MOON Letter | Libra Full Moon: Ascension Through Each Other - Loving Myself & Loving YOU

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Loving Myself + Loving YOU! | Loving Myself IS Loving YOU!


Essences: shadow work, integration, relationship, reflection, boundaries, honouring inner truth, harmony, balance, compassion, heart resonance, polarity, empathy, sensitivity

Actions: witnessing self + witnessing other, clear inner-vision, direct communication and intentions, collaboration with resonant partners, surrender, nonattachment, letting go, love yourself + love each other

Practices: conscious breathwork for presence + intimacy with Self, mirror work, eye gazing with self + with another, heart coherence hugs, forest + sun bathing, prayer + gratitude practices, meditation on breath & the polarity / unity spectrum, yoga nidra, quiet walks in nature to rejuvenate and restore, detox protocols, spring water hydration




I love myself so much that I am willing to look within.
I love myself so much that I am willing to dig in.
I love myself so much that I can face my shadows.
I love myself so much that finding truth and integrative harmony within trumps all illusion... Even if it's a rough and tumbly road...
I love myself so much that I am finally all in.

I suppose there comes a point in our lives when it becomes too ridiculous to avoid taking accountability. When the external show has patterns on repeat and the shadow lands keep on creeping in to be seen... It's time to take the sunglasses off and look inside to dissolve outdated structures and confines.

Through our closest relationships we are often gifted the most potent and fierce mirrors. Sometimes our reflections can be downright disturbing, confrontational, and disruptive. Through those whom we love the most, we are offered the biggest growth- IF we choose to face it and meet it with grace and responsibility. So often when we see things we don't like, things we have shadow banned in our own life- we push away, we hide from, and we disregard as "not mine, but theirs," a delusional fallacy.

And so with this Full Moon, pink and brilliantly loving, travelling through the moon skies of Libra, who rules relationships and harmony- facing her opposing Aries Sun, who rules Self and autonomy- we are blessed with this gift... To SEE the other as a path to our highest growth... If we choose to honour the truth: what we see in another is what is living within us- whether we love it or hate it.

True integration of the Self is learning to love all the fragmented parts of ourselves back into wholeness. It is looking through the lens of relationships to see where we are not yet fully integrated, not yet fully loving ourselves.

As conflict arises and we are tested, triggered, pushed beyond our edges- it is only the most epic opportunity for self reflection and fragment integration. We can blame the other... But the real kicker is that- we only see, love or hate, in another, what is within ourselves.

And so the work that is through our loved ones, our relationships of all colours and flavours and kinds... Is to breathe into more love and acceptance, feel into all the places that you resist and detest... and love them and love yourself some more.


I guess what I am trying to say is... It's time to step away from the victim role and into the badass healer who knows that it's time to look inside and mend all the places that aren't loved enough, the places that lash out and react, the places that project and diffuse conflict and injury outward. Through the other, we mend ourselves, if we are brave enough to look, to see, to dig in and love those unintegrated spaces of being.

This is the polarity... the unique boundary of blending the Self (Aries Sun) with the Other (Libra Moon). We don't learn by what is similar and easy. We learn through what is different and difficult. We reflect our wounds and yeah, I suppose I call in radical responsibility this moon- it's time to heal, to ascend, to embody our growth- inside to out. You to me. Me to you.

It's time to integrate and harmonize all the parts: mind to heart to body to soul... The kind of integration that brings us back into our true wholeness. We get to do that. It's magical, but definitely not the easy path.

But, it is time to see this great opportunity. Our relationships are portals for Self ascension and growth. The deepest and most transformative. The way we love ourselves, is the way we love each other. Lean in, look in, love in- and then love it all wayyyyy out.

Perhaps by digging in, excavating out, and surrendering to the divine process of it all- we will find ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally lighter- a gift that gives us access to our greatest creative and spiritual potentials :)


Happy Moon Lovers,

I love you!








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King of Swords: Gemini + Taurus Keys: High Intellect, Innovation, Shrewdness, Science

Mantra: I go to the source to find my Truth. Light: This King is very sharp, quick, and loves theories. Exploration through the inner and outer worlds through intellect is the only prerogative. When we receive this card, we are being asked to find the source of our knowledge and our passion. There is a deep, beautiful oneness to all things that we will find if we go far enough. Connect to the beginning, the source that houses all life and all things sacred. Take an additional step and apply some belief systems (Wands) and emotions (Cups) to the mix, don't just rely on the mind. There are mathematical equations to explain much of life and the way it works, but it doesn't include the 'why.' Now is a good time to spiral out, and keep going.

Shadow: As human beings, we have the beautiful capability to ask the question, 'why' - and we should not ignore the opportunity to ask this question now. There is a situation that is asking us to shed light upon for ourselves, so that we understand the greater picture. We may be afraid of asking the important questions, especially if they potentially contain truths we don't necessarily want to know. But right now it is crucial we seek that out, to better understand our universe as a whole.  

