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My loves!

I know we are all feeling the weight of change, unknown, and lifted veils. The information is coming in at a rapid speed. It's no longer an option to turn a blind eye to the atrocities and misconduct. We are finally starting to see clearly, to choose the path of light, even when it means getting really uncomfortable, letting go, and mucking through the shadows: personally and collectively... We move into seeing clearly and navigating new directions toward more truth, love, and alignment. (This is so fucking exciting!)

Cognitive dissonance is real right now... It is mega challenging (and heartbreaking) to look at systems, structures, leaders, communities, etc... and allow the veil of illusion to lift... It is hard. To think and to see... These things we used to know as good and useful- are no longer that way. Maybe they never were! It is courageous to open to change, to open to seeing clearly... And to refuse to follow the status quo just because it feels better than acknowledging the truth.

We are becoming aware... and seeing too many with blind eyes... not wanting to look... not wanting to burst the bubble we have been floating in... Complacency is borderline complicity... It is time to step forward toward truth... No matter how much it shakes your world, no matter what the cost.

I was teaching this morning online: breathwork and then moving slow... In both classes, I couldn't figure out what to say but I keep coming back to the heart. Lately, I am always coming back to my heart... The more I listen, the more I trust it. It is speaking loudly all the time!!

We may not have grounded into our purpose (yet) as an individual. We might still be confused and unsure of what we are here on Earth to do... But, there is a larger vision, a collective vision that I offer you ground into. Perhaps this more expansive vision will help you figure out your personal, individual contribution.

We have been moving on paths of separation, polarity, and division for too long. Plagued with competition, comparison, imbalance of masculine and feminine, living in patriarchal systems rooted in consumerism and capitalism... oppression, white supremacy and more. Our systems are failing us. We have have forgotten our core essence, our innate truth... And, it is time to re-member.

The collective vision of humanity, of earth, of the universe is unity. It is oneness. It is all. If you don't have your individual or personal purpose figured out, I offer you rise into the heart of all. Because... This is the NOW. This is the future. The end of division is here... And we are moving into unification. So. Take this into your heart, and make something of it... Because make no mistake, you are here, in this lifetime, in this moment, on earth now... For a reason. You chose to be here now, to be an agent for change. Do not stand by and watch complacently... Step into truth... To seeing clearly... And to doing something about moving us toward our collective purpose, which is unity.

And. I think... This path toward unity is rooted in the wisdom of the heart. I have a feeling, our heart is the map we have been searching for... And it was within us all along.

May we all rise knowing that we are infinitely powerful, that our true power is in cultivating a deeper awareness of unity consciousness, and may we choose to live a life that aligns and contributes in ways that support this movement. We are one.

May the sun always shine light in your heart and may the moon always be there to hold you in love and tender kindness.

Much love and beautiful summer blessings to you... I love you! 

Love Elisha

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Daily Ritual Loves You!


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How can you keep holding the vision?

I am not going to lie... I called in Kali energy... Because I think we need it right now. I asked for this card to come... and it did. May we walk with Kali spirit in our heart... It is this courageous light that we need right now. 


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Spirit Daughter:


Cancer Season begins today, bringing us a New Moon/Solar Eclipse to begin her four-week journey. The energy of Cancer takes us on an emotional roller-coaster, which starts with feeling, then shifts to understanding, to knowing, until we arrive at healing. This Season is a time to allow our emotions to rise, to see them, to honor them, and to learn from them. It takes courage to feel and first requires we put down our distractions and sit with all the uncomfortableness, which eventually leads to growth.

Solar Eclipses are powerful times that allow us to see the road we have traveled, what we are leaving behind, and where we are going. It’s a period of reflection when we can fully process the lessons of the past six months. This weekend, sit with any emotions you are experiencing. Set an intention to feel them, but then release them. Notice which ones want to stick around and ask them what they have to teach you. What messages are you emotions bringing you at this time? What are they helping you understand?

Solar Eclipses are supercharged New Moons. This is the first New Moon of Cancer Season. Set the intention to work with Cancer’s energy from one New Moon to the next, creating daily practices to focus on emotional understanding. Consider writing the statement “I feel” each day and letting your feelings run onto the paper. From emotions comes our intuition. The deeper you feel, the more you unlock your divine wisdom, which will lead you to the path forward. Release any need for a concrete plan. It’s 2020, after all- anything can happen. Instead, learn to trust your intuition and know you can rely on it. You can rely on yourself in the face of any challenge. The energy of Cancer reminds us of just how strong we really are and encourages us to lean into our inherent power every day. As you set intentions this weekend, create them from your intuition. Hold the highest vibration for the future of your life and the world.

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