levels.

A question to ask: is it a full fuck yes? 

For me- I couldn't say yes. And there was fear in letting it go because I think we all fear that our "full fuck yes" isn't real or possible...

But... I have to believe it is. I have to keep choosing myself until I meet someone who matches my frequency. Like a song- I am looking for the same resonance. And I hope you do too.

Through releasing anything that does not meet and call us into our highest frequency- we create space for new beginnings, new partners, new relationships, new experiences that radiate and shine... That feel good because they are vibrating to the same bandwidth.

Do not settle. Choose yourself over and over again. And call out for all that you desire- your full fuck yes is waiting to find you. I know this in my heart.

Through releasing anything that does not meet and call us into our highest frequency- we create space for new beginnings, new partners, new relationships, new experiences that radiate and shine... That feel good because they are vibrating to the same bandwidth.

Sweetest blessings today-

May your heart find peace, balance, and harmony- to know your worth, love yourself fully, and call in relationships that support your most beautiful rising.


Love Elisha




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What are my options at this time?

How am I honouring the path of my heart?


Human Design


Gate 48: The Gate of Wisdom

  • Energy for diving deep into information, practice, and experience
  • Demands we have a strong foundation + depth of knowledge and experience in order for us to feel comfortable enough to take a leap and try something new
  • Shadow/ fear frequency of inadequacy resulting in paralysis
  • Trust that you know enough
  • Answers and information will come in perfect timing
  • Have faith in your own wisdom
  • Have courage to leap into the unknown
  • Step out of comfort zones
  • You are more prepared than you realize


Themes: self trust, wisdom, courage, connection to Source, possible paralysis + inadequacy


Do you trust yourself to Know?

What needs to be healed, released, aligned, and brought to awareness for you to deepen your own inner knowing + to deepen your self-trust?

What practices tap you into + keep you connected to Source wisdom?

How can you deepen your connection to Source + Self?


I source wisdom within. I am grounded in studies, knowledge, and experiences that have prepared me for anything I embark upon. I get out of my own way and begin now. I trust + have faith in my connection to Source to support my ventures. I am supported and everything I need to know will land when I need to know it.


Moon + Astrology







⚘ Essences

Animated, motivated, symmetrical, grounded, collaborative, present

⚘ Questions to Ask

What actions do I take on a daily basis that are starting to feel like a means to an end?

How can I bring greater presence and joy into these actions?

What helps me to find and feel balance?

What am I saying yes to today?







The New Moon in Libra greets us early tomorrow, and it’s all about RELATIONSHIPS. Our relationship with ourselves, with others, with work, our bodies, our voices, and even with society. It’s all on the table for us to look at, then decide what is working for our evolution and what is limiting it. Then with the help of the Moon, we can write intentions that will call in the energy needed to create true balance in our lives- the kind of balance that makes our soul content. ⁠ ⁠

Before looking at our relationships, the first gift of this New Moon is finding your center. Libra reminds us that we always have the power to calm ourselves. We can always take a deep breath and find ourselves no matter the chaos around us. Once we find our center, we find our power and the ability to decide which relationships feel co-dependent or filled with drama versus which ones feel aligned and supported. ⁠ ⠀⁠

As you look honestly at your relationships, look at how we are showing up to the table. Is it in love and beauty with the best intentions, or is there underlying guilt, shame, or resentment? Are you honoring the magic in another person with compassion and having patience when needed? Are you remembering we are all mirrors for each other? What within you needs realignment for you to meet another person in harmony?⁠ ⁠ Adding to this New Moon is Mercury Retrograde and Pluto stationing direct. Pluto brings our past to the surface, and Mercury encourages us to explore it within ourselves. Are you projecting relationships of the past onto your current ones? Process what you need to ensure you are reacting to the current situation in front of you and not an old pattern or wound. Enjoy this opportunity to find balance and find your way home. ⁠



Happy New Moon in Libra! 🌑⚖️ As we discuss often here, “contradiction” and “oppositional forces” in relationships are not a problem that needs a solution. They’re often just tricky polarity energies that need to be leveraged carefully. I want you to think about what your past, present partners invited you to integrate in your life. Where their legitimacies clashed with your liabilities in thinking. How their proclivities upset your vulnerabilities. So often we double-down and justify our case instead of maintaining receptivity to what the feedback is and how it’s helpful. The New Moon in Libra reminds us how contradictions and oppositional tensions in relationship accelerate our process of personal development. It’s not fun. It’s hard. But it’s a Truth finding idea that we can wrap our heads and hearts around today. Let us think with honesty and self-compassion what we can integrate from polarities on the individual level. So we can be the skilled facilitators that can hold polarities, contradiction, and oppositional forces relationally, socially, and beyond. Remember; polarities aren’t problems. And it’s all about integration, not alternation. Happy New Moon in Libra!



Libra new moon Oct 6 4:05AM PDT / Oct 6 10:05PM AEDT Moonthly Theme: BALANCE, RELATIONSHIPS + EQUALITY Libra new moon reflections: ‘I initiate harmony in my relationships, artistry is a form of reverence to nature's beauty’ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The Libra new moon arrives with Mars in tow, exactly conjunct this Venus ruled lunation with shouts over yonder (semi sextile) from Uranus throwing something unexpected in the mix. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In true Venusian style there is a level of surrender and of deepening as she nears the end of her Scorpio transit. Even though it is a new moon, usually energy for new beginnings and reflection, it is also conjuring transformational release and action. It’s almost like a clearing out of all the chaos in our systems from as far back as last year when the world went belly up. A clearing to find new place of balance. Things may never be the same, but we can find a new sense of balance in the midst of changes and what may feel challenging. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

With Saturn moving very slowly about to turn direct it feels as if time slows, even with Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter also turning direct this month! There doesn't feel like there is going to be a lot of headway made with topics that are floating in our fields. Differences in opinions aren't magically going to resolve themselves and are going to require readjustment, balancing and understanding. As Saturn moves more, more flow will come. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This is not necessarily an easy moon, but one where we may potentially recognize what needs to come back into alignment in the realms of relationships, self care and compassion. It may slowly seep in like an evening haze or abruptly like a swooping ghost from the past. Remember there is a level of letting go to this moon. And what is seeded now hangs around for a while. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Being in places of beauty that inspire heart opening (nature) and spark creativity will encourage balance and peacefulness. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.


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