Radiant Heart

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Radiant Heart

Radiant Heart- expands side to side, earth to sky. A circumferential expansion originating from within. Encompassing a lifted, confident attitude, mindful intention, and heart-filled aura. We embody this fullness to support our source curve- an energy beyond physicality. All sides count- the light and the dark, and we open to them all with courage and radiance.


Attitude + Energy

Let’s get lifted! That’s how we feel every time we enter a space to practice Bowspring. Inner light shining forth from our radiant hearts. Its not just a physicality, it’s an attitude, an energy, a feeling. We fill our ribcage, side to side and lift-up- earth to sky, to create a more buoyant, full feeling. This inner lightness comes from our heart- an inner expansion sourcing from within. Psychologically, we create a state of light heartedness, positive upliftment, and ease. Using an inhale breath to fill up, expand, and float- We not only energize, but we elevate. Inhale to rise-up, to light up, to fill up. Ultra lifted, ultra positive, ultra confident.

And with this, considering that a radiant heart ties in with open posturing. When we carry ourselves with a lifted, positive, inner radiance- we open ourselves to more confidence and more success. Bowspring’s open posturing holds with it a high level of vulnerability, so we learn to cultivate an inner strength through this exposed, open transparency. Heart full, shoulders broad, open on all sides, expansive, chin lifted, and proud. Radiant heart sets us up to encompass a more vibrant mindset and a more positive posture, not only physically and physiologically, but energetically and psychologically.


Physical + Source Curve

When we fill through our thoracic spine, our primary-source curve, we give space and freedom for our lumbar and cervical spine to move inward in their natural lordotic curve. Flattening or straightening any part of the spine, which wants to be in its natural S-Curve, creates a crunchiness- often leading to spinal injury, including herniated disks. When we embrace our natural spinal curves- starting with our source thoracic curve- broad and full- we allow the upper and lower ends of our spine to be free from strain induced by unnatural straightening.


We can see and imagine through this model- that if we straighten the spine (as recommended by most traditional yoga, fitness, gymnastic, and dance practices- with the methods of modern postural alignment- lengthening the spine by straightening it)- we pinch the inner intervertebral discs of the spine while causing the outer intervertebral discs (the cushiony layer of cartilage separating each adjacent vertebrae in the spine) of the spine to bulge. This is how we cause herniated discs, which are ultra common in the lower lumbar. If we honor the fullness of the source thoracic curve- we allow our secondary curves the opportunity to move into their happiest natural curve. We can see that straightening the spine isn’t conducive to a happy spine, after all.


Light Heart // Dark Heart

Traditionally, we have been taught to open our heart by pulling our shoulders onto our back- we become more expansive through the front, but close through our back.

Bowspring aims to cultivate more balance, front and back- so that the posterior chain is as equally involved and engaged as the anterior chain. Bowspring teaches that we need to open our heart to all sides, the light and the dark, front and back.

We find our best teachers by looking at our darkness, looking to our shadows to cultivate, create, and find more light. For it is only through darkness that we can see the light. Striving to become a more well-rounded, complete, and balanced human.

Radiant heart- opening to all sides of our heart. Front body open, sides open, back body open. A circumferential expansion that doesn’t hide any parts. All parts are important. Recognizing that to be human is to have light and dark… and the dark sides are equally as beautiful and necessary as the light.


Art in the photo of this blog is by: Jana Parkes

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