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equinox fall equinox Sep 22, 2023

To move with nature, to follow her guidance, to attune to your own internal sun and moon... is medicine for these days.

For however long, September heralds the beginning of school- and the collective vibe is set strong: a sharp ending to the sweetness of slow and unplanned summer days directly into abrupt regularity.

I can get behind the "back to school vibe" because the functional part of me thrives on ritual and routine and divine consistency. But, I have been wondering about how this month pushes forward- new beginnings in a time when it really feels more like harvest and inward.

I have quietly made a deal with myself that I will not launch any new projects or practices in the month of September and instead use this beautiful month to tend to the details, preparations, and integration that come on the other end of a hot summer and a whole lot of go go go.

September is gifted mostly with the sun in Virgo- our earth goddess of fertility, practicality, and perfected systems. As we leave the play and fun that August brings, savoring the full nectar and sweetness of the last summer month, the potency and purity of organization, detail, and structure come as a blessing guiding us back to our responsibilities and sensibilities. September is a gift of integration, harvest, and provisions.

So my promise to myself for the next time we meet this month is to have so much space to slow down. To have time to create jams and jellies, soups and sauces, chutneys and relishes... to can up some of the summer love and have it to enjoy through the cold months. To finish up the planting and gardening- the place where there is always more work to do. To have extra moments of stillness and reflection, time to sit in the sun to suck the warmth up, to journal and breathe and be.

I think we are doing this month wrong. Like- yes, let's organize and get back to our rituals and routines that sustain and regenerate and get us back into a flow. But no to pushing into more go go go right after the fullness of summer.

Tonight, just before midnight (PST), we meet the half point- where the days are as long as the nights. The transition from the season of the Sun to the season of the Moon, coinciding closely with the entrance of our Sun into beauty balancer: Libra. And with this transition, I feel the inner pull calling me. More and more, I realize I need to move with this intelligence. As the natural world moves toward stillness and dark, I must, too... And embrace it as the most profound tool for restoring equilibrium.

It is this time that we take stock of the fruits we have received, the abundance, the lessons, the light codes and love. We start to weave its information and teachings into our tissues, a process of deep recalibration and internal integration.

I have to let you know, that I love the coolness in the air, the fog hanging low in the mornings, the changing leaves- are so beautiful! I love the hot sips of tea, savory broths, and buttered up squash. Incense and bees wax candles burning. And soon enough I will light my wood fire- and burst with immense gratitude for my kitten snuggles.

The season of the Moon is so necessary- to go inward, to slow it down, to take some space and quiet and rest and relax a bit.

And, my invitation to myself, and to you- is to take lessons from our greatest teacher- our natural world... And move with her wisdom, embody it, and come through on the other side brighter and more brilliant than ever.


I wish you a gentle and easeful transition into these darker days- and I hope you find all the gems that help you to continue to burn bright within.

Love Elisha

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