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adventure expansion magic new moon new possibilities sagittarius wild heart Nov 26, 2019

She was a whirlwind of magic and courage
never attempting to tame her wild heart
as she welcomed adventure with every bone in her body leaving the predictable for the unfamiliar grounds of the extraordinary.
Faith was her only vehicle and she rode it all the way to the unimaginable.

May magic be with you as we move into the holiday season. A gentle reminder to give more, in ways that are simple, pure, and kind. So much is moved through a smile, a thoughtful act, some loving words. And our kindness and love ripples so far. Give more. Not in the way of gifts and consumption- but in the way of energy and time. Share your heart. Feel everything. Send it out so that the good vibes can wave through many hearts down the line.

Lots of magic on the way to you... Wishing you a heart full of glow, warmth inside and out, and many blessings from above and below.

Love always, Elisha

Some questions to ponder as we move through this expansive, lucky portal of Jupiter in Sagittarius...

  1. What are your greatest dreams? Create the vision, write it down!
  2. If anything is possible (and it is), and you have unlimited resources, what would you do?
  3. What fears, limiting beliefs, un-truths hold you back? Can you let them go now?
  4. What is an action that you can take that pushes you out of your comfort zone but also allows you to step into your highest alignment and truest authenticity?
  5. What do I have to give up in order to create more space for my dreams to manifest? Am I willing to give these things up?

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Beautiful creators, lovers, healers... Movers, shakers, manifestors, and makers... This moon cycle is for you- please dream big! And then, when you think you've hit your ceiling for expansion, push higher into those stars... and be with the dreamy realm... fairies, flowers, and magic beings... all rooting you on. But seriously- dream big- write it down... and then pursue that shit relentlessly! All planets and signs point to go, big yes, right now.

Watch for synchronicities, stay aligned with your intuition, and keep your eyes open, aware, and curious. This is one of those magical times where anything is possible. Don't be afraid to make some space. Sometimes we need to let go so that we may move forward with more freedom and grace. Scary steps into the unknown- but a Sagittarius moon like this embraces those who take the risks.

Love you all- as always- take what resonates, leave the rest. Big blessings of love and luck to you!


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Risking the comfort of my present for the possibility of my future is the least I can do to honor my dreams. I need not know how to do it, or do it with any amount of confidence quite yet, but it’s the action that helps me get from disbelief to certainty. The living is in the trying.

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Spirit Daughter:

She was a whirlwind of magic and courage
never attempting to tame her wild heart
as she welcomed adventure with every bone in her body leaving the predictable for the unfamiliar grounds of the extraordinary.
Faith was her only vehicle and she rode it all the way to the unimaginable.


What if you were told anything was possible? What would you do? What if you were guaranteed the best case scenario would always unfold? What leaps would you take? What if all of your fears dissolved in an instant? Who would you be? These are the questions of the Sagittarius New Moon greeting us tomorrow morning. This energy encourages us to expand our visions past what we think is possible and past our limiting beliefs. It’s a time to feel the full potential of the unknown and the wild possibility that is you .

This is the last complete Lunar Cycle of 2019, have the courage to make your dreams even bigger. As you set your intentions on this New Moon, align with the arrow bursting from Sagittarius’s bow and fly your highest. Feel this wave of energy catapulting you into your future self, who is anxiously awaiting to greet you. Sagittarius teaches us that the journey is always greater than the destination. It is on the path we learn, we evolve and we encounter lessons which shape us into our best self. Every turn, every twist, is there for a reason and the reason is you.

In addition to the energy of the New Moon, we have Jupiter meeting the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. The Galactic center is the point the entire Milky Way spins around. When it’s activated by a planet passing by, we receive massive energetic downloads from the stars if we are open to them. With Jupiter positioned here expect downloads to come in the form of serendipitous encounters. See magic everywhere you turn and watch out for those so-called coincidences leading you to a new path, one that will expand you past what you currently think is possible.


✴︎NEW M●●N in SAG ♐︎✴︎ “On Tuesday, Nov. 26, an opportunity-filled new moon will recharge our emotional world, while blessing us with a magnificent amount of hope & bounty, in the mutable and Jupiter-ruled sign of the archer. Spontaneous and contagiously optimistic, the essence of freedom-loving Sagittarius revolves around our ability to experiment, explore & discover the colorful experiences life has to offer. Ruled by overzealous Jupiter, planet of luck, expansion, and abundance, Sagittarius’ mutable fire is crackling with blessings, fortune and colorful spirit. There’s really no better way to describe the extent of this mutable fire sign’s restlessness, and general lust for life. After all, the archer is aiming its majestic bow and arrow towards the endless sky, which serves as a reminder of our spiritual freedom & higher consciousness.

Challenged by rebellious Uranus, planet of liberation, chaos and unexpected change, this Jupiter-ruled new moon is here to help create space for your spirit to roam freely; however, this energy could also seem uncomfortable if you resist it. Triggered by warrior-like Mars, both of these heavenly bodies will create friction, which can ultimately spark powerful breakthroughs. Mars will also be making a harmonious aspect to Venus, which means there’s an opportunity to lean on our relationships & perhaps finally begin to reap what we’ve sown. Remember, the new moon occurs when both the sun & the moon are in the same sign; this provides us with a cosmic boost, and a more energetically concentrated version of the zodiac archetype.

What are you doing to expand your horizons?

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Loving you all, always!

Elisha Jane

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