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Yo Lovers!!

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn! This moon completes the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses which began in 2018. This beautiful dance of feminine and masculine, the mother and father, has landed us in the most interesting and potent times. We know the feminine is moving forward into her divinity after being oppressed for so long... We see it and feel it personally and collectively. This isn't speaking to gender, this is speaking to each of us- who contains both feminine and masculine. Of course, it has always been- if you want to change your external world you must look inside... And so as times begin to shift and change, we start to see the work that has been done. Gandhi spoke such potent words: be the change you wish to see in the world... And, I believe we have all been contributing to the changes we are seeing now. Navigating our insides to change our reality.

We are in this epic time right now, systems and structures are crumbling, and we are being invited to imagine new ways of being and operating. Since we are the creators of our reality, it is so important to dial into our personal realms, since this absolutely affects our collective experience. What patterns, systems, and structures are limiting your highest potential? Are you in alignment with your morals, values, and heart? What could you let go of in order to create more space and opportunity for new possibilities. Imagination is so powerful. 

As we feel the chaos, uncertainty, and shifting realities, it is important to stay grounded; grounded to our truth and grounded to our heart. Focus on what is personally true and beautiful. Count blessings for all the abundance and love you are surrounded with. Anchor yourself to the present moment with gratitude. Stay rooted in the truth that is yours invariably. And breathe. These are things we can count on, things that can help us stay focused, rooted, and in our heart.

I also recommend getting into the forest or to the ocean or any bit of nature you can find... Hug a tree, breathe in the air... Be blissed out and blessed up by this magical place we are so lucky to know as home. Earth, our Divine Mother, to which we are all being called home to.

Bringing forward a call to work to balance and integrate the divine feminine and divine masculine in each of us, to look at our shadows with compassion and clear vision so that we may integrate these aspects into our being and move back toward our wholeness, so that we may continue toward a path of liberation, sovereignty, and love.

May we all imagine the best possible new world. It's time to create lovers, this time... Let's create from the heart.

Meow meow meow, xx

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Love Always Elisha

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This has been really powerful for me... Bringing me more awareness and connection to my food, my body, and my patterns. It has moved me toward an even cleaner, more sustainable, and loving (for myself and for the planet) diet consisting of whole, unprocessed, local and seasonal vegetables, fruits, and simplicity. 

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“As we stand on this brink, as we dance on this verge, we cannot let the ruling fools of the dying world sustain their curses. We have to rise up and fight their insane logic; defy, resist, and prevent their tragic magic; tap into our sacred rage and supercharge it.
“But overthrowing the living dead is not enough. Protesting the well-dressed monsters is not enough. We can’t afford to be consumed with our anger; can’t be obsessed and possessed by their danger.
“Our mysteriou
s bodies crave delight and fertility. Our boisterous imaginations demand fresh tastes of infinity.
“In the New Earth we’re creating, we need lusty compassion and ecstatic duty, ingenious love and insurrectionary beauty…”

This is a Perfect Moment by Rob Brezsny

Living Systems Adapt by Transforming Themselves


How can my heart inform my intuition and bliss? How can I celebrate and rejoice my soul family?

I plant new seeds from the source of my heart. I see the sacred design of infinite love.

How can I tune into my own spiritual path? What do I have yet to explore in this life?

How can I maintain a sense of balance in my life? What do I envision at the finish line?

I balance my life from within. I treasure the moments of love and play. 

BIGGEST blessings to you!

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Moon + Astrology

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Check in to Mystic Mamma... Her report wasn't posted yet!

Forever Conscious | Capricorn Lunar Eclipse & Sirius Gateway Ritual July 2020

Spirit Daughter:

“it’s all an invitation.” - @danielledoby
β €
⏀Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ⏀
β €
{tomorrow 9:44 PM PDT}
This Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse is coming to us with the power of five retrogrades. To say she’s intense is a vast understatement. This Full Moon is the gatekeeper of the rest of the year, bringing us a time to pause, catch our breath, and feel our feet on the ground. The energy right now will rattle even the most stable person if they are not grounded. We are on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, and if you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. Luckily, Capricorn provides us a rock to rest upon as we prepare to climb the rest of the mountain called 2020.
β €
Capricorn is the steady, reliable sea-goat. This energy is capable of anything- no mountain is too high, no sea is too wide - Capricorn can handle it all with grace and poise. Capricorn teaches us that we can walk through any fire if we use our intuition as a road map. The Capricorn Full Moon is a time to go inward, reflect on our life’s journey, and ask ourselves some tough questions. Are we headed in the right direction? Are we nourishing our foundation? Is our energy leaking to areas we don’t want to focus on?
β €
This Lunar Eclipse is enhanced by five retrogrades encouraging us to look deeply inward and reflect upon the person we want to be. Retrogrades can make us feel confused as they bring up issues of the past. They can make us feel like we don’t know where we are headed or don’t know the answers. Align with the strength of Capricorn to remember all answers you seek lie within. Every feeling brought up by this Full Moon is an invitation to feel, lean in, and uncover your inner compass. As we traverse the rest of 2020, rely on the insights gained from this time to be your foundation for the growth it will bring.

Coyote Star Astrology:


We find ourselves holding sudden court in the belly of the beast. This full moon marks the falling of the hammer and the abrupt arrival of judgement day for many false prophets and leaders who have built empires in the quick sands of the ego. Jupiter and Pluto are in exact conjunction, drilling diligently deep into the core of the collective, purging toxic waters that run like streams from fists in prayer. Dark matter scatters from hidden corners like so many wings from deep and secret caves. There is nowhere for darkness to fly but towards the light. There is the creaking and groaning of megalithic machinery in the heavens as the karmic scales tip once again. There is divine justice and balance in the Universe, and It will be restored. Nature has it’s way.
There are many fires in the village, and we are asked to tend to our own. We are asked to deeply and honestly look within, embrace the shamanic process of focusing on our own healing, our own shadows, bravely tending to our blind spots and humbly considering new perspectives within deep emotional processes. Wave after wave. We collectively re-establish what we look for in leadership, and assess how and where we give our power away. Who deserves authority? How are we managing our own? Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer chimes in the feminine voice, rising like trumpeted flowers announcing a new order and calling for proceedings in the way of Justice for All. The Goddess has spoken. A square to Mars in Aries conjunct Chiron reminds that there are many scars on the battle worn face of humanity. In the shadow of Saturnian time, we are all children in the Garden of God. Still learning. Still finding the way.
A time of honest and swift redemption. Some are in the gallows, while some are in cathedrals. A fall from grace into the arms of truth. A new system is carving a new path, one step at a time.

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