MOON Letter | New Moon Scoprio ECLIPSE: The light is as terrifying as the darkness- and I still move toward it

eclipse moon letter scorpio scorpio season solar eclipse transformation Oct 25, 2022


Essences: death, dissolution, surrender, releasing outdated stories, heal core wounds, transformation, risk, presence, life

Practices: conscious connected breathwork (always, always, always - forever), nature therapy, sauna, silence + stillness practices, slow movement: yoga that feels


↠ I am nature, I move in perfect rhythm and flow.

↠ Letting go is natural.

↠ The light is as terrifying as the darkness- and I still move toward it.

↠ I celebrate my (

↠ The only way is through.

↠ My shadows have a place at my table.

↠ I am ready to revise my limiting stories.




I attune to the natural cycles and rhythms of nature and lean into my true nature more. I recalibrate myself to my highest resonance with grace, trust, and deep surrender. I allow myself the space to transform, to create new stories, to release old ways and limitations that do not support my most authentic expression and expansion. I feel it all, knowing the only way is through.


Last night I had a dream... And while this dream is not easily put into words, the essence was strong and true.

The only way to the other side is through. I had a vision of great, piercing white light- and even though it was light- it was equally as terrifying as if it was dark. The light, our light, is terrifyingly bright. And it dawned on me- that whether it is joy or pleasure, pain or despair- we have to move towards it, face it, be engulfed by it- to be transformed. We will be transformed and changed forever when we meet ourselves in the depths of our poles of expression- to be enveloped by these energies- is to face our greatest fears, to step into the fire, to allow ourselves to be born anew.

In contemplation, I am reflecting: is our darkness so different from our light? What is it about our shadows that we fear meeting so much?

In the end, maybe our darkness isn't so different from our light- just a pole on the vast spectrum of life- and our stories, interpretations, and perceptions are what differentiate these spaces... Our judgements and condemnation keep these aspects of ourselves in separation and unwanted isolation.

Just like our emotions- that are so expansive in nature... How far is ecstasy from rage? How far is laughter from sorrow? How far is happiness from fear? And upon reflection- we realize- these states of being are more blurry and less black and white than we initially deem.


I was in a training this past weekend- I signed up to breathe. But, the training ended up being mostly (at least half) dyads- a way of sharing and communicating with others. My first reaction was resistance- my oldest core wounds of rejection reared their ugly faces... "Find a partner" x 50 times in a sea of humans I don't know. AWESOME! My little self from elementary school remembers how this goes well, and my awkward introvert gets left out. And, this pattern of rejection has followed me in small and large ways all through my life. I don't belong here- a story that keeps me alone.

I was in the training though- so I was all in. And, away we went. It began. On the last day- I realized- I am holding outdated stories about myself that just aren't true anymore.

In actuality, I am good at speaking vulnerably from my heart. I am wanted and it's easy to find people to include me.

There were other stories I was holding onto, too. Fear of sharing in front of a group (even though I am a teacher and I do it all the time!). Fear of being seen in my most vulnerable state (breathing).

And- ultimately, I realized- I am holding onto tension and limiting myself with outdated stories... They aren't true anymore.


I suppose I speak all of this... Because- in some way or another- A LOT is up for this new moon. It doesn't feel like one of "calling things in" or "planting seeds" but one of letting go. Of reconciliation with past and present truth. Of releasing resistance and trusting in universal, natural flow.

Nature doesn't resist. Nature flows. You see it, right now, death all around- and it's so epically beautiful. Nature knows how to gracefully surrender to rhythm, to release and let go. Nature trusts in this cyclic flow- that knows, that feels, that understands it's all perfect.

So. Maybe it's a story or limiting belief that you need to let go of... Perhaps a relationship, a job, a situation, a memory, an injury of head or heart...

Or maybe it's realizing that your shadows are closer to your light than you think...

Or maybe it's dancing with the possibility that- your light might be more scary than your dark...

But- ultimately, the only way is through- and the less we resist- the easier it all is. For... What we resist, persists.

And so I offer for you: be like nature. Flow. Let go. Trust. Dance with the rhythm and perfect harmony of this beautiful life- that is both deeply felt, human, and real- and absolutely stunningly spiritual.

Scorpio is the deepest, darkest energy on this astrological wheel- she knows- you gotta feel it to heal it, release it to be reborn, and step into the blazing light of truth to transform.



Love Elisha



↠ We tell ourselves lots of stories... They become part of how we identify with ourselves, with others, and with the world. What stories are you holding onto that aren't serving you anymore... Or simply aren't true anymore?

↠ When we think about our shadows- these are the parts of ourselves that we have shunned, avoided, condemned, judged, and hidden from ours and others sight- What parts of yourself are you ready to invite back to your "dinner table"?

↠ Our light is just as terrifying as our dark... How does this sit with you? Can you lean into the full spectrum of life? The highest highs and the lowest lows? The FULL spectrum of feeling and being in this life?

