MOON Letter | New Moon in Pisces: Magic, Miracles, + Manifestation

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Hi love bugs,

And so we reach the culmination- the highest ascension of our astrological evolution- The question is- now where?

If I am being honest, the energy that I have felt since yesterday is bright, exciting, rejuvenating, hopeful... Like magic, miracles, and manifestation. But, I also feel- that the past two years or more has been slightly traumatizing for us all. It's kind of like- don't get your hopes up too high because it's likely things won't work out, nothing will go right, something will be cancelled... You know the vibe. It's been real.

But I truly feel magic this month. Like- if we allow ourselves to believe in our dreams, if we allow ourselves to feel our way into our hearts, if we let go of these conscious or unconscious fears and distrust- and lean into the possibility that maybe- just maybe- everything will work out- and MAYBE it will be better than we ever thought possible...

I feel so much hope. Like an activation from within saying- ok, it's time to GO now. It's time to invest in your dreams. It's time to believe in your Self. It's time to follow your heart and let it lead you to places you never imagined before. It's time. It's time to TRUST that everything is going to work out in the most magical, dreamy ways.

Another feeling I am having in this very intuitive and feeling kind of space is... Let's talk about evolution for a second. Perhaps you have been doing your things... Self help, yoga, meditation... Maybe you go to church, help out at the shelter, pray every morning. It's so beautiful that you invest in yourself and your practices. I see you. You are changing the world. You energy is rippling out and it is SO important. Don't stop.

Now, I would like to give you a little nudge... It's time to ascend to your next level. Your spiritual graduation is here. It's time to rise. What does that look like? Where are you going? Who are you helping? What is your legacy?

I think- it's time we all started sharing our gifts. Do not doubt how far you have come. Step into your authority. Step into your honour. You are embodying the gifts and the light and the love you have been cultivating. And now, the world needs us to shine bright and serve each other. It's time to walk each other home. It's time to lead with compassion and be the change we want to see in the world. And help others find the way, too.

Pisces is a watery, emotional, intuitive sign who teaches us so much- the cycle of life- the teacher and the student- the inhale met with the exhale- birth and death and rebirth... We are in constant motion, mutating, morphing, and it's all so beautiful. This life we have, this life we are living- isn't it so perfect?

I invite you to rise into your next evolution of Being. Whatever that means for you. Maybe it's not sharing with others just yet- but maybe it's moving into a new space... Stay open, see what is showing up for you- lean in when it feels invigorating.

And this moon is so potent: Plant your seeds. Reevaluate and realign your dreams. Dream BIG. Intend on what you want to happen- and trust that it will happen.

I am so excited. Let's move into Spring with this energy: this magical, miracle, manifestation energy that is lighting us up and showing us the way back to our hearts.


Some music... I am still working on this list so expect it to evolve! But- check out the song in it called YOU... I am obsessed.  

PS: I created a ... This will be the first one up! Meow. Spring creation vibes... BIG TIME! LOVE YOU!


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I have also booked a few other days for similar events... with different flavours.

The dates:

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Vibration, completion, rebirth, reprogramming, focus, alignment, protection

Questions to Ask

What am I intending to release with this New Moon?

What intentions am I intending to anchor deeper into at this New Moon?

What frequencies / vibrations am I moving into greater alignment with? How do these serve my long-term dreams?

What most needs my attention throughout March and April?

Who Am I beneath the mental noise and beneath physical form?

What does this essence of “I Am” feel like? How would I describe it (or draw it)?


Megan McCluer | New Moon in Pisces Scopes: +  











Pisces new moon Mar 2 9:35AM PST / Mar 2 6:35PM CET / Mar 3 4:35AM AEDT ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Moonthly Theme: DREAMS, TRANSCENDENCE + INTUITION Pisces new moon reflections: ‘My unconscious self is awakened. I am rebirthed in perfect alignment with the cosmos’ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Dreamers unite. In this aberrant time it serves us well to keep our heads above water, focused on the positives - without turning our backs on reality, keeping our hearts open and directed towards positive evolution, and the fact that even in the face of uncertainty the most incredible things can happen that are beyond our wildest dreams. And that is where Pisces is comfortable - in the beyond. Think back to a time in your life when something incredible has unfolded that was outside of what you could have possibly dreamed. Perhaps it was a goal or a wish that came true but in a form that you couldn't have fully created in your imagination. Or a meeting of souls, that you had no idea was even possible. The ineffable moments in life where the magic in the air is almost tangible and bendable. Hold those moments close and infuse them into this new moon, swirl them in a fashion that builds and grows on the capacity that anything is possible. And apply this energy to your plans and dreams of what your higher self desires. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It may be a big ask right now as we face some darkness that exists side by side to life's intrinsic magic, but we are supported in bending and shaping reality. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

