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"When you know that consciousness is the one and only reality- conceiving itself to be something good, bad, or indifferent, and becoming that which it conceived itself to be- you are free from the tyranny of second causes, free from the belief that there are any causes outside of your own mind that can affect your life." - Neville

Oh boy... When we realize that everything we see around us is a direct reflection of what is happening inside of us... BOOM. It gets real real when we realize we are radically responsible and accountable for everything we see in our external reality. Our subconscious mind... and how we feel about ourselves is being reflected into our reality. What we are inside is what we see outside. 

Scorpio loves to look inside, to dive into the depths of the hidden, murky shadows... Scorpio owns the subconscious mind- that which is unseen, unknown, and yet- destroying and creating everything. 

The beautiful thing about this is if we are not loving what we are seeing external of ourselves... all we have to do is look inside. The challenges arise when we are not willing to see with clear vision our own shadows that hold us back and keep us playing small. 

Scorpio transforms and transmutes. She sheds old skins to birth anew. She dazzles in death and delights in rebirth... and knows that by bringing the hidden and shadow to light, we regain our power. When we try to avoid or hide or shame or squash the shadows... we end up giving them more power. It is through looking at them, feeling them, and sitting with these shadows that we release their power over us- and find deeper, more compassionate understanding of ourselves. 

We all have shadow, shame, insecurity... We all hide parts of ourselves that we aren't proud of. Perhaps, through healing our wounds and shining light on our personal and collective shadows, we can begin to bridge the gap and remove the illusion of our separateness. After all, we are not so different... 

Meow meow. 

Wishing you a transformative time... Where you can look to your external... to see clearly your internal... and find ways to love up on all the parts that aren't shining their brightest. We can transform the world, first by transforming ourselves. It's always been an inside job. And, it will always start (and finish) with love. 

Love Elisha

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November 14New Moon in Scorpio is Saturday, November 14, at 10:07PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This new moon launches a challenging week of catharsis, crisis and growth where serious choices are made, a little chaos is everywhere, and people around you may react in negative ways. Not everyone is feeling inspired, hopeful, grateful and enthusiastic about change. Some may be deeply resentful about what they can’t have or what they need to give up in order to move on and evolve.

This time frame could highlight the deepest dysfunction and demand full forgiveness of self, the past, and others as the cost of admission into your better future. The limitations of the mind could introduce the concept of futility. Do not listen. There was never a better time to think outside the box and to use your discipline for any exercise that leads to a higher vibration.

Because of the cathartic crisis energy of this time frame, it is actually a good time to reach for something you could not have imagined. Take a risk towards something that feels right and that you love. If you are feeling isolated in any way, reach out to others and confirm your personal connections and support.

November 17-23: This can be a difficult, cranky time especially if you are feeling off kilter and not living your own truth. If there is shadow it will come to the surface. Truth is a potent serum activating change. There could be great disappointment during this time if you are in any way attached to some outcome that is not manifesting itself. Patience, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude are all good qualities and practices to include in your daily practice. They are a higher vibration and will help to realign you to what is important.

If you get sideways during this time, bring in beauty, inspiration and new ideas. Be creative and keep your energy moving.

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Spirit Daughter:

On every New Moon, the veil between the conscious and subconscious mind lowers, giving us a glimpse into our inner workings and the energy that guides our lives. Today, on this Scorpio New Moon, that veil is at its thinnest. If any sign rules our subconscious, it is Scorpio. She teaches us our subconscious is where we create the energy that attracts and prevents our dreams. Scorpio encourages us to dive deep into places we normally don’t look at in ourselves to find the roots of our own existence. She asks that when we feel fear, we acknowledge it, see it, and break it down into raw energy to fuel our journey.⁠
This New Moon brings us the power of transformation. It shows us some of our darkest places and then shows us how to bring them light. This Moon has an expansive quality about it as it makes aspects with both Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Everything feels larger than life right now, including your fears, your hopes, your magic, and your intuition. It can be overwhelming to your senses. Spend time grounding your energy today through meditation. We are going through an intense energetic shift, and Scorpio only heightens the already existing energies. She also teaches us how to navigate them. ⁠

As you journey through this New Moon, allow what’s hiding under the surface to come out to be seen. Face your fears, but also see your power to overcome them. Feel into what you want to transform this next Lunar Cycle and see the future you want to create. Scorpio reminds us that we have the power to create any reality of our choosing. It starts, though, with exploring our deepest layers and understanding the foundation of our being. Feel into what needs transformation in your energy and know that change can be uncomfortable, but that discomfort always leads to growth. ⁠

Much love! 

Biggest blessings, today and always! 

Love Elisha

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