↠ When things start dissolving, changing, transforming within or around you- what lessons can you embody from nature to help guide you through?

↠ Our core wounds typically stay with us our whole lives. What is showing up for you right now to be seen, loved, and healed (brought back into your wholeness)? Are you ready to be with your whole self and love YOU all?









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This NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is calling us to spiral in to our locus of power within.
We can get so lost in the outer world projections and expectations, obsessively focusing on the feedback loop of the external.
But if we can unhook, and like Krishnamurti said, learn to live outside the shadow of control, we become the chalice.
We become the cup of love that can quench our deepest thirst.
For we are the POWER OF LOVE that lives within us.
And we must feed and nurture that love.
We must do all the things to beckon that love to blossom and unfurl.
So that it can guide us out of the shadows and into the light, as we become transmuted and transformed by our own alchemical fire.
This pivotal Solar Eclipse is asking us to make a sacred offering to release once and for all, all of the diminishing energies, the old stories we tell ourselves, the distorted narratives, and the fears that keep us stuck in self-sabotaging patterns.
The truth will set us free, Scorpio whispers.
Don’t be afraid to look fear in the eye. All that seems to have a grip on us, looses its power when we do.
For we have the power to overcome, to confront what binds us, what may seem to offer comfort and familiarity, but leaves us empty and hungry.
See through the illusion of semblance Scorpio says, the lies we have bought into, and see that no matter how far we have taken it, it still leaves us feeling the same.
For what we truly crave and what will really feed us, is truth, substance, passion, heart.
She reminds us that true power is the freedom to be exactly who we are.
Take the shackles off, she says, and drink from the ever flowing cup of LOVE that is here for us.
For Love is ever present and Love always remains. Love carries us through all the regenerative cycles of Life.
We are destined to overcome, to rise and rise again, to spread our colorful wings of fire, like the Phoenix from the ashes, like the Eagle untethered, wing to wing with Love.



♏️ SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE ♏️⁠ The Scorpio Solar Eclipse greets us tomorrow, bringing us intense magic, alchemy, and raw power. This Moon is one of the most intense of the year and has the potential to help you change your life. This is the time to set intentions that help you break subconscious patterns that are preventing you from manifesting your visions. It’s an emotional time, but Scorpio teaches us that our emotions are our power. They bring us information from our intuitive self and help us find the path forward.⁠ ⁠ The key to working with your emotions is facing them. Once you can stand in their presence, see them and accept them, they subside. It’s important to remember in this process that you are not your thoughts or your emotions. They are simply energies passing through you. When you confront them, they move more quickly. When you ignore them, they stagnate or sabotage your efforts. When you find the courage to sit with your emotions, triggers, and reactions, you can find your power- and that power can be used to create any life you desire.⁠ ⁠ As you make your way through this Solar Eclipse, know the veil between your conscious and subconscious mind is at its thinnest. You have greater access to your inner workings, subconscious patterns, and conditioned responses at this time. As emotions arise, look for their deeper meaning. Your first emotional reaction is often merely a mask for something else that you may not be ready to face. Scorpio challenges you to courageously look past what you feel on the surface and find the real root of your emotion. Yes, this process is intense, but that’s what Scorpio is all about. It’s always the pressure that makes the diamond with this sign.⁠



SCORPIO NEW MOON PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Oct 25 3:49AM PDT / Oct 25 12:49PM CEST / Oct 25 9:49PM AEDT ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Moontlhy Theme: TRANSFORMATION, POWER, SEXUALITY + SHADOW SCORPIO NEW MOON REFLECTIONS: ‘To be reborn is a gift, the cycle of death and rebirth is a power I harness within me’ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Deep in the eclipse portal already, working through the layers, traversing a personal death and rebirth process on multiple levels. These are all the words I have at this time, so I am leaving you in the trusting hands of Colin with his support and insights. New moon and Scorpio season blessings. x Kerry ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

says: Can you handle the Truth? Any Scorpio transit asks us this question. The “Truth” isn’t often a single, right answer. Sometimes it is. Under a Scorpio transit, I think the Truth is a paradox. I love how Jung declared the paradox “a better witness to truth than a one-sided, so-called ‘positive’ statement." As such, in its ability to embrace contradiction and both sides of an issue, paradox "…is the natural medium for expressing transconscious facts,” and thus is “…one of our most valued spiritual possessions.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The Scorpio truth paradox is: if you want to trust, you have to risk. And if you want to know joy, you’ll know pain. If you want to fall in love, you will get your heart broken. If you want to know what it means to be fully alive, you will have to experience loss, grief, and death. Said differently, a Scorpio family member of mine reminds us, “If you want to play, you got to pay.” No one rides for free. And I think us handling that big, messy Truth is the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio’s ask of us. We won’t have another supercharged new moon in the form of a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio for the next 8.5 years. So this receptive lunation is the one asking us for our willingness to stay standing within this paradox...







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