We all know that 'what we focus on expands'. What are you focusing on? This is not a call to shut out or be oblivious to what is happening in the world, but of wide-scope-awareness with the ability to refine focus on what is possible and to DREAM. Don't let that be a dirty word, it is needed NOW.

Use the power of this Pisces new moon to reset your focus. If your mind gets in the way (and it will) remember to sit in the heart, to feel with the other layers of our beings, with intuition, with hope. Think of your most magical moments and let them lift you up as the incredible and powerful being you are. You and your hopes and dreams count more than you know. If we don't dream it, wish it, hope it - from a place of complete possibility - how can it start to unfold? Be clear on what your dreams are and plant those seeds now.



New Moon in Pisces, March 2~ It is a blessing and a curse to feel things so deeply. To be so painfully aware of the sound of your emotions clamoring against the beating of your heart, that sometimes you just have to bury them, somewhere deep down until they fade into a faint ringing in your ears. But the soft cacophony is getting louder. Things that get buried get pulled to the surface by moons such as this. Where they can be met with an open heart. It is so frustrating when you can see clear through to the bottom of your heart, but can't find the words to articulate what you see, whether because they allude your grasp, or are too big to say out loud. And to compound that frustration, our clear visions easily get distorted through the lens of our emotions. This is why the tending to our thoughts and feelings is a constant task that must be undertaken with mindfulness and humility, compassion and caution. We have to be vigilant in our efforts not to get caught up in our own negative thought patterns and stuck in self made loops of fear. The Pisces Moon is pulling from deep within us all the things we've been suppressing. When our skin is at its thinnest. When we are most vulnerable to exposure. This vulnerability drives everything we say, everything we do. So often we say nothing, out of fear we may expose too much. We retreat. We surrender. But this is precisely the moment we should be our most open and honest. The things we don't say can hurt people more than the things we do say. Communication and honesty are the only remedy for this malady. First with yourself, and then each other. You can't evolve if you keep repeating the same patterns and accepting the same vibrations. Don't fall victim to your self imposed circumstances. Allow yourself to change and grow. To expose yourself to new ideas and experiences. Lean into the people who will enable you in your evolution. Who will join you in elevating above the fear and petty noise. Lean into your heart, listen closely to its intuitive wisdom. You can think yourself into and out of a million situations. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is allow yourself to simply feel your way through it. -jen fountain



✧ NEW MOON IN PISCES ✧⁠ The New Moon in Pisces greets us tomorrow morning, bringing a time to DREAM. It’s an opportunity to open up to the full possibility of your life. It’s also a time to decide how you want to feel each day. This New Moon is not about doing, it’s about feeling. Commit to a feeling, then let your life unfold to support that feeling. Trust the process of your life and flow with the rhythm of the Universe. Commit to moving with each wave and turn, knowing that each step on your path is supporting you, even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment. ⁠ ⁠ This Moon is conjunct Jupiter, bringing the energy of expansion. Feel your interconnectedness with the wisdom of the Universe today and know that life is always handing you knowledge when you need it. Jupiter governs our abundance. Define what abundance means for you and set intentions that cultivate a feeling of abundance in every part of your life. Let your dreams expand past the point you limit them. Let them find your true potential in this life and connect with energies to help them manifest with ease. ⁠ ⁠ Enjoy this New Moon, it’s a special one. Spend time with yourself daydreaming about future possibilities for yourself and the world around you. Raise your vibrations with nature, the ocean, loved ones, and feelings of gratitude. Let these higher vibrations help you hold the vision of the intentions you set and trust the process of their evolution. ⁠




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