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body breathwork love moon letter pisces spirit unity Feb 20, 2023

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

Hermes Trismegistus


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Happy NEW MOON in Pisces


Pisces taps into ethereal visions of beauty and awe sourced direct from Infinity and she dares to dream of expanse and omniscient possibility. Leading without limitation, she dissolves all perceived boundaries- reminding us all of our intrinsic divinity and boundless potential. This dissolution of ego and isolation brings us closer to our truth- our interconnected essence of body and breath.


On this luscious super new MOON in Pisces, I feel called to speak about her heart of high knowing. Pisces is like the bridge between Earth and Sky, body and breath, the seen and unseen. She teaches us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and seeks to mend the illusion of separation inherent in the human condition.

On this Earth plane, we are here to feel it all. We have been gifted with gorgeous bodies fit for the job- to breathe, to sense, to taste, to hear, to feel it all in it's most wide spectrum of possibility. It's possible, the whole purpose of life is simply that- to feel it all- the fullest spectrum- the highest highs and the lowest lows... and to be here with it all, in radical presence and devoted participation.

The breath connects us more intimately to our body. Breathing is feeling. The more we breathe, the more we connect our spirit to the essence of our Earth being, the more we enrich and enliven our felt-sense experience. Perhaps, the more connected we are, the more aware we are, the more alive we are.

Breath and movement are the bridging access points linking our spirit to our body. These two practices are the Pisces bridge to higher consciousness and unity.

To be of Earth and of Sky... To breathe into the essence of our being... To remember our unity with all and mostly, to our Source of Self- is the path of Presence and Love.

And simply stepping into your breath and your movement practices brings so much JOY! (for real! get back to your practices if you haven't been on it!)

As I feel into this MOON- and the vibe moving into this new Astrological year- it feels like we all need to embrace our hearts a bit more. That is to feel more (and use our breath and movement practices to help us create a more intimate bond to our spirit and earth body)... That is to follow our hearts more... And to know that by pursuing pleasure and joy, we are following the highest flow of ease and grace.


So - with that- may we connect back to our bodies through breath and movement... To integrate our Spirit and Body as ONE... To utilize our felt-sense super powers as potent receptors and indicators that lead us toward more pleasure and joy... And may we follow this path of Love and Presence into multitudes of abundance and prosperity in all ways, as the limitless beings we are.


As we begin this process in ourselves, like waves we ripple this high truth outward into the frequency of Unity and Love to all- and we re-member- just as we are connected- spirit to body... We are also one with All.



≪ ◦ ❖ ◦ ≫


LOVE Elisha



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‘My subconscious world is vibrant and alive; I connect easily to the magic within.’




♓︎ PISCES NEW MOON ♓︎ Late tonight, we meet our Pisces New Moon. When New Moons occur this close to the start of a new season, they carry an extra energetic charge. We also have all planets moving forward this New Moon, bringing even more momentum. With this abundance of energy, you may feel like charging forward into new territory. While that may be what is needed in your life, this New Moon asks that you slow down, feel, and decide from a conscious place your next moves. Let yourself gather information through patience and stillness. If your inner compass points towards action, then act, but first, take the time to sit and listen. As you move through this New Moon, honor your process of unfolding and allowing. Let that layers of boundaries and barriers peel away. Feel your connection with your inner knowledge, higher self, and the Universe. You have all the answers that you’ll ever need in life. They are waiting for you. All you need to do is dissolve the patterns that prevent you from hearing them. This Moon falls conjunct Saturn who is its final degrees of Aquarius. Saturn’s involvement brings an air of commitment to this New Moon. As you write your intentions, decide which visions you are ready to commit to by holding space for them in your life. This does not mean making a to-do list, it means trusting the process of your visions as they materialize, no matter how questionable the road becomes. Our path often takes twists and turns. When you surrender to the flow, magic happens.




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