MOON Letter | Pisces Full Moon: Release + Rise: You Create Your Reality

create your reality full moon eclipse live fully moon letter nourish your mind rebel rise Sep 20, 2021



The greatest act of rebellion is to live fully. 

I came to a very clear realization yesterday. The information that came through was crystal clear and potent.

It is time to let go of consuming things that are not serving my highest expression or expansion.

Here is a little inside information. For the past year or so, as this pandemic has swept through the minds, hearts, and bodies of us all, I have watched myself ebb and flow, in and out, of care and concern of all the things. Trying to stay objective, open, and receptive... Trying to learn and discern truth from lies and misinformation. I don't know about you, but, for the past 12 months- my life has been somewhat consumed with learning about viruses, vaccines, and trying to make sense of what is going on in our world.

I am exhausted. And I am also so done.

I realized that... If we are waiting for things to change and go back to normal, we will be waiting forever.

I realized that... We are the creators of our reality and what we consume: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, becomes our presence and future.

I realized that if we want things to change, we must be the change we want to see.

For me... This is saying good bye to this covid conversation. It is refusing to participate in the drama and distraction of chaos, division, and nonsense.

I don't know about you, but I am so tired of waking up to more illogical news and rules. I am done listening to the ONLY conversation anyone has to speak about. I don't want to listen to another doctor, researcher, scientist... I don't want to listen to another podcast episode or read another article that has anything to do with the pandemic, the virus, or the vaccines. I don't want to consume and waste one more precious second of my life worrying about this VIRUS that has infiltrated my time and mind... And which is causing the division and separation of friends, families, lovers... From the micro to the macro... This has to end.

I am not a scientist. I am not a data analysist. My purpose here is not to defend what I intuitively know and feel.

Yesterday marked the day I say... No more. I refuse to participate in a storyline that doesn't serve me or anyone I love.

Today... I choose LOVE. I choose to re-focus on what matters. I choose to LIVE LIFE FULLY and participate in what lights me up. I choose to consume and digest the things that keep me healthy, sane, and lit up.

More than anything today... I hope we can release the fear and worry... And reunite with our hearts. We are creating our reality. We cannot wait for things to go back to normal. They never will unless WE step back into normal.

I choose to embody joy, love, unity, and connection. I choose to rise above these conversations that only perpetuate fighting and discord.

I want to hug you all. I want to tell you- everything is ok.

Turn off your social media. Turn off the news. Talk about anything but the pandemic. Return to your heart and remember why you are here. Learn, grow, expand, keep moving forward, follow your dreams, and create your reality!

Life fully my loves... Do not waste another moment of your precious life.

Once you realize the power you hold: living fully is the greatest act of rebellion and resistance you have.

The time is here: choose to live again.

I love you!


  • Show up for yourself and for others in times of challenge
  • Unite with community, cherish connection
  • Love yourself so fully and completely
  • Commit to your growth + create!
  • Smile, hug, laugh with EVERYONE, embrace eye contact with strangers!
  • Release self imposed limitations of the mind
  • Let go of consuming anything that doesn't serve your highest expression and expansion



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Human Design

Gate 36: The Gate of Exploration

Pisces 28 Degrees 14 Minutes

Full moons offer us the opportunity to evaluate our alignment + intentions, to release and let go of anything that does not serve our highest directions.


  • Break free from old patterns and embrace new paradigms
  • Open to new possibilities
  • Shatter attachment to old patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and actions
  • Try something new, take a leap, expect new and miraculous solutions and outcomes
  • Let go and let god/ source/ universe/ flow
  • Allow for new possibilities and potentials



Where have you limited yourself because of past expectations and beliefs?

What energetic shifts and emotional alignments would you have to make to align to a higher possibility of miracles manifesting? What would be possible if you chose to embody a higher frequency?

How can you shift your focus and hold a high vision to support your dreams and most desired reality?

What old stories, patterns, behaviors, or beliefs are you ready to release?

How can you maintain and sustain emotional alignment? How can you amplify this energy to support your intentions?


I defy outdated patterns and behaviors and I create miracles through my emotional alignment with possibility and divine potential. Through focus and strong vision and by lifting my emotional alignment to a high and resonant frequency, I call in all blessings to bring my visions and dreams to reality. 


Moon + Astrology







◯ Essences

Contemplative, restorative, transmutation, clarity, energetics, synergy, boundaries


◯ Questions to Ask

What would more balance in my daily life feel like right now? What would it look like?

How does my body feel called to deeper nourishment? What can I give to my body at this time to nourish it best?

Do I feel a need to set clearer boundaries? If so, what are they and how may I most lovingly express them?

What stagnant energy am I ready to release?







Full Moon in Pisces ♓️ Learning to Surrender to a Higher Power This Full Moon in Pisces at 28 degrees brings us into many lessons of surrender, trust, faith, love, connection, compassion and also the opposite side of the energy of grief, addiction, worry, fear, anger and loss in illusion... the understanding and lesson here is to honor the darkness of it all and learn how to dance with the waters of emotions and events. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and because of that it can get loss between worlds, thoughts and dreams and struggle to stay in this reality as it can be too “harsh/difficult”. Whereas Virgo is here to get things done and find the answers to all the solutions through purity and devotion. These two energies of Virgo and Pisces is what we are working with right now to understand how a higher spirit is purifying us even more than ever before but also how we can get lost in illusion, addictive behaviors of watery Pisces and plunge to the dark side. How do you balance out light and dark? How committed are you to your faith that it will work out? How committed are you to your dreams? We get to take a step back as we close out a full year cycle and see just how much our lives have changed from this time last year but also how spirit has been working on us this whole year to purify us deeper to truly step in and embody our deepest, deepest dream and truth. The waters are moving through us with this Full Moon illuminating our way on the next part of our journeys, but we must give up every single ounce of trust to a higher power and trust that it is all orchestrated for our highest good- even when it doesn’t look like it. Let go and give it to Spirit! Become the embodiment of your path, truth and faith! Spirits got you! Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself. – Mehmet Murat Ildan



♓️ FULL MOON IN PISCES ♓️⁠ The Harvest Full Moon lands in Pisces tomorrow, bringing us cleansing energy and the power to shift our vibration. This Moon reminds us that we are connected to everything, and we have the power to choose how we want to feel based on where we place our attention and energy. It reminds us that we are made of stardust and are connected to the vastness of the Universe. ⁠ ⠀⁠ Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac. This energy invites us to step back from our emotions, reactions, and thoughts to observe them. In this observation, we discover that these things do not define us. We are not our sadness, our frustration, or our self-doubt. These are just temporary states visiting us. Instead, we are the essence of the Universe, connected to everything, simply experiencing a human form and all of its conditions.⁠ ⠀⁠ This Full Moon invites you to feel your unlimited potential. If there ever was a time to meditate, tomorrow is it. Spend time witnessing your mind’s fluctuations, then feel what’s past them. Feel into the part of you that is connected to stars, the Moon, and the magic of the Universe. Allow this connection to bring you trust and surrender. Trust in your life path and trust in your intuition to guide you. Release your expectations of yourself and instead find the flow of your life. Allow yourself to simply be and receive the many gifts available to you. Watch for signs pointing the way, and instead of forcing things to happen, trust that they are already happening. ⁠



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