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consciousness duality interconnectivity new world reality unification unity unity consciousness we are one Nov 30, 2020

Duality: consisting of two parts, elements, or aspects. An instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something

The concept of duality has formed our ideas of reality, theology, and spirituality. Through duality, we have learned to know the "other." Materialism, which most of our current concepts of reality are based upon, speak to 'us' and an 'external' reality. From this viewpoint, everything is separated. While duality has helped us to experience the other, and to broaden our understanding of experience and life, it has also perpetuated a false concept of what is real. Duality has indoctrinated within us a fundamentally flawed perception of ourselves- that we are separate. Through duality, we have learned division... Yet the truth of existence is unity. We are one.

As we move forward into a new world, we must come back into our hearts and remember our truth of unity. When we realize that duality is an illusion and only a tool for more separation and division, and we step back into the truth of unity consciousness... We understand that- what I do to you, I do to me. And from this space of interconnectivity, we are able to bring forward more awareness, more compassion, and more kindness. We are fragments of one. We are choosing our own, unique experiences as part of an interconnected web.

Consciousness is not separable. Consciousness is cause + substance. We are not separate from our external reality, circumstances, or from each other.

This is powerful in so many ways. I hope we unite in our hearts... in our minds... and for the benefit of our personal and collective future. It can be no other way. We are light. We are love. We are one.

Big moon blessings... Loving you all so fucking much!

Love Elisha


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Journal Prompts + Reflection

  • Upon reflection and evaluation... Which relationships are serving you and which are you ready to release? Relationships can be with anything: self (in the form of limiting beliefs, ideas etc), other (family, friends, co-workers, lovers etc.), food, job, past, present, future. Take a big look at what is lifting you up and supporting you and what is not. Bring awareness to your relationships and choose which are worthy of keeping and which need to go... This is the time to release and let these relationships go or hold onto and grow.
  • Are there dreams or new creative sparks that want to be expressed or pursued at this time? If you invited the question: "What if..." into your imagination, what would come up? What feels exciting or adventurous? What lights you up and leaves you feeling lifted, beaming inside to out? We are co-creating our reality with the universe in every moment. Heart driven momentum and imagination paired with inspired action will propel you toward your dreams. What are you inspired to create? Where are you going next? What action can you be taking right now, every day, to bring you forward to your goal/dream? This full moon brings us opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us and rewrite our internal dialog to align with our future visions. Curiosity and inspiration are here for you to play within. Open your mind to possibility: What if...
  • Do you find your views or perspectives shifting? Which old stories, views, ideas are you ready to let go of? Are you ready to leave the past behind? What might your life look like if you chose to embody and bring forward a new story? What does that story look like?
  • Merging Duality with Unity. Moving back to Truth. The staff of Thoth- a winged staff entwined with two serpents, representing merged dualities and a direct link to our divine origins (the emblem for health!). The left snake represents the Divine Feminine, Yin, Lunar, and manifesting principle. The right snake represents the Divine Masculine, Yang, Solar, and creative power. Balanced between the two lies the staff- the unification of the two Divine energies, merging to create our ultimate equilibrium, power + our truth. If you begin to rest in the truth of our oneness, how does this shift your perception of yourself and others? Can you find a higher perspective, eagle vision, and a deeper understanding through your lens and the awareness of our collective lens? In what ways can you invite more peace, acceptance, and love for self and others to help bring us all back into harmony?

Attachment anchors you where you are. It limits the potential for change and holds you in the place you are. It weights you down.

Surrender allows you to flow. Energy is always moving. When we release attachment and let go of outcomes, we allow space for natural flow.

Less doing, more being.


As always, take what resonates, leave the rest! Love love love, xoxo

Moon Musings + Astrology

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Earth Coyote Astrology


Our full moon on Monday 11/30 PST is in answer seeking Gemini positioned near the North Node, focusing our powerful lunar energies towards the gateway representing the future. North node energies tend to challenge us, as they represent an area where we have little experience. This area of the chart represents our karmic destiny, the road ahead, and all the growth and change we must embrace in order to get there.

The Sun in Sagittarius sits at the South Node gateway , representing the past, and what lies behind us. Past beliefs, past ideas, past dogmas, a past reality. South Node areas have a tendency to become stagnant, as we can get “too comfortable” here, resisting the North Node’s siren song towards inevitable growth. Cyclically, collectively and individually, we are pulled towards the North Node no matter how much we may try to resist. This is often felt as a magnetic “pull” towards our destiny, a desire to answer an inner calling that builds stronger and stronger until we follow our inner guidance.

Neptune, the planet of Dream Time, Illusion, and Manifestation, is positioned square the Nodes, placing us at a cross roads between the past and the future, begging the question: Where to go from here? Do I take the leap? Gemini rules duality, “The Twins”, two versions of reality, two roads, two options, versatility, fluidity, and adaptability. The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, is in Scorpio in beautiful sextile to our three Capricorn Planets. The sextile to these planets asks, “What choice will lead to my most powerful transformation?” (Pluto). “What direction leads to my success and abundance?” (Jupiter). “What decision is responsible, reliable, and best for my long term plan?” (Saturn). The square from Neptune makes the paths and choices unclear and unknown, while the Gemini influence requests our adaptability.

Energy naturally flows to the North Node. This Lunar eclipse is a launch-point for collective growth, another contraction in the laborious process of 2020. Gemini rules information and media - and remember, because Gemini is at the North Node, this incoming information challenges the existing paradigm and threatens any place that wants to stay rooted in past belief. The collective must adapt, and so must we individually. The emerging truth WILL look different from what we thought of as truth in the past. Dramatically so.

Wherever the North Node in Gemini at 19 degrees rests in your natal chart, this represents the area where you’re being asked to welcome new perspective. This is your growth arena. Gemini/Sag axis represents the Journey, Travel, the Search for Truth. Become fluid and adaptable like quicksilver, and roll with the changing tide. Where is the pull taking you?

Spirit Daughter


Early tomorrow morning, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Eclipses elevate the energy of a Full Moon and make their power even stronger. Lunar Eclipses allow for immense release work. They show us the energies we cling to out of comfort and familiarity. Then they teach us how to break free of our own limitations. ⁠

Gemini is the sign of communication. This energy helps us hear and speak to others but also helps us hear ourselves. Gemini encourages us to become curious about who we are, what we need, and what stories we tell ourselves. She then helps us be that person and bravely share who we are with the world. Gemini wants us to speak our truth and share our messages with the people around us, helping to raise the vibration of the collective. ⁠

With Gemini theming the Lunar Eclipse, it becomes a time to listen to yourself and ask what narratives are ruling your life. Are you weaving your reality with fear and anxiety, or are you crafting a world full of hope, joy, and positivity? Are you telling the Universe what you want, knowing it will appear, or are you focused on what you don't want? When we tune into negativity, we receive negativity in return. Align with this Lunar Eclipse to hear how you speak to yourself, others, and the Universe. Then elevate the conversation to another level, one that manifests all of your intentions. ⁠

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