Pain is One of Our Greatest Teachers

awakening catalyst global reset learn lessons pain pay attention personal reset rebirth teacher wake up Apr 07, 2020

This time is necessary for our collective growth and evolution. As we sit at home in quarantine, many are watching as their previous lives crumble. Without warning, the devastation is closing down in strong and tangible ways. Old systems and structures are no longer feasible or serving us, the way things were is forever changed. We are being asked big questions: Are we living in harmony with ourselves, others, the environment? What is essential? Are we living in sustainable ways? We are reflecting inward and outward in deep and authentic ways.

When we experience pain, fear, and discomfort, this creates a shift in our frequency. It shifts us into action mode, where remaining complacent is no longer an option. What was once comfortable and sustaining is no longer that way. Pain instigates awareness, movement, action. This is so powerful.

Pain is a blessing: it forces people to pay attention, to learn lessons, and to grow into new spaces. It nudges us into movement, change, and new shapes.

When we experience pain or discomfort, we make changes to move into new space. We shift, we evolve, we transform. A little shake up and wake up. And, it is time to wake up my friends.

As we sit in this space of unknown, uncertainty, discomfort, is it possible to just surrender and allow. Perhaps look to new horizons. Create new vision and ideas. Release clinging to what was. The lessons are in letting go.

Collectively, we need to rise to the occasion. To find new ways, to lift to new frequencies, to gain higher ground. It is time to wake up.

And what an opportunity. A personal reset. A global reset. Could we welcome this awakening with gratitude, eyes of beauty, and trust? We have upon us the blessing of new beginnings, of infinite potential and divine possibility. It is exciting, if we shift our perspective... To one of ease, and flow, and letting go. When everything is falling apart, what an opportunity to put it back together in new and sustainable ways. When everything is uncertain, what a gift- to be able to create anything we dream. A blank canvas... a void of possibility.

Is it possible for us to wake into a new reality of our choosing? To create systems that support us all, in balance and harmony? Is it possible for us to envision a new world: where all parts are held in love, community, and reverence.

While we are moving through these challenging times, may we make vision for a brighter future. A future where we consider and respect each other, our environment, and all systems we are apart of, systems we are completely interconnected with. May we move in harmony and love with all beings... May we operate from a place of balance and integrity.

May this discomfort and pain be a catalyst for us all... May we transform, shape shift, and evolve into new space and new form. May we choose to build a new reality with kind awareness and feminine intelligence, to hold the heart of all.

May we always move from this place of love, and live in divine harmony: connected, we are one.

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