May The Whole Earth Know Love

live in love love one another one love only love valentines day we are one Feb 14, 2019
may the whole earth know love

Collective love!
Filling your cup full. Sending out the source. Heart source vibration of unity, connection, love.

Some people criticize today- this “hallmark holiday.” They say it was a holiday built on consumerism. They say it doesn’t stand on anything but marketing, a holiday created to inspire us to spend. Some will say: We shouldn’t have to have ‘one’ day to celebrate love, we should celebrate it every day (idealistic).

Maybe we could look at how society has shaped every holiday into a consumerism festival- a reason to spend, spend, spend. The truth is- we get to choose to support that model. We dictate those results.

Valentines Day remains my favourite holiday of them all.

Valentines Day embodies the essence of love. Whether I have romantical love in my life or not, each time it rolls around, I am inspired to feel more love!
I think there is this illusion floating around that if you aren’t in a romantical love relationship, Valentines Day isn’t your day- but, I say- fuck that. Valentine’s day is for everyone with a beating heart!
You don’t need an “other” to feel your cup so full, to feel radiating light, to feel totally complete, buzzed on heart vibes.
Find love in you. Find love in your family, friends, and community. Find love in nature, the whole fucking beautiful and brilliant universe that keeps spinning us all around. Find love everywhere- in your coffee cup, in your morning shower, in your cold sheets, in the crunching pinecones under your feet. Find it in moving, breathing, singing, dancing. It is everywhere.

You don’t need to buy her flowers, you don’t need to buy him chocolates- but here’s the thing- giving always feels good. And hopefully, you all know- that time is your most valuable gift… a hug goes so far… and a smile is the best way to light up someone else’s day.

So, whether you are in a romance or not- I hope you celebrate today in love. Because the collective vibration of so many hearts singing that love song- is so powerful. And important. And beautiful. It’s fucking beautiful. And, the world needs more love vibration so SEND IT!
Be in love- today, every single day- but embrace today. Because there is nothing more potent than the collective joining in forces energetically to send out what we all need and want more of. Light it up. Love it up. Be the love. And send it so big.

Happy Valentines Day Mi Amors… xoxo


May the whole earth know love. The end.

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