Ten of Pentacles: Mercury in Virgo Keys: Completion, End, Beginning, Cycle, Joy Mantra: I radiate my wisdom for the spiritual growth of all.

Light: In some notions of tarot, this is the final card of the Minor Arcana. It is the completion of the Earthly cycle which will inevitably lead us back to the Fool - embarking upon our journey all over again. This is a card for wisdom: inner and outer wealth in all of its manifestations. When we receive this in a reading, we are being asked to extend our wisdom to others. As we've found our richest, most vivid essence, so must we shine outward and give that precious crystallization to those whose process is still nascent, and perhaps troubled. Shadow: If we do not shine our wisdom outwards, we may become dull and greedy, holding a sense of superiority over others. That may lead us to think others don't deserve our energy or help. It is imperative to know once and forever that others always, always deserve our service. Be it a silent ear, some sound advice, a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand- lending what we have learned grows communities, camaraderie, and spiritual joy. It raises the vibration of the world.


Three of Wands: Sun in Aries Keys: Destiny, Deeper Manifestation, Inspiration, Quantum Leap

Mantra: I go the full nine yards, and I remember to rest when necessary.

Light: At this stage of the manifestation journey, we have accomplished much. The realization of our desires has reached a budding maturation. When we receive this card, we are being asked to believe bigger, act bigger. We've come far, but we could go further. Don't get stuck in comfort zones now. There is still so much to explore, and our excitement could always grow exponentially if we allow it. Yes, there will be risks, but it is more risky to stop now. *the only way to the other side is through*

Shadow: We may have overshot our abilities for the time being - not providing ourselves with enough time to rest and rejuvenate. Deeper manifestation requires deeper rest, or else there will be burnout. The other shadow aspect of this card is rudeness and being egotistical. Whatever our endeavor, we should always practice kindness and humbleness.


Moon + Astrology






Megan McCluer | Full Moon in Libra 'Scopes: |  










FULL MOON in LIBRA :: The full moon is exact at 4:54am AEST at 26° in the Venusian ruled sign of Libra tomorrow. A very rare Easter gift. Majorly aspecting the three great malefics + forming a powerful T-square with the God of the Underworld, this culmination point in the lunar cycle is not as soft and romantic as it may first appear. It demands commitment to a deep, soul transformation in order for balance and harmony to be restored. It is the alter for a beautiful, timely death. A poetic relinquishing from within. A necessary change in the way we love ourselves. Conflicts with the ego are magnified by the Aries/Libra axis. This cardinal opposition conjures the ultimate mirror magic - the sorcery of reflections. The relationship we have with ourselves lends insight into the relationship we have with everyone + everything else around us. The bond we have with who we are sets the tone for every other relationship we have. The people in our lives are a reflection of us. Our environment is too. When we can see this reflected in our own state of self we gain further awareness into the responsibility we have to self-manage our own individual responses. Libra yearns for a non-confrontational approach which often delays decisive action, while Aries charges forward head first, eager to begin. Notice how this dynamic exhausts the will and your purpose. Is it aways a good thing to play nice? Is it time for a fair mediation or will our vain longings take us into wild, unexplored territory? The Moon in Libra calls for resolve + negotiation. It’s an energy that is naturally adept at pleasantries. With Libra’s ruling planet in its exaltation, currently sitting at 12° Pisces, our focus is on our spiritual practice, connection to the Higher Self and our limitless creativity. Venus is in its highest octave in this sign, said to be the frequency of Universal Love - compassionate, selfless + ethereal. Sextile Uranus, the planet of upheaval, we may experience an unexpected or other-worldly event. This favourable aspect will ensure that we get a lightening-fast glimpse into the fairy lands of our future. Something supernatural could emerge from the strange. Crow 🖤



♎️ FULL MOON IN LIBRA ♎️ Tomorrow we meet the Full Moon in Libra. Libra is the sign of balance. This energy brings us home to ourselves. It helps us calm our energy and center our vibration. Feel what you need to create peace and inner stillness within you and make it a priority. Libra also governs our relationships, including the one with ourselves. From a place of inner harmony, begin to survey your partnerships this Full Moon. Which ones feel supportive? Which ones feel draining or imbalanced? How can you adjust them to raise the vibration of the relationship and both parties involved? This Full Moon is occurring while we are still feeling the effects of Jupiter meeting Neptune. Let this energy inspire compassion in every conversation. Also, let it reveal where you may hold illusions about someone else. Are you expecting someone to be something they are not? Let this energy help you become clear about your vision for your relationships, then engage the other person in helping you create it. Co-creation is the key to a healthy relationship. If you can visualize it together, you can manifest it together. Just remember to do things that center your energy before merging with another.


Thank you for being here.




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